Human Rights Section What Has Been Done

  1. 1. The section has reviewed the United Nations Calendar of Conferences  and Meetings for the year 2004 as well as the Global Issues on the UN Agenda.


  1. 2. The section has identified many items of interest for AAPSO in the field of human rights. These items related to the question of Racial discrmination, modern slavery, peace and disarmament, social development, the rights of women and children, the question of independence of colonial countries and peoles, etc.


  1. 3. The folowings are the items identified in the Global Issues on the UN Agenda: Africa, Children, Culture, Decolonization, Development cooperation, Disarmament, Drugs and Crime, Environment, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs, Indigenous people, Iraq, Labour, Least Developed countries, the Millenium UN General Assembly Goals, Question of Palestine, Population, Refugees, Sustainable Devlopment, Terrorism, Trade and Development, Water, Women, Youth.


  1. 4. The section  has also identified numbers of Conferences and Meetings organized by the UN during the year 2004.

The section has examined two documents a) one from the "Humanitarian Resource Institute" concerning the question of Environment; b) the other about ICC ( International Criminal Court).

5. The section had prepared AAPSO's Statement on International Human Rights Day (10 December) marked every year by the world community.