Altrimsh massacre

AAPSO follows with deep concern the tragic situation that the Syrian people face of the violations against humanity and the brutal crimes against civilians, Altrimsh massacre was the latest that comes after several former massacres in Hula, Qanbeer and others. This massacre resulted in 300 dead and dozens were injured; mostly were women and children, in addition to the targeting of the massacre to the families of defectors of the army; as per the spokesman of the UN observers in Syria on the 15th of June 2012.

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Unesco And Education

UNESCO has five major themes to its programs which include

1) education,2) natural sciences, 3) social and human sciences ,4) culture ,and 5)communication and information.

UNISCO is also actively working to achieve the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals but it is focused on achieving the goals of significantly reducing extreme poverty in developing countries by 2015, developing a program for universal primary education in all countries by 2015, eliminating gender inequalities in primary and secondary education, promoting sustainable development and reducing the loss of environmental resources. The first of these is education and it has set various priorities for education that include , basic education for all with an emphasis on literacy, HIV/AIDS prevention and teacher training in sub-Saharan Africa, promoting quality education worldwide, as well as secondary education, technological education and higher education.

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Statement By AAPSO

Statement By AAPSO On The Occasion Of The 50th Anniversary Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights


* 10/12/1998

Fifty years have elapsed since the inception of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Although, this Declaration was the outcome of immense sacrifices paid by humanity for generations, although the Declarations had expressed aspirations and ambition yet it encountered unlimited violations and breaches perpetrated under the false and erroneous pretext of human rights and in the name of humankind.

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The Eighth Of March International Day Of Women

* 8/3/2000

Today 8/3/2000 the world celebrates the international Day of Women. Every year it marks a new step as the women reviews what she had achieved and what she have to.
It is the day of mothers, wives , sisters and daughters. The day of women who forms half of the society.
Nevertheless women still suffer in many places throughout the world. They suffer from sex discrimination from retarded mentalities remaining behind time and history, suffer from inferiority and persecution, suffer as citizens many steps below men. Women suffer from scarcity of education and care as well from the burden of more responsibilities and hardships. Women suffer, in spite of all their scarifies through ages to build and develop the societies , life and upbringing of generations. However women and those who support their right do not pause a moment from struggle, defending women and her rights. Because the normal society is the one when woman and man are equal.

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International Seminar The World Trade Organization

* 18/7/2001

In response to the invitation of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization and the Arab African Research Center, the representatives of the African Peasants’ Union, the Arab Lawyers Union, the Third World Forum, the Arab African Research Center and the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization held a meeting on July 15, 2001, in the office of the general Secretariat of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization.

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Nuclear Arms And The Israeli Knesset

* 1/1/2000

A number of Israel’s Knesset members, for the first time, requested the discussion of Israel’s nuclear capabilities. On this occasion, American and European Organizations also demanded that the Middle East should be free from nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. The Solidarity Organization salutes the Knesset members who raised this issue as well as American and European Organizations who have strengthened this position.

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AAPSO And Anti - Terrorism Conference In India

* 9/12/1998

A delegation comprising Mr. Nouri Abdul Razzak, Secretary General of AAPSO and Mr. E. A. Vidyasekera, A Secretariat Member (Sri Lanka) and Co-ordinator of AAPSO will participate at a conference organized by International Institute of Non - Aligned Studies in India under the title of: “Terrorism A threat to the 21st Century”. The conference will be held on 11th and 12th December in New Delhi . It will deal with contemporary terroristic thinking and how to deal with them, in considering its threat to stability, peace, and human rights, and its danger to economical and social developments in all states.

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Sri Lanka

* June 2000

Message from AAPSO to:
Mr. A.A.M. Marleen, Secretary-General
Afro-Asian Solidarity Association of Sri Lanka

Dear Marleen,
We were shocked to hear about the latest suicide bombing by L.T.T.E. terrorist in Colombo killing the honoured Minister C.V. Gunaratne and 20 others.
Hon. Minister Gunaratne was closely associated with AAPSO for a long time. We had met him several times in Sri Lanka and abroad. He had also participated in AAPSO Conferences.

