30 March Palestine: Land Day

* 29/3/1998

A relentless battle has continued for 50 years and particularly at present between Zionism as represented by Israel and the unarmed Palestinian people in the land of Palestine.
In this battle, Israel has utilized all forms of falsifications, deception and low trickery as well as excessive use of force, military coercion, confiscation of land, building settlements, opening roads, uprooting trees, destroying houses and wiping out over 400 Arab villages.

This practice was not only confined to the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967 but includes the original inhabitants who lived in this land since the dawn of history until the establishment of the State of Israel.
Israel continues to confiscate their territories and prevents most of the inhabitants from returning to their homes inside Israel. In fact, these villages are still vacant and the law decreed by Israel in 1948, that is custodian of sequestrated property of an irreputible absentee which considers the land as the property of the state of Israel, Whosoever was not in his home in May 15, 1948 was subject of this law even if he was in a neighbouring village during the curfew imposed by force upon the Arab Palestinian then.
The Palestinian people struggle against this racist policy, firmly holding on to their land, defending it with the bodies of their sons and with all their historic and legal right supported by international legitimate resolutions and peace and justice loving forces in the world.
The sons of Palestine struggle by all ways and means to return to their homes and villages and widen the scope of their structural maps that were constricted by Israel despite the housing crisis suffered by Arabs. At the same time, Israel carries out its intensive settlement activity, land confiscation and destruction of houses despite world criticism, thus violating all international laws, resolutions and worms.
The Palestinian people commemorates the 25th anniversary of Land Day, the day when the Arab of Al Galil, on 30 March 1977, staged an uprising against the confiscation of their lands and were brutally confronted by the Israeli army who attacked, killed and detained a number of them.
AAPSO declares its total support of the Palestinian people on this national occasion and their just and legitimate struggle until they establish their national, independent State with Al Quds Al Sharif as its capital.
AAPSO Strongly denounces Israel’s racist policy as demonstrated by its confiscation of land, destruction of villages and construction of illegal settlements.
Such a racist policy will continue to breed tension and violence and destroy all hopes for a just and lasting peace.

* 18/6/1998

Israel's Government Creates Armed Militias
From The Settlers Of The Occupied Palestinian Territories

The Israeli government's decision to create armed militia from settlers is an unprecedented dangerous measure and violates the bases of international legitimacy, UN principles and 4th Geneva Agreements.
It was not sufficient for Israel to possess this tremendous army, heavily armed with tanks, helicopters and planes that occupy the Palestinian territories; nor the large nuclear of Israeli police forces who carry the most up-to-date weapons and exercise premeditated killings against innocent Palestinians; nor the so-called Arabized forces who are disguised in Arabs civilian clothes to assassinate citizens; nor the settlers who carry all types of weapons at all times. Yet the Israeli government intentionally creates these militias whose members are extremists, racists and religious fanatics to terrorize Arabs inhabitants, the policy advocated by the roots of existing parties symbolized by Ishaq Shamir and Menahem Begin, the perpetrators of the Dir Yassin and Sabra/Shatilla massacres. In fact the current Israeli leadership is a natural consequence of this racist and terrorist ideology. The declarations made by the Israeli government on peace and security are regarded sarcastically by the world. For it has stripped this leadership of its credibility having witnessed the unreasonable demolition of homes according to a systematic policy implemented to evict inhabitants particularly those in Arabs Jerusalem which has been largely exposed to settlement and judaization measures; and withdrawing the identity cards of its sons in compliance with an obvious ethnic policy. Moreover, a settlement in the West Bank named as the city of Israel but an indication of Israel's rejection of peace and all future peace initiatives.
AAPSO warns of this policy and its due consequences and deems that it is state terrorism and an outright call to violence. For the Israeli government will have to be fully responsible in this respect. Moreover AAPSO demands the US government to intervene promptly to avert the catastrophe that will reflect on peace and the Middle East before it is too late. For all the sources of Israel's power are derived from the U.S.A.
AAPSO reiterates its full support of the Palestinian people and their just struggle under the leadership of the PLO. It urges all governments, peoples and peace and freedom loving forces in the world to back the militant Palestine people.

