Legitimacy Flags Stream

Doc: 3/7/2004

The U.N. General Assembly issued a resolution condemning Israel for establishing the Separation wall and asked for the implementation of the opinion of the International Court of Justice which called for demolishing this wall and compensating the harmed Palestinian.

However, Israel refused this resolution and challenged the whole world by continuing the establishment of the wall. Also, the U.S. refused this resolution and described it an unbalanced and unjust one which weakens the peace process done by President Bush.

In fact, The last efforts spent by Bush aimed at supporting Israel by accepting Sharon’s Plans of establishing settlement and the wall and refusing the return of refugees.

Certainly the Israel refusal to the resolution is understood as being the first country in the world to violate international legitimacy. But the situation of the U.S. as the biggest and strongest country in the world to submit to Israel policy is strange. Referring to the resolution as unbalanced seems to be strange at a time all the declarations of Bush ate against legitimacy and provokes the anger of the world.

The U.N. resolution is considered an advancement to the international legitimacy and ascertained the only way for solving the Palestinian case is through the resolutions of the U.N.

We praise the position of the European Union which was good and positive. This civilized position arouse from the formal and public will of people, not from the blind and wrong opposition seeking the less privileges.

AAPSO welcomes this resolution which ascertained the legitimacy and power of the UN, and the respect of State members to the UN resolutions. Therefore, those who supports the dictatorship and tyranny will be the losers.

Also, AAPSO praises this historical resolution and calls upon the U.N. to continue dealing with the Palestinian issue to repeat all the relevant resolution all justice and vitality.

We request International ngos to lift the International legitimacy flags and to adhere resolutions of the UN and the international Court of Justice. In addition, we ask the national and regional NGOs to spend efforts to solve the Palestinian issues that started from 60 years.

Unfortunately, the situation becomes more worse as a result of the stubborn Zionist positions with the support of the U.S.

Let these two resolutions to be a turning point for solving the Palestinian issue and to be a new launching for returning the rights to their belongs and to achieve stability and peace for the nations in the region.