Iraq And America

* 1/2/1998

The United States of America has no more lofty objectives in the world except attacking the Iraqi people with bombs, famine and disease. The head of the international inspection team has no humanitarian mission except the protection of Israel from the threat of Iraq.
The USA with all the greed of the new international order wishes to make an example of the Iraqi people before all the world particularly the peoples of the South and above all the Arab peoples.

The core of the problem is not whether Iraq is obstructing the task of the so-called international investigation committee from penetrating through whatever is left of Iraq’s sovereignty. It lies indeed in this slow, persistent annihilation and swift threats of military action against the people of Iraq.
The issue at present rests on whether the peoples of the world will permit America to commit this terrible crime and continue to escalate it or stop it immediately. This will not only be in defence of the Iraqi people but also in defence of their own existence before the threat levelled from the White House.
AAPSO condemns this threat and deems that it is a contradiction of all international and humanitarian laws and legislations and supports all efforts exerted for a diplomatic solution. AAPSO urges all non-governmental and governmental organizations to resist this crime against the right of a people who is a UN member state and to exert true efforts against such American excessiveness in violation of human rights and international legitimacy.

* 24/2/1998

The Peoples Of The World Request The Security Council
To Promptly Endorse Kofi Anann's Meeting
With The Iraqi Leadership

AAPSO participated with the peoples of the world and their countries in supporting the necessity for Kofi Anann, The UN Secretary General to visit Iraq and undertake serious negotiations for reacting a peaceful solution that will undermine the advocates of the use of forces for ulterior motives. The besieged people of Iraq have paid a heavy price during the past seven years with the lives of its sons and property.
Today AAPSO joins the peoples of the world and their countries to applaud the significant accomplishment realized by the UN Secretary-General with the Iraqi leadership and demands the protection of this agreement and its implementation in order to obstruct the intentions of the hostile forces to wreck the agreement and expose the region to war and destruction and split the countries therein.
AAPSO believes that the United Nations Should assume its full responsibility far from the hegemony of super powers. The peoples of the world who adhere to the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Principles of International Law are convinced that the UN Secretary - General should act as the honest guardian of these principles and objectives so that this international organization may enjoy the respect and credibility it deserves and that it may not be mobilized by the arrogant force. The double standards policy exercised by the USA in the Middle East is strongly rejected and condemned. The peoples of the world persist on the elimination of all types of weapons from the Middle East. Israel should not be exempted and all its nuclear installation should be open for periodical inspection by the international Atomic Agency.
Moreover, Israel must abide by all signed peace agreements in letter and in spirit and refrain from breaching the resolutions of international legitimacy particularly the Palestinian issue and the withdrawal from all the occupied territories in Golan, Lebanon and Palestinian territories specially Al Quds Al Sharif so that a just, permanent and comprehensive peace is established, one that is aspired by all the peoples of the region.
We urge all Members of the Security Council to endorse the Agreement concluded by the UN Secretary - General with the Iraqi leadership as soon as possible so that a peaceful solution from the winds of war.
AAPSO reiterates the necessity to lift the sanctions from the people of Iraq promptly and implementation of Article 22 of resolution 687 that linked Iraq's acceptance of UNSCOM's demands to lifting the oil sanction from Iraq.

* 23/8/1998

The Iraqi People And The Inspection Committee

For more than seven years the Iraqi People have been subjected to an unjust blockade that culminated in the death of thousands of children to the extent that a whole generation have almost been eliminated.
American exploits this bloody tragedy as a mean to utilize Iraq as a scarecrow in order to increase its arms sales and extortion from certain countries.
Although this committee has investigated in great detail. Yet time and time again they repeat their investigations as if Iraq was the only spot in the world which poses a threat to world peace and consequently their allegations are translated into resolutions for the continuation of the blockade. In fact, such a situation seems to be more of an inquisition court than an investigation committee affiliated to the U.N.
The continuation of this situation is unacceptable. The blockade on the Iraqi people should be promptly lifted as well as those imposed on others to the benefit of America.
AAPSO urges all NGOs to unite in the face of this continuous aggression against the people of Iraq and against the flagrant violation of human rights.
The responsibility does not only fall on America but on all those who are silent, all those who do not protest against the actions of America and the investigation committee.
AAPSO calls upon the Security Council to save the Iraqi people, to support them for it is their responsibility and history records.