* 1/7/1998

Al Quds...Netanyahu...The Veto

On 21/6/1998 the Israel cabinet unanimously endorsed the plan for extending the city of Jerusalem towards the West thereby annexing new areas and large settlements. These enables confiscating thousands of donuts and paving new roads linking settlements and at the same time isolating Arab areas. The plan aims at attaining an area of 600 sq. km for the city instead of 123 sq. km contrary to the will of the international community. Moreover it also aims at building new houses that will increase the city's population to one million. Consequently the Arabs who are the indigenous inhabitants will become a minority. Thus Netanyahu seeks to determine the future of the city unilaterally by changing its demographic identity. The Israeli Prime Minister has attempted to cover up this crime by falsifications and allegations hiding behind so-called development and modernization, ignoring and in defiance of all Security Council and UN resolutions as well as the 4th Geneva Convention and the Hague Rules of 1907.
The judaization of the city is being implemented by a team of Israelis. The roles are distributed amongst them to deceive and mislead international public opinion. From time to time we hear the opinion of the Supreme Court, the views of the so-called mayor of the city, and sometimes observe the role of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. Yet the most vicious role is played by heavily armed settlers who attack the inhabitants and break into their houses at night destroying their property and terrorizing their children. They are usually backed up by bulldozers, Israeli army and police forces to protect the settlers when necessary.
The Israeli government practices the worst forms of racial discrimination against the indigenous Arabs inhabitants of Jerusalem. They siege their homes, confiscate their identity cards for ridiculous reasons. They are not permitted to register their newborn nor their husbands or wives outside Jerusalem; other nationalities lose their residence rights in Jerusalem as well as those who have resided outside the country for more than seven years or who have other domiciles outside Jerusalem or work officially outside the city. However all these rules are not applied on Israelis. Arabs either pay a fine up to 160 dollars or are imprisoned if they are inhabitants of the West Bank or Gaza or have entered Jerusalem without a permit or stayed after its expiration. This permission is usually given within a narrow time limit. Israel constructed homes for more than 70,000 Jews on lands seized from Arabs whereas Arabs could not build more than 555 units owing to Israeli regulations and measures. There are more than 21,000 homeless Palestinian families living in tents and huts. Moreover 50,000 Palestinians were forced to live in neighbouring villages because Arabs are not allowed to build. The Prime Minister intends to exercise more violation against Alquds such as shut down, demolition, sequestrates, eviction, paving roads, digging tunnels. It is certain that the American budget and American organizations will finance this new aggression. The Arabs will address this issue in the UN Security Council for it is the competent body in case the American role fails to deter Israeli extremism and arrogance that has continuously humiliated the American administration. AAPSO recalls the positions of the American administration regarding Jerusalem... the statement made by Ambassador Goldberg in the UN; President Carter's message to President Sadat; James Baker's message to the Palestinian side before the Madrid Conference; all General Assembly and Security Council resolutions, almost 42, declaring that Arab Jerusalem is considered as occupied Arab territories similar to the West Bank and Gaza. The American administration has used its veto right more than 12 times to protect Israel from Security Council condemnation. The Israeli right wing deemed that such action was a green light from America. They could act accordingly under this protection. AAPSO regards the American role with sleepticism. In fact, America will lose its credibility, its prestige and its interests by supporting Israeli aggression in the Security Council giving rise to extremism, violence and chaos in the region due to America's green light namely the veto.

* 29/9/1998

AAPSO Strongly Denounces Israel’s Racist Policy
Against The Habitants Of Om El Fahm

For two successive days, the Israeli security forces have brutally attacked the Arab inhabitants in Israel who have lived in their country since the dawn of history. This attack culminated in scores of injured persons and detainees in the town of Om EI Fahm.
Arabs holding the Israeli nationality were defending their land which Israeli authorities intended to confiscate under the pretext of establishing areas to train the Israeli army.
There are approximately three hundred thousand inhabitants in Israel living like refugees in their own country although they hold the Israeli nationality since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. They are not permitted to return to their homes, farms, or villages from which they had moved out: nearly 450 villages. Moreover, Israel promulgated more than 20 laws to discriminate against Arab citizens at the individual and collective levels. For according to these laws, an Arab is not permitted to buy land, build a new village or extend the limits of their villages or towns, despite the normal increase of the population, namely the rightful owners of the land. Furthermore, Israel demolishes their homes and plans to destroy more than 11 thousand allegedly for having been constructed without permits. At the same time Jews settle everywhere on usurped land allegedly and without question.
As a result of this racist policy the indigenous population are left with only 4% of the land that they had possessed before occupation and establishment of Israel.
AAPSO strongly condemns this aggressive racist policy practiced by Israel against the indigenous inhabitants and totally supports their actions in defending their rights and lands particularly their sacred right to justice and equality. AAPSO demands Israel to desist from its racist discriminatory policy immediately and urges all human rights institutions and committee as well as all countries to back the Palestinians who are the indigenous population, to lift the injustice wetted against them, to stop the confiscation of their homes and lands and infringement of their sacred sites and heritage, to stop coercion, suppression and brutality against them and against their national leadership.

* 29/11/1998

29 November, Solidarity Day With
The Palestinian People

The United Nations adopted a resolution almost unanimously that 29 November be observed annually as Solidarity Day With the Palestinian People. This date is of particular significance in the course of the Palestinian peoples’ struggle. For the UN General Assembly had passed its important resolution No 181 of 1947 dividing Palestine into two states, Arab and Hebrew, along with a special status for Jerusalem.
This commemoration comes at a time when the Palestinian people and their leadership are adding day by day a new layer of bricks to the edifice of the young Palestinian state with patience and wisdom before the provocations of the ruling extremist Israeli right - wing government which does not seek peace and pursues expansionist ideas, occupation and disregards the other.
From this premise, extremist settlers were given leeway to confiscate land, steal water, destroy the environment, plunder the Palestinian economy, build roads, all in a futile attempt to hinder the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.
AAPSO declares its total support and solidarity with the people of Palestine on this important occasion and congratulates them for regaining more occupied territory, opening the long awaited Gaza international airport which was stalled due to the evasion of the Israeli side. Moreover Israel must release all prisoners and detainees and open safe corridors between the West Bank, Gaza and the port of Gaza.
AAPSO appeals to all peoples and countries of the world to give their support to the Palestinian people so that they can establish their independent national state in their land with Al Quds as capital. In this respect stability and peace will only be secured by the total withdrawal of Israel from all the occupied Arab territories of 1967, from Al Quds, Golan, South Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza in compliance with resolution No 242.
We strongly believe that a large part of responsibility falls upon the U.S.A who is sponsoring the current peace process to bring pressure to bear upon Israel to implement all signed peace agreements in letter and spirit without stalling or deception. Moreover, Israel should stop all forms of settlement, demolishing houses, judaization of Al Quds, expropriating land, opening roads and must respect the international legitimacy resolutions, human rights and signed agreements. Israel is not above the law and the Palestinian people are entitled to live freely and independently in their land after having suffered for so long.