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* May 2000

Passing away of Phan Van Dong
The President and the Vice-President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam - Hanoi
Your Excellencies,

AAPSO heard with profound grief, the passing away of comrade Phan Van Dong, the veteran revolutionary leader, comrade in arms of revered president Ho Chi Minh and former Prime Minister of Vietnam.

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Chechnya And Human Rights

* 28/2/200

The situation in Chechnya aggravated as any other war, whatever justificatory cover it has Destruction is unlimited, thousands of refugees in Chilly ice winter and thousands of victims, killed or injured.
In addition to all these tragedies there are the questions of torture, rape, aggression against civilians and collective burial. All these violations endanger human rights.

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Delegation Of The Japanese Solidarity Committee

* 2/4/2002

At the invitation of AAPSO, a delegation of the Japanese Solidarity Committee, headed by the President of the Committee Mr. Toshio Akiniwa, visited Egypt as part of their trip to the Arab region from 31/3 to 5/4/2002.

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AAPSO Condemns NATO Bombing Of Chinese Embassy In Belgrade


* 10/5/1999

The US led NATO bombing campaign on Yugoslavia has gone out of proportion to what they proclaimed. The latest casualty is the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. Three missiles were hit on the Embassy killing four inmates and wounding over a score of them, some seriously. The Embassy was in flames.

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AAPSO On India-Pakistan Nuclear Tests

* 2/26/1998

AAPSO expresses its deep concern of the nuclear tests carried out by both India and Pakistan. Whatever arguments, the very possession of nuclear weapons is a threat to peace and the survival of humankind.

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Condolences To Nigerian People

* 2/2002

To His Excellency Mr. Ambassador of the Republic of Nigeria in Cairo
Excellency Ambassador,

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The Demise Of A Militant Leader

* 14/1/2000

Mr. Alfred Nzo, former Vice-President of the Organization and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa, who passed away on 14/1/2000 constitutes a great loss to the national struggle in Africa and to the Afro-Asian Solidarity movement.

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo

* 8/1999

The Permanent Secretariat of the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization -AAPSO- rejoices at the successful conclusion of the negotiations for selling the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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* 20/5/1998

What place will Africa occupy in the globalization political- economic structure which is being imposed? Always used by the super powers as a geo-political stake. will it be able to preserve its identity, its values, its culture, its integrity, its sovereignty and resources to the benefit of its populations?
These are globally some of the crucial questions posed on the occasion of this anniversary, Africa Day, and on the eve of the 21st century.

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* 10/2001

Excellency President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika
President of Algeria,

AAPSO has received the painful news concerning the Algerian people who were devastated by floods that claimed the lives of numerous citizens and damaged many private and public properties.

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The Meeting Of Ali Nasser President Of The Arab Center Of Strategic Studies With AAPSO Secretariat

* 11/10/2000

 The Permanent Secretariat of AAPSO received the colleague President Ali Nasser, President of the Arab Center of Strategic Studies, after an invitation addressed to his Excellency by the Permanent Secretariat.

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Seminar On: The Democratic Transformation In Bahrain 15-18 Feb. 2002

* 16/2/2002

Aloroba Club- Manama, Bahrain has invited Dr. Morad Ghaleb, AAPSO President, to participate in its Seminar on the Democratic Transformation in Bahrain 16-18 Feb. 2002.
In the above mentioned Seminar Dr. Morad Ghaleb has participated as Chairperson of the session on Syndicates and Societies.

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The Fiftieth Anniversary of the July 23rd 1952 RevolutionNational Leaderships

* 21/7/2002

Your Excellency President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
It is our honor and pleasure to send to your Excellency our true well wishing on the occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the July 23rd 1952 and our appreciation for the role you play in the continuation of this revolution.