* 1998

American lawlessness

The United States of America and the United Kingdom Launched barbarous air strikes with missiles against the Iraqi people alleging Iraq’s unwillingness to cooperate with UNSCOM, whose chief inspector is committed to American decision defying all international customs and norms. In fact this committee, its mission and role is truly questionable because it is the instrument used by the USA to provoke and premeditate aggression as well as justify it.
The barbarous strikes targeted civilian districts in Baghdad, that is they targetted the Iraqi people. As if these forces who are hostile to all human values were not content with the Iraqi people’s suffering from lack of food and medicine due to the criminal blockade, these forces sought to speed up their extermination intentions by continuous bombardment for six hours which resulted in scores of people killed and wounded. The strikes resumed again and continued.
What is currently happening in Iraq will not undermine the Iraqi regime and never will, but it will support and reinforce it. Therefore the actions of the US are totally contrary to its claims. For the US alleges that it seeks to topple the Iraqi regime at a time when it effectively and practically crushes the Iraqi people and strengthens the power of the Iraqi regime.
The USA by such an act indicates to the entire world its flare claims and lies with respect to human rights and international legitimacy. As the US and the world are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is engaged in exterminating a people and depriving them of their right to life.
The US actions against the Iraqi people is a complement to Clinton’s visit to Israel and Palestine where he obtained from the Palestinians all that Israel required. On the other hand he received nothing from Israel except arrogance and refusal of any Palestinian demands, as well as the breach of all legitimacy and basic human rights. Both events occurred before Ramadan, for all this was the American/British gift to the Arab region, namely humiliation and missile attacks.
AAPSO which has since the outset supported the besieged people of Iraq condemns this criminal escalation and extermination directed against the Iraqi people. Moreover it calls upon governmental and non-governmental organizations to stand resolutely before this oppressive aggression. The Security Council and the United Nations must confront this unjust power in order to curb its unilateral action and interfere in the affairs of the world and the destiny of all people.

* 25/11/1998

The International Celebration Of Children
And The Children Of Iraq

The sanctions against the people of Iraq continue to be imposed with all their adverse effects. In fact there is strong evidence to prolong these sanctions.
The Iraqi children are living through a real tragedy which has claimed the lives of thousands. The acute shortages of medicine, food, milk and other human requirements have accelerated morality rates in general and children below five years in particular.
This is but a blatant violation of all international conventions and declarations related to the child and children right to life.
AAPSO deems that there is no justification for the continuation of sanctions against the Iraqi people and Iraqi children. AAPSO appeals to the UN Secretary-General and to all international governmental organizations and demands an end to the sanctions and rescue of a whole generation of children who have been unjustly condemned to death.

* 18/2/2001

Comprehensive War Against The Arab Countries

The United States of America and Britain launched an air attack against Iraqi sites and used weapons that caused death and destruction equal to all that was dropped on Iraq during the year 2000. Bush, the new president, declared that the attack was only routine and the British official said that it was in accordance with international law. Barak, the former Israeli prime minister who failed in the elections, announced that killing and assassinating Palestinians was also under the protection of international law.
Even after the Lockerbie trial, sanctions continue to be imposed against Libya. In fact America and Britain are behind this issue. Thus, we stand before a state of war against several Arab countries, a war launched by the USA, Britain and Israel, a criminal savage war characterized by evil and treachery. Yet, the perpetrators declare openly and shamelessly that their act was implemented according to international law.
We wish to question all those concerned, all who are spectators today and may become victims tomorrow, what in truth is international law? What is international legitimacy? Where are the United Nations and Security Council? Where are regional organizations? What we are experiencing is but a barbaric aggression against some Arab countries so that each country will be preoccupied by its own problems. Those who were not attacked should be silent in order to avert punishment. In this case, this will facilitate the execution of Zionist settler and colonialist schemes and abort all Arab rights as well as subject the Arab peoples to humiliation and submission.
The past events are neither insignificant nor a matter of routine or in compliance with international law. This is a comprehensive scheme that does not only target one Arab country but all the region, a scheme that aims at falsifying the truth. Its strategy is that the rule of the jungle should prevail in the name of international law and that American and Israeli interests should supersede over Arab national interests.
AAPSO strongly condemns this aggression against the Iraqi people aimed at destroying their potential and capabilities.
We urge all international organizations, particularly the UN, Security Council, regional organizations such as the Non-Aligned movement, OAU, the Arab League, governmental, and non-governmental organizations to confront this destructive war, this deceit, these barbaric attacks as well as to support the Palestinian people in their quest to achieve their total rights in compliance with international legitimacy; and to lift the siege of the Iraqi people as well as the Libyan people immediately.