* 8/4/1999

The Memory Of The Hideous Massacre
Of Dir Yassein

On the eve of 9th April 1948, just one month before the Declaration of Israel Nation, a number of an armed Zionistic group from the terrorist Shetreen Organization had committed the most hideous massacre that has ever known till that time. There were more than 250 martyrs: children, women and innocent people as victims of that massacre. While the rest of the village inhabitants were carried, as internees, in trucks that went around the streets of Jerusalem surrounded by fanatic hysterical screams from advocates of these Zionistic organizations.
Dr. Jack de Rinee, representative of the International Red Cross, presented a detailed report about the massacre describing it by "Innocents' Slaughter".
It worth mentioning that competition, between Zionist organizations to carry out terrorist operations to frighten Palestinian people, had reached its peak in the last months of British mandate on Palestine, that is to say, just after the issuance of the General Assembly of the United Nations' resolution no. (181) till the Declaration of Israel Nation on 15/5/1948. The village of Dir Yassein was not the only village that had suffered the aggression of Zionistic forces through exploding, killing and occupation. There were a lot of Palestinian villages and cities had predated the village of Dir Yassein as: Altina (Hiffa), Abu Kbbeer (Jafa), Kzaza (Alramal), Lafta and Kastal (Jerusalem). The village of Dir Yassein also was not the only and the last Palestinian village or city that might suffer the killing, exploding, occupation and being forced to emigrate and being occupied. The massacre Of Dir Yassein was followed by the massacre of Nassar Aldin (Tabria) on 13th and 14th April, 1948 which annihilated the whole village of Nassar Aldin.
Such horrible massacres are the ones that forced the Arab Armies to enter Palestine in order to protect the innocents who were compelled by Zionistic organizations to vacate their homes, villages and cities in one of the most repulsive frightening and killing campaign. Whereas the Arab Troops did not enter except the lands which were designated for establishing the Arab Nation, depending on Resolution no. (181) on division of Palestine issued by the General Assembly of United Nations on 29th November, 1947 which included establishment of both Arab and Hebrew nations and devoting especial position for the City of Jerusalem.
On the other hand, the Zionistic forces had exceeded the boarders that were designated for the Hebrew nation as specified by division resolution, occupying with armed forces 13% of Palestinian lands before the entry of the Arab troops and before the foundation of Israel nation.
No doubt these constant facts assure the falseness of what Israeli Foreign Minister Mr. Areal Sharon has gone to say in response to the European Statement, considering the resolution of the General Assembly of united Nations no. (181) to be invalid which did not approve of the Israeli sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem and considering it an occupied territories as what came in the international legitimate resolutions which are not cancelled in the course of time. Mr. Sharon made a mistake by giving himself the right to confiscate the will of the international community which still represented in the General Assembly of United Nations. The General Assembly depends on the two resolutions. (181) and (194) as they are attached to each other.

* 23/6/1999

The Geneva Conference Must Be Convened

The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) which has called for the formation of an international coordination committee to monitor the U.N resolutions on Palestine and was one of the NGOs participating in the meeting of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinians on 14,15/6/1999 in Cairo, stresses the necessity to convene the Geneva Conference on 15/7/1999 and reaffirms the relevance of the Geneva Convention on the protection of civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories including AI Quds and other Arab territories occupied by Israeli in 1967.
The Organization also condemns the American Israeli pressures on the Swiss government to block holding the Conference on time, as agreed upon. Such a position contradicts the letter and spirit of U.N resolutions, and constitutes a threat against the objective and intentions of the U.N resolutions that stipulate the implementation of the provisions of the Convention in the occupied Palestinian Territories.
Moreover the Organization underlines the discussion in the meeting of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinians concerning the Fourth Geneva Convention, with respect to the occupied Palestinian territories including AI Quds as well as the final declaration in Cairo meeting on 14,15 June 1999 which reaffirmed, according to consensus of all countries, governmental and non-governmental organizations, the importance of convening the Conference on time.
AAPSO, in this respect, commends the stances adopted by all participating countries and organizations, particularly the Egyptian government as the host country - and demands adherence to the Cairo decisions and holding the Geneva Conference on 15/7/1999 to save the Palestinian people from Israeli occupation until the withdrawal of the occupation forces and the establishment of the independent Palestinian state.