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Israeli Settlement In Golan

* 20/8/1998

The Israeli Government being the authority ruling the Occupied Arab Golan Territories has blatantly violated all International Customs and Agreements, particularly the UN Charter, the 4th Geneva Convention, the Hague Agreements of 1899 and 1907, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the Hague Agreement on the Protection of Cultural Property, all UN and Security Council Resolutions.

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The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization And The Sudanese Government's Request To Deliver Farouk Abu Eissa And A Number Of Sudanese National Leaderships

* 15/7/1998

AAPSO follows with great concern the measures taken by the Sudanese government to detain hundreds of partisan, unionist and activist leadership who defend human rights.
It is even more disturbing that the Sudanese government has requested the Egyptian government to deliver Farouk Abu Eissa, the Secretary-General of the Arab Lawyers Union and member of the AOHR executive committee, for unfounded allegations.

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The Ruling Of The International Court Of Justice On The Lockerbie Issue

* 1/3/1998

The ruling of the International Court of Justice reached by an over whelming majority of 13 votes out of 16 concerning the complaint to the Court by the Government of Libya against America and Britain with respect to the Lockerbie issue, was acclaimed by many sources within international public opinion. This is due to the injustice meted against the Libyan people, during the past years sanctions were imposed upon Libya. In fact, Libya has endeavoured many times to resolve this problem by diplomatic means through a just trial and in accordance with the Montreal Treaty on civil aviation law did not stipulate that Libya should hand over its nationals. However, all these attempts were met by American and British opposition who demanded the extradition of the Libyan suspects.

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Anniversary Of The Kana Massacre Anniversary Of Crime And Shame

* 19/4/1998

Two years have elapsed since the Kana massacre was perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces in Lebanon on 18/4/1996 in which more than 100 victims were martyred and hundreds of innocent children and women were wounded in a refuge close to the UN Emergency Forces. This massacre constitutes a mark of disgrace in the history of the Israeli state where these massacres abound since Deir Yassin which was perpetrated 50 years ago followed by Kafr Kassem, Kabeya, Gaza, Bahr Al Bakar, Sabra and Shatila, the massacre in the Ibrahimi mosque and others in Al Quds Al Sharif.

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Iraq And America

* 1/2/1998

The United States of America has no more lofty objectives in the world except attacking the Iraqi people with bombs, famine and disease. The head of the international inspection team has no humanitarian mission except the protection of Israel from the threat of Iraq.
The USA with all the greed of the new international order wishes to make an example of the Iraqi people before all the world particularly the peoples of the South and above all the Arab peoples.

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30 March Palestine: Land Day

* 29/3/1998

A relentless battle has continued for 50 years and particularly at present between Zionism as represented by Israel and the unarmed Palestinian people in the land of Palestine.
In this battle, Israel has utilized all forms of falsifications, deception and low trickery as well as excessive use of force, military coercion, confiscation of land, building settlements, opening roads, uprooting trees, destroying houses and wiping out over 400 Arab villages.

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The African Union

The African Union .... Prospects and Challenges 24/5/2004


PR: 12/African Sec/ 26-5-2004
Doc: 2/5/2004

AAPSO held a seminar entitled "The African Union ..Prospects and Challenges" on 24/5/2004 on the occasion of Africa Day 25/5/2004 in the premises of the Organization.

The speakers were Dr. Sayed Nofal and Dr Iraqi El Sherbeeni with the participation of university professors and experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affair, NGOs and research centers.

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International Court of Justice (ICJ)

P.R. 14/ Arab Sec. 11/7/2004

Dr. Morad Ghaleb, President of AAPSO Issued the following Statement on behalf of the Permanent Secretariat

The International Court of Justice issued a historical decision regarding the illegal construction of the Separation Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territories which calls for its demolish and compensate the Palestinians. The ICJ calls upon the world to confront this wall by stopping any kind of assistance to Israel in constructing this wall.

