The Permanent Secretariat of the Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation -AAPSO- had the great honor to have the visit of Dr Carlos Belli-Bello at its Headquarters to discuss the prevalent situation in Africa as well as the AAPSO's relations with Angola.

Since its inception in January 1958, AAPSO has been for decades committed to the African affairs and to work closely with African peoples, which was demonstrated by the holding in Africa six out of its seven Congresses: (Cairo, Egypt 1957-58); Conakry, Guinea (1960); Moshe,Tanzania (1963);Winneba,Ghana (1965); Cairo, Egypt(1972) and Algiers, Algeria (1984), thus underlining the importance of the role played by AAPSO in this continent and giving impetus to its responsibility vis-ˆ-vis its peoples.

AAPSO took active part in the support of African liberation movements ( like MPLA, ANC, SWAPO, FRELIMO, ..) while many African countries were under colonial and racist regimes. This was demonstrated by the presence at the AAPSO Headquarters of representatives of these movements whose role was crucial in the daily work of the Organisation. In order to mobilize African public opinion with respect the struggle against imperialism and colonialism AAPSO convened many seminars which had huge impacts on the process of liberation from colonial yoke. These seminars as well as the visits of AAPSO delegation to many countries in Africa had served as center of radiation which caused the independence of many African states.

In the midst of profound transformations in the international arena following the collapse of the Soviet Union, AAPSO has to face new challenges. Contacts with many African countries as well as its national committees has been lost. Nonetheless, in its efforts to adapt itself to the present situation, AAPSO has always been, through its multiple activities, committed to contribute however modest, with a view to mobilizing and sensitizing African public opinion with respect to many aspects of these challenges.

AAPSO maintains close relationship with pan-African organisation like OAU ( and now with the African Union, AU), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. It has been granted observer status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights. AAPSO campaigns for Solidarity with African peoples and Movements in their struggle for socio-economic development, peace, stability and progress.

For its objectives to be realized, and regarding particularly Africa, AAPSO needs to revitalize and reactivize its cooperation with civil societies, political organisations as well as NGOs in Africa. The new concept of the role of AAPSO requires sustained cooperation and collaboration in search of solutions to issues facing Africa. A genuine partnership between AAPSO and African civil societies, NGOs, governmental and intergovenmental organisations, should be promoted. In the streamline of changes occuring worldwide, AAPSO is committed to further sustain and reinforce its relations with them.

The AAPSO Permanent Secretariat was very happy to have fraternally and frankly exchanged views with Dr Carlos Belli-Bello who expressed readiness to invite to Angola some African personalities and organisations in Southern Africa in order to promote and enhance the reactivation of AAPSO's contacts and cooperation with them. In this context, AAPSO is ready to seize the opportunity to closely cooperate and maintain permanent and fruitful relationship with Dr Carlos Belli-Bello and the MPLA .