The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization (AAPSO), an International NGO founded on January 1958, having consultative status with ECOSOC, UNESCO, UNCTAD, UNIDO, and observer status with Non-Aligned Movement and the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights, has been for decades committed t

o the African affairs and to work closely with African peoples, which was demonstrated by the holding of six out of its seven Congresses in Africa (Cairo, Egypt-1957-58); Conakry, Guinea (1960); Moshe, Tanzania (1963); Winneba, Ghana (1965); Cairo, Egypt (1972), and Algiers, Algeria (1984). Now, in the eve and the dawn of the new millenium and the 21st century, AAPSO's activities have been marked by very important meetings such as its participation at the UN Human Rights Commission; its organisation of international conferences like the one dedicated to Cultures and Civilisations, or the Conflicts and civil wars in Africa; its organisation of, and participation to the preparatory meetings for the World Conference against racism in South Africa,thus underlining the importance of the role played by AAPSO in Africa and giving impetus to its responsability vis-ˆ-vis the peoples of this continent.

AAPSO took active part in the support of the liberation movements while many African countries were under colonial regime. In this context, AAPSO exerted tremendous efforts in organizing numerous conferences, seminars and other emergency gatherings in support of the struggle for independence as well as the newly independent African countries.

Today in the midst of the profound transformations that have taken place worldwide, Africa as a whole and AAPSO in particular are facing new challenges. AAPSO has always been, through its multiple activities, committed to contribute however modest, with a view to mobilizing and sensitizing African public opinion with respect to many aspects of the these challenges. In this context, AAPSO constantly maintained sustained relations with its African member committees and other prominent African personalities.

The position of Africa vis-a-vis the rest of the world now raises much alarm. The effects of internal and external factors on the efforts exerted by African populations to survive at the price of immense sacrifices could drive the African continent towards growing marginalization. Socio-economic disparities continue to be aggravated leading to more poverty and withdrawal. AAPSO is conscious of the fact that the African continent caught by the so-called globalisation is assailed by vast difficulties that are threatening and shocking its stability, its security and the welfare of its peoples in general. AAPSO is concerned of the nefarious effects on several aspects of the life of African peoples as well as the negative impact of all measures which tend to make the African peoples bear the burden of their historic past under foreign powers, as well as their debts and to make enormous sacrifices in order to survive. AAPSO is also aware of the dimensions reached by events occuring in some regions of Africa, especially in the areas where still persist regional conflicts, civil wars, terrorism and other forms of inter-ethnic violences. Recently, seminars and other major gatherings have been organized by AAPSO to discuss issues like the conflicts in Africa, the situation in the Great Lakes region, the problem of racism and racial discrimination, etc...

The situation in Africa demands new forms of action, new vision of the future, new orientations of tasks for the part of organizations like AAPSO.

In its efforts to adapt itself to the present situation AAPSO has put as main priorities in its activities the development, democracy, human rights, environment, disarmament, peace, South-South cooperation, North-South dialogue, the struggle to combat racism, all forms of discrimination and poverty, for the enhancement and respect of the rights of women and children.

For these objectives to be realized, and regarding particularly Africa, AAPSO needs to revitalize and reactivize its cooperation with civil societies, political organisations as well as NGOS in Africa. As an international NGO, AAPSO has to play its role in the socio-economic development in Africa as elsewhere. Taking into consideration the fact that NGOs have an increasing involvement in solving regional and international problems in the world, AAPSO has the feeling that more attention should be paid to NGOs in Africa.

AAPSO maintains close relationship with pan-African organization such as the then Organization of African Unity (OAU) and now the African Union (AU), as well as the United Nations, for example, in sending its representatives to the meetings of the UN Economic Commision for Africa. More recently, this relation has been strenghtened and reinforced by the granting AAPSO the observer status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights.

The new concept of the role of AAPSO requires sustained cooperation and collaboration in search of solutions to issues facing Africa. A genuine partnership between AAPSO and African civil society, NGOs, governmental and inter-governmental organisations , should be promoted. In the streamline of changes occuring worldwide, and with respect to the new challenges facing Africa in particular, AAPSO is committed to further sustain and reinforce its relations with them as well as with this continent as a whole.

In its efforts to be more involved in the development of the changing international situation, AAPSO has extended and continues to extend its activities to world fora and democratic forces in the North.

Facing the process of worldwide transformation actually taking place, AAPSO seeks an alternative to globalisation which would include popular alliances for progress and social justice.

AAPSO campaigns for Solidarity with African Peoples and Movements in their struggle for socio-economic development, peace, stability and progress by activating democratic mechanisms of solidarity by democratic movements for real partnership ( conferences, campaigns of solidarity, exchange of views and news, etc..).

The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organisation is looking forward to your suggestions and proposals you wish to provide for cooperation between our two Organisations. Request kindly to send them at the earliest possible.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Dr. Morad Ghaleb, President
Mr.Nouri Abdel Razzak, Secretary General