* Cairo 26/8/1999

Dear Brothers,
A conference will be held in Palestine for releasing Palestinian prisoners and detainees from Israeli prisons. Undoubtedly, these heroes are subjected to the worst forms of psychological and corporal torture and suffer from endemic diseases. Israeli uses these prisoners as hostages to bring pressure to bear on Palestinian decisions in the current peace talks.
We urge you to stand resolutely for the liberation of Arab Palestinian prisoners and demonstrate all forms of support politically and in the media and by any other means. We herewith annex the conference documents and look forward to receiving your confirmation to this conference by fax 2847148 Gaza or to AAPSO in this regard.

Nouri Abdul Razzak                               Dr. Mourad Ghaleb
Secretary-General                                        President

* 26/8/1999


AAPSO follows with great concern the situation of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in Israeli prisons who are exposed to the worst forms of psychological and corporeal torture. Moreover, they are deprived of their basic human rights, a matter that has led to the deterioration of their health and psychological conditions causing the outbreak of endemic diseases.
AAPSO declares its total support for the release of these heroes and that they should be set free as soon as possible.
AAPSO deems that their continued incarceration is but an attempt to hold them hostage in order to bring pressure to bear upon the Palestinian decision in the current peace talks. Furthermore, these Israeli actions are a blatant violation of human rights and a means to poison the atmosphere of peace.
AAPSO seizes the opportunity of the convening of the freedom for the prisoners conference, which will be held in Palestine on 29-30 August 1999 to convey a message of greetings, admiration and appreciation to the heroes who have manifested ultimate examples of defending their country to drive out occupation. AAPSO also urges and requests all countries, parties and regional and international institutions particularly human rights committees in the world to firmly support the release of the Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Israeli prisons and to condemn any deliberate delay to continue their detention.

* 29/11/1999

29 November UN Day
For Solidarity With The Palestinian People

Today ,29th November, is for Solidarity Day with the Palestinian People for independence as endorsed by the United Nation. It is the day when the U.N passed a resolution in 1947 on the partition of Palestine into an Arab and a Hebrew state with special status of Jerusalem according to resolution 181.
Today in 1999 , fifty two years later, the existence of the Hebrew state has been supported by all colonial forces: British, French, American, as well as world Zionism whereas an Arab state has not yet been established, that is, the state of Palestine. In fact, the tragedy has escalated whereby the declaration of this state is not based on U.N resolution no.181 / 1947 but according to conditions set and imposed by Israel that such a state would be of a structural nature devoid of any institutions.
The path followed by Israel to abort the peace negotiations with the Palestinians despite all the concessions granted by the latter, and Israel's persistence to holding on to what is not rightfully theirs and their unwillingness to exchange land for peace.
Israel’s leaders today allege that U.N resolution 242 does not apply to the Palestinian territories; an obvious falsification to seize Palestinian land. However, where is the Hebrew state from the borders stipulated in accordance with resolution 181? The resolution that recognized its existence, its borders and gave it Legitimacy. This resolution also recognized the existence of a Palestinian state and its borders, and its authentic legitimate entity. For Israel expropriated significant areas of territories from the Palestinian state according to the borders stipulated in resolution 181/1947.
Then the position taken regarding Jerusalem and Israel's declaration that it is its capital.
The position regarding refugees and Israel's refusal to allow their return. Hence, Israel violates the only international resolution that recognizes its existence and transforms it to one under its mercy implemented according to its wishes. Israel is one of the countries with the highest record for breaching international legitimacy, supported by the U.S.A. Moreover, the U.N stands impotent as if the resolution commemorated every year was not its own.
Celebrating 29 November on a yearly basis is an indication that the U.N adheres to its resolution and invites all those who have endorsed the partition decision to uphold its implementation in accordance with international will and international legitimacy.
AAPSO avails itself of this occasion to demand the respect of legitimacy and to punish those who breach it, to support those who uphold it and to stop double standards policy. Therefore AAPSO requests the UN and all peace loving and liberation forces to back the Palestinian people, to implement all UN resolutions pertaining to the Palestine issue and enable the Palestinian people to establish their national independent state with Jerusalem as its capital so that peace may prevail over the region.

* 30/3/2000

30th March - The Earth Day

Twenty six years ago, on the same date 30/3 the Palestinian People stood united and confronted the Israeli occupation forces that moved to seize the lands of Elgalil aiming to build Israeli settlements on the land and bring Jews to live there. There had been vehement fights between the Israeli occupation forces and the Palestinian citizens who had been defending for their land against the Israeli occupation forces. A great number of martyrs were victims of that aggression.
AAPSO commemorates the anniversary of the Earth, just as it refuses all kinds of Israeli settlement on Palestinian land. Since its formation, Israel has been implementing racial discrimination policy against the Arab citizens; the original owners of the land. Moreover Israel seizes the Palestinian land in the Triangle and Elgalil and prevent the Arab to regain their lands in these regions and offers it to the new emigrants who haven’t the right to own it. Therefore the villages and towns inhabited by the Arab have no space for expanding housing or agriculture.
The Palestinians defend their lands in the Triangle, Elgalil, Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza, with all determination and insistence against the Judaization policy and the settlements building. During their defence they offer many martyrs and prisoners of war. The international society considers Israel policy towards the Palestinian lands, a racial policy which violates all traditions, the international law principles and international Legitimacy’s resolutions.
AAPSO supports the international Public opinion, condemns this policy and calls for ending it. AAPSO, supports the Palestinian people in their justice claims and commemorates the fighters and martyrs on this day that Palestinian People commemorate on their devotion to their land.

