The Fiftieth Anniversary of the July 23rd 1952 RevolutionNational Leaderships

* 21/7/2002

Your Excellency President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
It is our honor and pleasure to send to your Excellency our true well wishing on the occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the July 23rd 1952 and our appreciation for the role you play in the continuation of this revolution.

The favor this glorious revolution has done to the South is considerable. It has presented a model and has always been a beacon to the third world and a shelter to Africa’s revolutionaries. It has contributed along with the world liberation forces in Bandung Conference that resulted in the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization, then the Non-Alignment Movement.
The golden jubilee of the July 23rd Revolution and its commemoration assert its depth and renovation in the Egyptian people’s conscience.
A greeting to your Excellency, to the Egyptian government and the Egyptian people.
Happy returns of the occasion... May Egypt be always in incessant progress under your leadership.
Best regards...
Nouri Abdul Razzak                              Dr. Mourad Ghaleb
Secretary-General                                      President

* 22/7/2002

The Golden Anniversary Of The July 23rd Revolution 1952

The July revolution was an example for Southern countries, in terms of the national context, confronting colonialism, driving out occupation and nationalizing foreign properties.
In the economic field, wide ranging nationalisation was effected to promote industrial development, construction of the High Dam, and agricultural reform and in the social field to support the population. The July revolution was a turning point in human history.
The celebration of the golden anniversary of the July revolution reaffirms that it has continued, settled and evolved with time and circumstances.
AAPSO is one of the results of the revolution’s contribution to the history of liberation movements. For Egypt, under the leadership of President Gamal Abdel Nasser played an outstanding role in the Bandung Conference, which presented a program that ignited revolutions in the South. AAPSO’s headquarter was housed in Cairo in appreciation of Egypt’s role in the liberation movement, followed by the Non-Aligned Movement and Egypt’s significant role in its inception in which it played a historic role between the two conflicting blocs, East and West and in support of liberation movements in the South.
AAPSO seizes this historic opportunity to express its congratulations and esteem to the Egyptian government and people and wishes continuous success for the Egyptian role in striving for a better future for the peoples of the world.

* 17/2/1998

The 20th Anniversary Of Martyrdom
Of Youssef El Sebai, The First President
Of The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization

Twenty years have elapsed since the martyrdom of one of the most prominent leaders of the Afro-Asian struggle and one of the most famous Arab writers and thinkers, namely the militant Youssef El Sebai. He was a man who dedicated his life to defend freedom, independence, and to resist colonialism as well as other Third World issues particularly Palestine and Southern Africa.
The Afro-Asian Solidarity Movement has indeed suffered a great loss by his death for he was one of its most eminent founders and its first Secretary - General. He has steered its course wisely and soundly during a period which abounded with great difficulties.
In fact, Youssef El Sebai has left his indelible and noble marks in all fields he was charged with. These indelible marks will be forever remembered in the minds and conscience of our peoples.
The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization on this occasion pays tribute to his legendary memory and to his outstanding dominant role in the Solidarity Movement and its consecration in the hearts of all peoples.

* 1/1999

Farewell Lotfy El Kholy

The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization mourns with profound grief and regret the demise of Lotfy El Kholy, the Secretary-General of the Afro-Asian Writers Federation, AAPSO’s sister organization.
Lotfy El Kholy was a political thinker, a literary innovator, a journalist and an intellectual. At times he suffered from prison and detention for defending his political ideas and at others from differences with colleagues. Yet throughout his cause, he was a brave fighter, honest with himself and with those around him. He excelled in the field of literature by creating refined and objective theatre. He was a true visionary and had the courage for confrontation. He was a successful journalist who wrote continuously and an intellectual who never ceased to have an independent judgement regardless of any consequences.
AAPSO feels the great vacuum left by Lotfy El Kholy and expresses its condolences to the Egyptian people, his family and Afro-Asian writers and wishes the Afro-Asian writers Federation evey success.

Nouri Abdul Razzak                       Dr. Mourad Ghaleb
Secretary-General                             President