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Legitimacy Flags Stream

Doc: 3/7/2004

The U.N. General Assembly issued a resolution condemning Israel for establishing the Separation wall and asked for the implementation of the opinion of the International Court of Justice which called for demolishing this wall and compensating the harmed Palestinian.

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The Intifada of the Palestinian people enters its fifth year

PR.22/ Arab Sec/ 28-9-2004
Doc: 4/9/2004

Four years have passed since the ominous visit of Sharon to the Aksaa mosque under the heavy protection of the army and security forces in a challenge against all Muslims in the world, provoking the Palestinian people and in violation of Islamic sanctities. This, despite warnings sounded by the Palestinian leadership to the Israeli leadership and related Western countries.

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The Solidarity Organization

The Solidarity Organization Salutes Women on the Occasion Of International Women’s Day


Today, International Women’s Day is celebrated amidst challenges and difficulties witnessed by the world in general and women in particular. For in the past these were considered as islands isolated from one another. However today it is one world where peoples' destinies are threatened, where resources are exhausted and people who suffer from the woes of wars raging here and there under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

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Forty three years since the departure of Abdel Nasser

PR. 21/Arab Sec/ 28-9-2004
Doc: 3/9/2004

28th September 2004 is a day which commemorates forty three years since the departure of the late President and Leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt and one of the leaders of Bandung, Non Aligned Movement and Arab and international liberation movement and who was one of the advocators for the establishment of the Afro Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization with Cairo as its headquarters.

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53 years since the Glorious July Revolution

P.R: 15/Arabic Sec./ 21-7-2004
Doc. No. : 2/7/2004

Justice and peace loving peoples share the Egyptian people's celebration of the July Revolution's anniversary. The Egyptian army, under the leadership of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, led 52 years ago a revolution against monarchy and corruption. It struggled for chasing the occupation forces out of Egyptian territories, opened wide horizons for liberation movements in Asia and Africa and left clear imprints on the Egyptian and Arab soil as well as in the whole world.

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Statements 2004


53 Years since the Gorious July Revolution


AAPSO on 50th Anniversary of Panch Sila

43 Years since the departure of Abdel Nasser

Anglo-Saxon Democracy

Assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

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The Solidarity Organization

The Solidarity Organization Salutes Women on the Occasion Of  International Women’s Day

P.R. 4/ Women Sec. 8/3/2004                 Doc:2/32004
Dr. Morad Ghaleb, President  of AAPSO
Issued the following Statement on behalf of the Permanent Secretariat

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International Women's Day 2012

Each year around the world, International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. Thousands of events occur not just on this day but throughout the year to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women.

The first Women's Day was initiated on the last Sunday in February of 1908,

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Report On Mission

REPORT ON MISSION 60th Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights Geneva, 15 March to 23 April 2004


by Julien Randriamasivelo

Introduction: - During my stay in Geneva and in accordance with my mission, I attended all plenaries as well as other relevant meetings from 29 March to 1st April. I met some members of AAPSO delegation.

Altough everything went well as for the necessary procedures for participation at the Session, confusion occured about who will speak on behalf of AAPSO on the Items 10 and 11. Dr Massouna Ali was on the list of both items.

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Human Rights Section What Has Been Done

  1. 1. The section has reviewed the United Nations Calendar of Conferences  and Meetings for the year 2004 as well as the Global Issues on the UN Agenda.


  1. 2. The section has identified many items of interest for AAPSO in the field of human rights. These items related to the question of Racial discrmination, modern slavery, peace and disarmament, social development, the rights of women and children, the question of independence of colonial countries and peoles, etc.

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Social Rights Are Human Rights

The social conditions of the people in the world, mainly in the developing countries, are in the process of increased deterioration. The economic and social disparities between and within countries are the consequences of the negative effects of the globalization. This has led to damaging facts with

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Paving The Way To More Justice

The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization-AAPSO-is pleased to acknowledge the entry into force of the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights. No doubt, this memorable event is a landmark in the history of African Human Rights development of mechanism for the protection of these rights.