* 1/10/2000

Once Again..... Massacre of Al Aqsa Mosque

On Thursday 28 September, the Zionist head of the racist Likud right wing party Ariel Sharon intruded into the Haram Al Sherif of Al Aqsa Mosque intentionally. This act provoked the Palestinian people who rose in defense of their sanctities. The fury raged from Jerusalem to the West Bank to Gaza..
Ehud Barak’s government complements Sharon’s provocation by confronting the protests of the unarmed Palestinians who are defending their legitimate rights, with intensive military forces and more intensive fire. Palestine is aflame once more, 17 martyrs fell and 747 are wounded in this massacre.
The Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak who ordered the massacre demanded Yassir Arafat to intervene promptly in order to restore calm to the Palestinian territories. The murderer demands the victims to be quiet until the massacre is accomplished in silence and without raising a hue and cry.
Shlomo Ben Ami, the Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister threatens that his government may prevent worshippers from praying in Al Aqsa Mosque unless they are carrying a special permit.
Let the whole world know.. let the human rights advocates hear the lies and deceit or rather the truth behind this dangerous statement that exposes Zionist intentions towards the Holy Sites. Praying under Zionist control with a special permit. What shame! !
Madeleine Albright, the American Secretary of State calls upon both parties, Palestinians and Israelis to stop the violence. This is outright deception, concealing the truth and protecting the murderers.
Toying with the destiny of the Palestinians and the Palestinian territories , the obvious provocation and stalling and solutions that are in accordance with international legitimacy will only lead to such massacres.
AAPSO demands all forces in defense of right and freedom, justice and equality and human rights to strongly support the Palestinian people in their just struggle to restore their land and rights.
Any solutions should be based on international legitimacy and its resolutions not according to Zionist terms of reference regardless of the speakers and their nationality such as Sharon, Barak and others.
Let all peace and freedom loving forces stand resolutely before Zionism in Tel-Aviv and those who support it. The United Nations should implement its resolutions, protect its legitimacy and confront those who do not adhere to it.
AAPSO, also, calls upon Arab peoples and governments to defend their destiny which Zionism is attempting to destroy as manifested in its acts against Palestine and its people.
If we are incapable of confronting such oppression then facing such a situation will be even more difficult in the future.

* 22/11/2000

Israel Escalates The War Against The Palestinians

Israel continues its criminal and barbaric aggression against the Palestinian people and has surpassed the worst atrocities of Nazism. It even goes beyond its predecessor by acquiring new technological capability.
The martyrs rose to two hundred, and victims who sustained injuries were by the thousands. There is no super power to confront this continuous Israeli crime that the United States has supported, protected and utilized all its power to stand beside this Israeli oppression and aggression. It is even worse when the country sponsoring the peace process misleads the international public opinion and requests the Palestinians, not the Zionist Israelis, to stop violence.
This support that feeds Israel has encouraged it to continue its criminal war against the unarmed Palestinians in an unprecedented attack against Gaza with missiles by land, air, sea. Not to mention the criminal economic siege, prohibiting food stuffs, medical material and ambulances from reaching the Palestinians, Therefore this is but genocide.
Egypt took a stand in the face of this new massacre and withdrew its ambassador to Israel and called upon the immediate meeting of the Security Council to examine this matter.
This position constitutes a significant importance because of Egypt's importance weight in the region and its close relationship with the peace process. This act sends a message to Israel and the entire world that the situation has deteriorated to the extent that if can not be tolerated.
We urge all Arabs to take steps in a bid to terminate any form of normalisation and to effect a total boycott.
We appeal to international forces that advocate peace and liberation to close ranks before neonazism and before settled and racist Zionism.


American-Israeli Manoeuvres
First U.S And Israeli Manoeuvres For Missile Defense Systems

The first U.S. and Israeli manoeuvres for "patriot" missiles defense systems started on February 19, 2001 in the Israeli desert of Al-Naqb. The Israeli missiles defense systems have been spread in the region to destroy its enemies’ missiles, while its own are freely attacking.
The manoeuvres took place a few days after the repetition of the Israeli menaces of potential explosion of war in the region and after the American-British air raid on some aims near the Iraqi capital. The armed Israeli troops continue, meanwhile, their aggressive actions on the Palestinian people, so as to secure its occupation of the Arab lands.
The fact that these events took place a few days before the visit of the U.S. minister of foreign affairs to the region, adds more importance to them, thus, shattering the hopes that this visit might help in pushing the peace process in the Middle East .
The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization views these manoeuvres as a threat to all Arab countries surrounding Israel, a support to all aggressive attitudes growing in Israel and an increase of the tension in the region.
AAPSO appeals to all governmental and non-governmental organizations to multiply their efforts, in order to stop the threats of using force and violence in the region.