* 31/5/2001

More Sanctions Under The Title Of Smart Sanctions

When Bush took office as president of the United States, he started his work in the Middle East with raids against the Iraqi people claiming that it was a routine work.
Bush, the son, wants but to complete the mission of the Gulf war launched by Bush, the father, some ten years ago, He wants to go farther in this mission with no regard to all events of the past years and painful sufferings of the Iraqi people.
The United States, together with the UK launch raids against the Iraqi people in a flagrant violation of the international legitimacy and human rights principles. They fight bravely to keep the Iraqi people besieged with the economic sanctions which Claimed the lives of hundreds of Iraqi innocent people.
While the whole world calls for lifting the sanctions unto the Iraqi people, the US and Britain provide a new system of sanctions regardless the world opinion, human rights, international legitimacy and suffering undergone by the Iraqi people,
The so-called smart sanctions are but new addition to the pains and suffering of the Iraqi people.
The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organisation (AAPSO) hereby, calls for lifting all sanctions imposed on the Iraqi people. AAPSO calls upon the US and Britain to comply with the international will by lifting the besiege to the Iraqi people. It appeals to the Security Council to protect the Iraqi people's security and life through immediate intervention for their benefit, stop the piracy of the US and Britain and lift the sanctions imposed against the Iraqi people.

* 15/8/2002

American Aggression Against The Iraqi People

The USA continues its preparations to attack Iraq and seeks persistently to gain international approval outside the United Nations. It accuses Iraq of refusing to abide by international legitimacy resolutions while the US itself acts outside international legitimacy. The American position towards Iraq is not related to Iraq’s commitment or non-commitment to international resolutions. In fact, the US is striving by all ways and means to undermine the role of international legitimacy, and even goes beyond and violates it regarding anything concerning Israel or itself. Moreover, the American position is not related to the existence of chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. For America protects Israel with all its nuclear weapons. Therefore, the issue is not getting rid of Saddam Hussein because all American actions in the past years, in terms of blockage and undermining Saddam and his power only led to destruction and suffering of the Iraqi people who have endured abject living and democratic conditions at all levels.
In fact, America wishes to seize Iraq’s petroleum. The struggle with Iraq is purely American, one that intends to impose hegemony and domination over oil sources. Similar to how the war in 1991 resulted in military and economic domination in the Gulf, the Afghan war led to domination over the Caspian sea and military presence, therefore Iraqi war is one of hegemony and control over Iraq’s petroleum and threatens Iranian oil. Thus all Arab petroleum sources or most of them are subject to American economic domination and new American military bases. It is part of the American plan to control the world. American hegemony on energy resources will give it the upper hand to control the industrial machinery that depends on these oil sources. America’s action against Iraq is meant to resolve contradictions within the eastern camp at the expense of the South countries and the use them as an arena to settle conflicting balances. We stand before a new world war waged gradually, a war in which the US demands all to participate, until the participants have their turn successively.
AAPSO categorically rejects what US is planning against the Iraqi people and condemns the total destruction wreaked in Afghanistan to impose its hegemony over the world by means of coercion, extortion and destruction. AAPSO deems that it is necessary to have an international front of all peace loving forces that defend civilization and humanity to confront this terrorist scheme that hides behind the slogan of “combating terrorism”.
This is an appeal to all NGOs worlwide.
To all governments in the South
To all governments in the North that feels the wave of neo-nazism as it sweeps upon the world under the guise of new terms.