Sri Lanka

* June 2000

Message from AAPSO to:
Mr. A.A.M. Marleen, Secretary-General
Afro-Asian Solidarity Association of Sri Lanka

Dear Marleen,
We were shocked to hear about the latest suicide bombing by L.T.T.E. terrorist in Colombo killing the honoured Minister C.V. Gunaratne and 20 others.
Hon. Minister Gunaratne was closely associated with AAPSO for a long time. We had met him several times in Sri Lanka and abroad. He had also participated in AAPSO Conferences.

AAPSO strongly condemns this dastardly and coward act of terrorists whose only motivation is assassination and killing innocent civilians.
It is amply proved in human history that resorting to terrorism assassination, and killing people only damages the alleged cause for which this movement is supposed to achieve. Such terrorist act only win them hatred from the peace-loving people and get more and more isolated from the international community.
AAPSO expresses its profound grief and extend its sincere condolences to the bereaved family.
Kindly convey this to the family members and to party.

Nouri Abdul Razzak                                       Dr. Mourad Ghaleb
Secretary-General                                              President