Third Anniversary Of The Founder

Third Anniversary Of The Founder Of International Institute For Non-Aligned Studies/India


An invitation to the Third Anniversary of the founder of International Institute for non-aligned Studies/India (22-23/2/2002) Dr. Srivastava was sent to Dr. Morad Ghaleb AAPSO's President and Vidyasekera AAPSO's Permanent Secretariat member.

Participants in the event were among academicians, professors and specialists of anthropology and political sciences of Nihro University and other research centres. Dr. Morad Ghaleb AAPSO's President has delivered the key-paper of the anniversary that was comprehensive one. The Paper deals with latest international developments after 11/9, war in Afghanistan, conflict between India and Pakistan, globalization, American hegemony, WTO and massive resistance for its policies as embodied in Seattle, Davos and others similar events. The paper also refers to these resistance actions and draws attention to the fact that they are not enough organized in one global front with a program and policy that are viable and continuous.

AAPSO's paper gets through the columns of the hegemonious capitalist system, what does globalization mean for the third world countries, the issues of peace, development and disarmament with a special focus on WTO and the impact of international latest developments on the neighbour countries-Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, China and Russia.

AAPSO's delegation headed by President Dr. Morad Ghaleb has paid a visit to all Indian Organization for Peace and Solidarity. Participants of the meeting were among academicians, university professors, specialists and concerned audience in addition to the head of the organization. Discussions went through developments in international arena, American hegemony, relations of China, India and Russia with America and Europe, and the significance of having a separate and distinguished positions apart from American-European ones. Discussions in the meeting touched the importance of promoting all aspects of the relationships between AAPSO on one hand and all Indian organization for Peace and Solidarity and International Institute for non-aligned Studies.