Speech of Dr. Helmy Al-Hadidy


Speech of Dr. Helmy Al-Hadidy

Meeting of the Ambassadors of African Countries

Cairo – 27/2/2012
Speech of Dr. Helmy Al-Hadidy
President of Egyptian Solidarity Committee



 In the Name of Allah the Rahman the Rahim


Prime Minister,
Secretary General of League of Arab States,
Dean Of Diplomatic Corp,
Ambassadors of African Countries,

Thanks for responding to this invitation……

     I welcome you in the residence of Afro-Asian Solidarity Organization…..which was founded in 1958 as a popular organization that embodies solidarity between the nations of Asia and Africa, endeavors to resume liberating the nations of the two continents from colonialism, poverty and marginalization and to benefit from their potentials and wealth for the best interest and good of their nations.

     This place, in the end of the fifties and sixties, witnessed a broad activity and was a place of acquaintance and solidarity between liberation movements and governments and national organizations in both continents …….this solidarity contributed through a great and effective role in the resumption of liberating colonies in Africa…..the last was the fall of the racial regime in South Africa..

     Today, we seek, and in the shadow of international and regional variant conditions, to regain the effective roll of solidarity movement to face new challenges in order to document forms of solidarity and cooperation especially between African nations and with Asia and Latin America in general to face post independence challenges, the challenges of achieving nations' hopes and ambitions of development, freedom, noble life, bread and social justice in order to maintain national identity, in addition to the exchange of cultures, arts and literature, organizing art festivals and cooperation between writers' associations, publishers and cultural institutions.

     The experience of Solidarity Organization and The Egyptian Committee of Solidarity and other national solidarity committees affirm that public diplomacy was more effective than official diplomacy at many times, especially when they are in harmony. Exchange of arts and literature was playing a role in rapprochement of the continent's nations which was greater than the role played by the commercial and economic exchange…..from here; we hope to seek with you and through the Solidarity Organization to regain this important role and this important channel of communication between the continent's nations, politicians, intellectuals, and artists….

     It is well known to you that the end of cold war confused institutions and organizations which were established after the First World War and introduced new challenges to the world. At that time social continental and international organizations were temporarily established to fill this gap as the African Social Forum and the World Social Forum…….but they failed under the pressure of being huge.

     Our mission is to contribute in building a new world where a sole international power or a limited group of countries has no domination. Asian and African countries were gathered before for the sake of a multi poles world and for the sake of the international relations democracy.

     So, we live in a world that is built on exchanged independence. From here; our organization plays a key role in endeavoring to establish equivalent economic relations between countries and end depletion of the resources of the northern hemisphere for the sake of the southern hemisphere which requires a new economic global system aims to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development and eliminating debts that have accumulated in exceptional conditions to be replaced by a fair distribution of global wealth revenues.

     This calls us once more to reestablish Afro-Asian Solidarity Organization and its effective role through reactivating national solidarity committees and establishing new one in other countries of the continent and the importance of enhancing and tightening bilateral and collateral relations through national committees through political and intellectual conferences and symposiums, art and cultural cooperation through film, popular art and literature festivals and others…..

     In this frame work, I would like to invite you to cooperate with us in reactivating the important cultural role of Afro-Asian Writers' Association ….which played a great role in the sixties in embodying the gap between African and Asian intellectuals, authors and poets. Solidarity Organizations intends to convene a conference in Cairo on this issue and you are all invited in this gathering and in preparation of this conference.

     I do not want to make it longer than that….I repeat thanking you for responding to our invitation. I think it is a good indication for a constructive and effective cooperation between us that leads to meet the ambitions of prosperity, development, freedom and social justice of our nations….

With my heart greetings and peace be upon you.