International Conference on Peoples

International Conference on Peoples’ Solidarity For Peace and Human Rights


Kathmandu Declaration

The delegates and observers participating in international conference on People’s Solidarity for Peace and Human Rights organized by Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organization of Nepal, at Kathmandu on 10,11,12 December 2004, pledges to carry forward the struggle for peace and Human Rights in order to free people of the world from exploitation, oppression, deprivation, terror and war.

The International Conference of People’s solidarity for peace and Human Rights draws the urgent attention of peoples to:

- Need of solidarity against neo-colonialism, neo-Imperialism, all types of hegemonism and exclusionism.

- Raise voice against unilateral - Imposition of war in Iraq and ask to strengthen role of UNO for multilateral co-operation for peace and security.

- Need for ban of WMD. nuclear weapons and chemical and biological weapons.

- Ratification of the treaty or banning land mines by all states.

- Repatriation of all refugees with UNHCR supervision Including Shutanese refugees in Nepal.

- Elimination of caste, gender, religious, ethnic and all other discrimination and promote inclusive and participatory democracy.

- Need to alleviate poverty from the whole world and special plan and programme to address the issue.

The International Conference of People’s Solidarity for peace and human rights express deep concern to the armed conflict in Nepal and support Nepaleses people’s aspiration for peace ending insurgency through dialogue and Socio-Economic transformation.

We all aspire for a world

- Free of confrontation

- Free of hunger

- Free of discrimination

- Free of oppression

- Free of terror and war

We call upon all people to join forces for a new world, a world of freedom of justice and of peace.