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The International Criminal Court

THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT a short overview by Julien Randriamasivelo


In 1997, the Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization joined the Global Coalition for the International Criminal Court (ICC) for many reasons:

This showed to what extent the need to take appropriate measures to face up to the phenomenal increase of crimes at the level of human life has become urgent. AAPSO's commitment to this process

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Broken Lives Of Children

by Julien Randriamasivelo
Member of Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organisation
Permanent Secretariat

Child soldiers. Sexually abused children. Children victims of trafficking and prostitution. Children brought to slavery. Children treated as commodities. Child labour. Street children. Etc...The list is not exhaustive.

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Speech of E. A. Vidyasekera at the International Conference in Khatmandu, Nepal

Dear Friends,

Permanent Secretariat is happy to be represented in this International Conference on Peoples' Solidarity for Peace and Human Rights

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AAPSO and World Terrorism

International terrorism has become a cancer in world today. While terrorism had been penetrated into many parts of the world, for quite a long time; September 11th of 2001, witnessed its culmination to an unprecedented dimension inflicting a colossal damage both in terms of human lives and property.

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AAPSO delegation

AAPSO delegation comprising Mr. Nouri Abdul Razak Hussain, Secretary and Leader of the delegation, Mr. E.A. Vidyaskera, Secretary-Coordinator, Mr. K.M Khan, M.P. General secretary all India Peace and Solidarity Organization, Mr. A.A.M. Marleen, General Secretary of Afro-Asian Solidarity Association of Sri lanka and Mr. Sawky Galal, Egyptian writer, visitor China in March 2003 on the invitation of Chinese Association of Peace and Disarmament.

They disused the among other things the economic development of China and following data is compiled from that discussion with CPAPD.

Bilateral Consultation with Asian Participants

During the conference, the Secretary-General of AAPSO Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain and E. A. Vidyasekera met with the Asian participants for discussion including future cooperation and organizing activities.
In the first place we met with Pallab Sen Gupta, Secretary-General of All India Peace and Solidarity Organization and A.A.M. Marleen, Secretary-General of the Sri Lanka Afro-Asian Solidarity Association.

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International Conference on Peoples

International Conference on Peoples’ Solidarity For Peace and Human Rights


Kathmandu Declaration

The delegates and observers participating in international conference on People’s Solidarity for Peace and Human Rights organized by Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organization of Nepal, at Kathmandu on 10,11,12 December 2004, pledges to carry forward the struggle for peace and Human Rights in order to free people of the world from exploitation, oppression, deprivation, terror and war.

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Third Anniversary Of The Founder

Third Anniversary Of The Founder Of International Institute For Non-Aligned Studies/India


An invitation to the Third Anniversary of the founder of International Institute for non-aligned Studies/India (22-23/2/2002) Dr. Srivastava was sent to Dr. Morad Ghaleb AAPSO's President and Vidyasekera AAPSO's Permanent Secretariat member.

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Statement of E.A Vidyasekera, Secretary

Statement of E.A Vidyasekera, Secretary Co-ordinator of AAPSO at the Assembly of World Peace Council Kathmandu, Nepal July 21-23, 2012

It is a pleasure to be in kathmandu, the capital of Nepal which Nepalis acclaim with pride as the land of the Birth of Buddha whom late Dr. Ambedkar said is the greatest teacher who taught the noblest doctrine of love to humanity

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AAPSO Statement towards the UNCTAD XI


When the world trade talks broke down in Cancun on September 14th, 2003, attention has drawn up  high expectations  by the poor countries of the developing world regarding the next meeting of the UNCTAD which they see an alternative capable of bringing about issues they are facing related to trade and development.

