Israeli Settlement In Golan

* 20/8/1998

The Israeli Government being the authority ruling the Occupied Arab Golan Territories has blatantly violated all International Customs and Agreements, particularly the UN Charter, the 4th Geneva Convention, the Hague Agreements of 1899 and 1907, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the Hague Agreement on the Protection of Cultural Property, all UN and Security Council Resolutions.

Israel flagrantly breaks all these charters, laws and resolutions and persists on annexing and expanding settlement in the Occupied Arab Syrian Golan.
AAPSO denounces settlement in Golan and deems its null and void, illegal and a crime against the peace process. We strongly condemn all human rights abuses in Arab Golan and demand Israel to immediately desist from settlement and violation of the Syrian inhabitants' rights.
These measures will only destabilize the region and expose peace to great danger.
AAPSO resolutely stands by the Syrian Government and Leadership against this crime and requests all peace loving peoples and governments to exert their efforts to stop these Israeli racist practices and curtail the Israeli Government from undermining peace.

* 7/10/1998

Turkish Escalation Against Syria

AAPSO is astonished by the strong threats and escalation directed by the government of Ankara against Syria lately without any reason for such an attitude.
In fact, Turkey has historical, cultural and religious relations with the Arab nation as well as trade interests and shares water and long borders. All this requires good neighbourliness and cooperation particularly with Syria.
AAPSO denounces the massing of military forces on the borders and threats of using force. This will exacerbate the situation and draw the region to long and futile wars.
Therefore, AAPSO calls for reason and wisdom in terms of resorting to diplomatic and peaceful solution, to listen and cooperate with goodwill mediators, particularly H.E. President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak.
In this respect, it is incumbent upon us to emphasize that the tension between Syria and Turkey has mounted after Israel’s active role in complicating and sabotaging Syrian-Turkish relations.
AAPSO commends the Syrian position that calls for addressing the situation peacefully and with constructive dialogue far from threats. Hence AAPSO declares its total solidarity and support with Syria and urges the Turkish government to comply with the appeals for accelerating the deteriorating relations, resorting to peaceful solution and just arbitration of the problems between both neighbouring countries.