Economic Grouping Common Market of Esas and Southern Africa - COMESA

Common Market of Esas and Southern Africa - COMESA (This letter was also sent to SADC and ECOWAS)


The Permanent Secretariat of the Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organisation - AAPSO - has the following to submit to your consideration.

In a world subject to profound mutations generated by globalization, African civil society and organisations have a vital role to play in the battle for economic development, progress and prosperity for the people living on this continent.

In this context, AAPSO, which has put the issues of development, environment, human rights, disarmament, conflicts problems among the top priorities of its programme of action, considers the time ripe for those who relentlessly and sincerely express such noble aspirations to seek ways and means in promoting general action leading to mutual understanding, genuine relationship and active collaboration. Such move should be considered as an imperative of our time and a necessity to strenghtened solidarity among African peoples, civil society and organisations.

AAPSO is interested in developing close relationship with, and in the activities of, your esteemed regional economic grouping. It is ready to maintain contacts by offering its availability to cooperate in domains of mutual and common interests with proposals, suggestions, analysis  or comments in relation with the  economic development of the region. This should be achieved through sustained relationship, exchange of informations between our both organisations.

AAPSO currently publishes its own magazine : "Development and Socio-Economic Progress" as well as political bulletin and others. We propose to put your organisation in our mailing list.

AAPSO is an international non-governmental organisation enjoying consultative status with  ECOSOC, UNIDO, UNCTAD, UNESCO, DPI, and observer status with the Non-Aligned Movement as well as with the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights.

The Permanent  Secretariat of the AAPSO would like to stress the necessity of the proposed cooperation and hopes you will share its view on this regard..

We avail ourselves of this opportunity to thank you in advance and wish you all success in your tasks.

Nouri Abdel Razzak Hussein                                             Dr Morad Ghaleb                  

Secretary  General                                                                  President