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The Permanent Secretariat of the Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation -AAPSO- had the great honor to have the visit of Dr Carlos Belli-Bello at its Headquarters to discuss the prevalent situation in Africa as well as the AAPSO's relations with Angola.

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25 MAY - AFRICA DAY  by Julien Randriamasivelo head of Africa Section, P.S.


In this year' commemoration of Africa Day, attention has been focused on the new developments of the general situation in Africa in many aspects. Greater expectations are stirred up over the performances of the African Union (AU) ) in the years to come. This political entity has the immense task to meeting

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At the dawn of the New Millennium, Africa appears to make its move towards a turning page of its history, deploying desperately its efforts in order to swift from the legacy inherited from the past today marked by countless unresolved problems.

Most of the concerns voiced by AAPSO are the continuing bloody,

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The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization (AAPSO), an International NGO founded on January 1958, having consultative status with ECOSOC, UNESCO, UNCTAD, UNIDO, and observer status with Non-Aligned Movement and the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights, has been for decades committed t

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Economic Grouping Common Market of Esas and Southern Africa - COMESA

Common Market of Esas and Southern Africa - COMESA (This letter was also sent to SADC and ECOWAS)


The Permanent Secretariat of the Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organisation - AAPSO - has the following to submit to your consideration.

In a world subject to profound mutations generated by globalization, African civil society and organisations have a vital role to play in the battle for economic development, progress and prosperity for the people living on this continent.

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World Summit on the Information Society Thematic Meeting on Measuring the Information Society Geneva, 7-9 February 2005

World Summit on the Information Society Thematic Meeting on Measuring the Information Society Geneva, 7-9 February 2005


Paper presented by the Afro-Asian Peoples'
Solidarity Organisation-AAPSO

In a world marked by a borderless networked societies, developing countries continue to be increasingly marginalised in terms of information and communications technology (ICT). The promise of technology remains largely unfulfilled with regard to these countries. They are handicapped by serious barriers to take-up.

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MEMORANDUM on Africa section activities

1. As is the case every year, an AAPSO statement was issued on the occasion of the 25 MAY-AFRICA DAY. The statement was distributed to the press.


2.  A meeting was held on September 8, 2003 at the AAPSO headquarters with His  Excellency Mr. Muftah M. Zawam,

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The Permanent Secretariat of the Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation -AAPSO- had the great honor to have the visit of Dr Carlos Belli-Bello at its Headquarters to discuss the prevalent situation in Africa as well as the AAPSO's relations with Angola.

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Activities of July 2004

1. Africa Section took the initiative to celebrate Africa Day-25 May, by organizing seminar held on 24 May 2004 at the AAPSO's Headquarters. Preparations for this seminar were conducted by MM. Kamal Baa Eddine, Julien, Mohamed Abdel Gaphar as well as Mrs Wahba Youssreya. Africa section  prepared a speech of Dr Morad Ghaleb for this occasion as well as a statement on "Africa Day-25 May".

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Activities of December 2004

Letter has been sent to  African Ambassadors in Cairo requesting them to provide with names and addresses of civil society organisations and personalities for promoting relations with them. Cote d' Ivoire has so far replied.

Letter has been sent to those African personalities who attended Arab/African Social Forum in Cairo in order to contact them and promote relations.

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Activities of February 2005

  1. 1. A Message has been prepared and sent to the World Summit on Small Islands Developing States which
  2. took place in Port-Louis, Mauritius from 10 to 14 January 2005.


2. Following the signing by the Sudanese government and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement ( Army), SPLA, of a final agreement last month, AAPSO sent a Message in which it hailed the agreement as an historical achievement.

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Speech of Dr. Helmy Al-Hadidy


Speech of Dr. Helmy Al-Hadidy

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Speech of H.E. Ambassador Mona Omar


Meeting of the Ambassadors of African Countries

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Speech of Mr. Nouri Abdul Razzak


     Meeting of the Ambassadors of African Countries

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