* 28/3/2001

30th Of March: Land Day

On the same day 27 years ago, the Palestinian people stood as one hand and resisted the Israeli Occupation Forces which moved their armed forces to seize EI-Galil Lands aiming to build on this land Israeli settlements and bring the Jews to live on this land. Violent clashes occurred between the Israeli Occupation Forces and the Palestinians who were defending their land. A large number of martyrs were victims of these attacks.
The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization commemorates the Land Day as it refuses all forms of Israeli settlement on the Palestinian Land. Since its creation, Israel practices the racial discrimination policy against the Arab citizens, the original land owners. Israel has seized the Palestinian Lands in different places and has forbidden the Arabs from returning back to their lands in these areas and has granted them to the new emigrants without any right, which has made the cities and the villages where Arabs live, as a result, unable to extend their buildings or agricultural activities. The Palestinians defend their lands everywhere with persistence and stubbornness against the Jewish policy and the establishment of the settlements. They have sacrificed a great number of martyrs and prisoners in defense of their territories. The International community considers the Israeli policy concerning the Palestinian lands of a racial policy which violates all norms and principles of the international law and the resolutions of the international legitimacy.
The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization supports the international public opinion disapproving this policy. It demands to stop; it totally; it stands beside the Palestinian people in their equitable demands and salutes the Palestinian fighters and martyrs in this day (Land Day) which the Palestinian people revives in their attachments to their land.

* 19/4/2001

Nazi Israel Under U.S. Umbrella

With all his bloody history. Sharon takes office on top of the Israeli government, which coincides with Bush, the son, taking office as president of the United States. Then, the two meet to agree on steps to achieve peace and security for Israel. And that is the start of an unprecedented massacre on the land of Palestine. An air, land and maritime war launched against unarmed people. A war that is characterized by all coward and mean epithets. Aggression then turns into conquering anew the land under the administration of the Palestinian National Authority, bombardment of a Syrian Radar station in Lebanon (which means aggression against both Syria and Lebanon), and even criminal threats against Egypt. Meanwhile, the U.S. White House and State Department condemn the Palestinians, who are under assault, condemn Hezbo-Allah ( Party of God), and hail the criminal saying that it understands the reasons behind these acts. The U.S. hence, supports, the assault and suppression of international legitimacy with all literal and political means, in addition to means of forceful armament.
At the same times it condemns the Palestinians who just call for applying the international legitimacy.
What happens now in the Palestinian territories is simply part of a new campaign within the framework of an American Zionist plan, led by Sharon and Bush, against all the Arab peoples.
If one considers what the U.S.A has been doing with Iraq, Sudan and Libya, as well as the Israel acts with the Palestinians, not to mention that it represents a great menace for the Syrian, Lebanese and Egyptian security, one will soon realize that it is but a tactful plan aimed at getting the Arab peoples and Arab will kneel down before masters of the new world order. That plan is targeted at the Arab countries all of them, in the East and West, although means may be different, as they are not limited to military ones.
In fact it is a life and death battle for the brave Palestinian people. It is rather the most honourable battle along its history: a battle of presence against criminals, settlers and those who are after expansion, and even all forces backing and supporting them.
The acts committed by the Zionist Israel necessitates having an unlimited support for the Palestinian people. In addition to that there must be a real Arab stance against Israel and its ally, the US, which is not ally to Arabs. Besides, an immediate return to the UN is needed, regardless of all allies of Israel and the USA; in order to get back the Palestinian issue to within boundaries of international legitimacy. The aggravated assault and dreadful massacre in the Palestinian territories also require a real popular support for the Palestinian people from all Arab and world states and NGOs to protect the people and their uprising before the hateful war up there. An international protection is urgently needed for them. Moreover, there should be a call for holding an international conference aimed at getting the Geneva 4 Accord implemented and provide protection for the Palestinians.
The campaign is now launched under banners of Zionist Israeli and non-Israeli forces with different masks.
So, the only way there is to struggle fiercely for implementing international legitimacy and defeating its enemies and those who pretend to be its defendants.
The Middle East question is now entering a new phase: it is that of Sharon - Peres - Bush. It is a phase that necessitates mobilizing all new and old forms of resistance. This means that all the Arab states and peoples, those of the South as well as forces of development should bear responsibility toward that question. Israel endeavors at achieving regional leadership under the US banner and that of war and suppression. This actually represents a major threat for all achievements of liberation and progress since World War II.
The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) hence appeals to the UN , the Non-Alignment Movement, Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Organization of African Unity (OAU), the Arab League, all Arab peoples, local, regional and world NGOs and all honourable people around the world to upraise as one force under the mottoes of:
There must an end for the conspiracy and massacre.
International Protection should be provided to the Palestinian People.
There should be a decisive stance to face that aggressive plot.

