53 years since the Glorious July Revolution

P.R: 15/Arabic Sec./ 21-7-2004
Doc. No. : 2/7/2004

Justice and peace loving peoples share the Egyptian people's celebration of the July Revolution's anniversary. The Egyptian army, under the leadership of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, led 52 years ago a revolution against monarchy and corruption. It struggled for chasing the occupation forces out of Egyptian territories, opened wide horizons for liberation movements in Asia and Africa and left clear imprints on the Egyptian and Arab soil as well as in the whole world.

The Revolution adopted the Non-Alignment policy and joined several other countries in trying to preserve one voice for the Asian and African world and helping it to play an important role in international politics.
Today, while we share the Egyptian people's celebrations and commemorate the leader of this Revolution, President Gamal Abdel Nasser, who raised the slogans of struggle against injustice, tyranny and colonialism and courageously led the Egyptian people to defeat foreign aggression, we recall with appreciation the principles and policies held high by the Egyptian Revolution that we greatly need in our current times.
The July Revolution struggled for Arab unity and liberation from colonialism and strived for Arab independence. It fought with Third World countries in Bandung, in the Non-Alignment Movement and in the Afro-Asian peoples' solidarity movement against military alliances and for causing the downfall of the Baghdad Alliance.
The July Revolution played a leading role as well in constructing an independent economy and launching sustainable development after liberating the national market from all foreign control. It aligned itself with the people and provided it with all public services in the fields of education, health, training and employment.
The July Revolution supported all liberation movements in Algeria, Palestine, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and all other Arab countries. It also played a pioneering role in supporting African liberation movements, so that Cairo hosted the bases of several liberation movements.
The world is back today to the policy of might, colonialism and aggression. The one and only pole is currently controlling the world's destiny and the American hegemony has become the characteristic of world politics. Disrespect for international law and legitimacy has become more flagrant and colonialism and Zionism are violating all principles and are becoming more brutal than ever.
Hence, the joining together of all peoples, especially those of the South, is becoming more important than ever, in order to mobilize popular will and recall the July principles in the context of the new world conditions.
The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization truly believes that the principles of solidarity will defeat injustice, occupation and human rights violations, because the people's will is always invincible.

Cairo, July 21st, 2004

Your Excellency, President Mohamed Hosny Mubarak

President of the Arab Republic of Egypt

We would like to extend to your edge and to that of the great Egyptian people our warm wishes on the occasion of the commemoration of the July Revolution, led by the loyal sons of the great Egyptian army.
This Revolution has changed the course of history, not only in Egypt, but also in the whole Arab world in Asia and Africa and left clear imprints in the lives of the peoples looking for freedom, independence, justice and liberation from slavery and colonialism.
The imprints of this glorious Revolution and its influences will always be guiding principles for many peoples of the world.
On this occasion, we celebrate the memory of the July Revolution's leaders who left our world after accomplishing their victorious mission. Today, we present t you our best wishes, praying to God to save you and Egypt and hoping He grants Egypt prosperity and progress.

Many returns of the day,

Noury Abdel Razzak     Dr. Mourad Ghaleb

Secretary-General President