* 14/5/2001

For 53 years, Crimes Of Israel Continued
Against Palestinian People

The Palestinian people, together with the Afro-Asian public opinion and all world forces that love justice and liberation hailed the 53rd anniversary of the Nakba (catastrophe) Day, It was on May 15th, 1948 when Palestine had its catastrophe and the Palestinian people lost their land and property. The Israeli State was then proclaimed on the ruins of Palestine in defiance of all international laws and human rights, under a deceiving false motto: Land without people and People without Land, although the Palestinian people have always been there on their land, since the dawn of history, facing conquerors and achieving victory over them by the use of iron will and indigenous right.
Over 53 years Israel has endeavoured at eliminating the Palestinian presence. It destroyed and dismantled around 531 villages. Moreover, Israel adopted a racial policy: changed the names of towns, villages and streets in a move toward all out judaization that was targeted mainly at Jerusalem and all other Islamic and Christian holly places. The Palestinians who lasted on their land were deprived from the least legitimate rights. Flagrant racial policy was adopted against the Palestinians who were even shot with bullets.
All through that period of time Israel has never been the State for all its citizens, despite her claim to be democratic. Racial discrimination is practiced against Palestinians inside Israel. Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank and Jerusalem also have undergone all harsh practices such as killing, destruction as well as the use of all kinds of weapons including land-land rockets, tanks, military jets and boats, live ammunition and internationally forbidden gazes.
Over these years Israel killed more than 500 people, in addition to more than 25,000 people injured. Thousands of houses were destroyed and residents were thus displaced. Tens of thousands of fruitful trees were cut and thousands of hectares were washed away. That resulted in the destruction of the Palestinian infrastructure and economy. Also the disabled Palestinians outnumbered 3000 persons most of whom were children.
The Israeli aggression was even extended to ambulances and medical crews, and all Palestinian territories gone under a complete air land and sea besiege.
On this bitter occasion, AAPSO holds Israel completely responsible for that all including sabotage of the peace process, spread of tension, rage and violence in the area, in addition to destruction of all bridges of confidence and chances for peace throughout organised terrorism as well as excessive use of force against Palestinians. Furthermore Isreal has rejected all peace initiatives which were accepted by the Palestinians and which were based on the international legitimacy resolutions, particularly the Resolution 242 which does not allow occupying land by force and other Resolutions in relation to the Palestinian issue (338 and 194).
The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization, (AAPSO), backs and supports the Palestinian people’s right to struggle for having their own independent state on their land. AAPSO also supports their legitimate right of resisting the occupation force and confronting settling projects and actions of the Israeli armed settlers obsessed with hostile ideas implanted by some people like Rabbi Afadiah and some ministers in Sharon’ s government.
On this sad occasion we ask the International Community, and particularly permanent member States of the Security Council, to provide international protection for the Palestinian people who undergo continuous massacres. We also call for the war criminals to stand before trials to face punishment for their acts of killing and massacres.
We, hereby, assert that Israel will attain legitimacy through weapons or excessive force. It will always be an illegitimate state. Besides, the US double face policy and the use of the Veto in the Security Council will not provide permanent protection for Israel. The International Community will always condemn it as long as it denies the International Legitimacy resolutions, human rights, not to mention violating the Geneva 4 Accord and UN principles and Charter.
The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization is quite sure that the brave Palestinian people will achieve victory over the Israeli occupation force and establish the independent Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza strip with Jerusalem as the capital of this state. This will be achieved under the banner of the Palestinian Liberation Organization led by brother Yasser Arafat , and it will be the short cut toward achieving an all out permanent peace in the region.

* 3/6/2001

Sharon Threatens The Security Of The Region

Since he came to office, Sharon has kept killing the Palestinians, even children, and destroying their towns and villages round the clock. The world, however, shows no sign of sympathy, pain, or sadness for all these martyrs, and it seems as if the world, including even those who used to take care of the Palestinian issue, knows nothing or has no concern about what happens there.
Yet suddenly, the world gets up to watch the suicide bombing that resulted in killing of 18 Israelis and injuring around 100 persons.
This bombing was rather a natural response for the continuous and endless Israeli aggression, not to mention the Israeli non-compliance to the UN resolutions and non-stop violations of international legitimacy and human rights.
The whole world got up to condemn, denounce and warn, while the killer, Sharon, who aborted the security of Israel, instead of achieving it, started to give major threats.
He forgot that he started that all. He was the source of provocation and failure. He was the crow that did nothing but crying. Nevertheless, if Sharon responds to that operation, according to his bloody approach, he will just get the situation more aggravated. He will then get more strikes of resistance from those who defend their land and dignity, which will give him more pain and prove that he is the failure with an approach defying international legitimacy and national rights of the Palestinian people.
We, hereby, appeal to the free world opinion to support those who have the rights, rather than the usurpers. Sharon's policy will never achieve peace that may only be established through straight recognition of the rights of the Palestinian people with no procrastination or delay.
The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organisation (AAPSO), hereby, appeals to all the world governmental and non- governmental, local and regional organisations, as well as all the Arab national parties, governments and peoples, to adopt a unified stance before the Nazi Zionist craziness led by Sharon, in order to protect the Palestinian people and support their struggle to achieve their objectives.
It is worth pointing out, in particular, to the Egyptian Jordanian initiative which Israel tries to evade, and Michael report which Israel, despite declaring its acceptance, intends to abort.

* 6/6/2001

Israel, State Of Occupation And Aggression
Understands No Lessons

More than three decades ago, Israel started its aggression and occupation of vast areas of the Arab land. Soon after that the Security Council issued its Resolution 242 which held the annexation of land by force since June 5th, 1967 as illegitimate.
All through that period of time Israel kept launching assaults on the Arab countries and peoples, bombing, destroying and killing people, in defiance of all legitimacy resolutions and UN principles. Israel thus violated the Geneva 4 accord and paid attention to none of the calls and reports issued by the international and non-governmental human rights organisations that were deeply moved by the flagrant Israeli violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people. Israel has been condemned by almost all human rights organisations for committing bloody massacres against the Palestinian people. Among the Israeli crimes are the economic besiege, destruction of the Palestinian infrastructure, cutting trees, eroding the agricultural soil, not to mention killing more than 600 persons, injuring nearly 28,000 persons and detaining thousands.
On that sad anniversary the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organisation (AAPSO) warns against the dangerous situation in Palestine and the area as a whole. AAPSO also denounces the war threats against the Palestinians from the most stubborn occupation authorities, and dreadful practices against them.
The Palestinian people have the legitimate right to resist occupation by all means, as those people accepted all peace initiatives while Israel rejected them all. Moreover, Israel imposed very tight besieges around the Palestinians, confiscated their land and established settlements. Extremist settlers launched aggravations against the Palestinians, while even backed by the Israeli occupation forces.
War threats are not limited to the Palestinian people; they even extend to Lebanon and Syria. These threats came from a government of extremist racial leaderships that have no peace program. Rather these leaderships, foremost among them is Sharon with his bloody history in Sabra and Shatela massacres, tend to use the language of war, aggression and occupation. This is all permeated with a racial aura in the Israeli society represented in some characters such as Atadia Joseph, Shranski, Leberman and Zeaki. The image, hence, appears to be gloomier than that prevailed at the time of 1967 war.
AAPSO warns against that dangerous situation and any aggression on the Palestinian people and his leadership, or Syria. Israel did not understand the experience of June 5th war, 1967, when it was supported by certain State. It did not realize that the Arab nation will never be defeated by aggression and sweeping force.
By means of aggression on the holly places and suppressing the Palestinian people, Israel lost the chance to be a party of the region who can coexist with others and live in peace. It lost the opportunity of getting its people out of tanks, jet fighters and from behind rockets.
Israel cannot live forever while adopting that policy of aggression and denial of all resolutions of international legitimacy and Law, even if supported blindly by the US, that, though supporting the Israeli aggression and adopting the double standard policy, would jeopardize the American interests in the region. Then the US would even lose its world reputation as a supervisor of the Middle East peace process.
The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organisation (AAPSO), that supported the peace process and implementation of international legitimacy resolutions, believes that the Israeli withdrawal from all lands occupied on June 5th, 1967, is the shortest way to establish just and comprehensive peace in the region. AAPSO believes that the Palestinian State should be established with the capital Jerusalem. Israel should, thus, stop accumulation of weapons, threatening with war, launching assaults on Islamic and Christian holly places, and ignoring all related agreements and resolutions.

* 26/7/2001

The Zionist American- Israeli Axis

The High Israeli Court issued a decision allowing the “Mountain Temple” extremist Jewish movement to put the cornerstone at Al-Maghareba Gate, in the south of Old Jerusalem, of an alleged temple, in the place of the temple claimed to have been destroyed by the Romans in 70 B.C. The decision of the Israeli Court reveals the real intentions of Zionism represented in extremist racial movements that never care about others’ sacred things, and always mean to destroy, wreck and insult them, under various pretexts. That decision reveals, as well, the potential dangers facing all Islamic and Christian things under the control of the Zionist authority, or those which are liable to be.
The Zionist decision made by the Israeli High Court is a racial decision that is to provoke millions of Muslems all over the world, and frightens the Christians as well, and make them all responsible for standing hand in hand in the face of that unfair antagonistic provocative decision.
The stance of the Zionist American- Israeli axis is complete with the adoption of the American House of Representatives a law calling for imposing sanctions on the PLO, if it is not able to impose the respect of the cease-fire. The same day witnesses the decision of the American Congress to increase the US aid to Israel with 60 million dollars.
The Palestinian people that is fighting for its land in the face of a brutal Zionist occupier doesn’t care for any international legitimacy, and doesn’t feel committed to any values, customs or traditions of an occupier that has inherited barbarism since the old ages and up till Nazism. That people is being threatened by the United States to impose sanctions on it, sanctions that vary from closing the PLO office in Washington to considering it a terrorist organization or even decreasing the aids to the West Bank and Gaza strip. Thus, the United States that pretends to be the advocate of liberty and human rights is sanctioning a people that defends its liberty and rights. It supports and finances a regime that is opposing all forms of liberty and human rights, especially the right to live and the right to self-determination.
Sharon, the brutal assassin and war criminal leads a barbarian Zionist State fighting all those who differ from it in religion or race, and always tries to impose itself at the expense of others by negating their existence. The United states of America, the so-called guardian of peace, always stands by Israel against the Palestinians in an obvious way. The situation in the occupied territories worsens every day, and threatens of not only regional explosions but also several international ones, because of the dangerous religious riots. Israel, supported by the United States, defies all sacred things and aims shamelessly at imposing its interests by force and violence.
The Afro-Asian peoples’ Solidarity Organization, which has always stood by the Palestinian people, denounces the unfair decision of the Israeli High Court and warns of the dangers of enforcing it. AAPSO appeals to all the peoples that love real liberty and peace and all the international and local popular organizations to stand against that dirty conspiracy, in order to save the Middle East more blood-shedding, and it warns Israel and all its supporters of turning the Palestinian liberation war against the Zionist occupation into a religious war. AAPSO believes that what the Middle East needs is just peace that abides by the international legitimacy, by all the UN resolutions, by returning the land to its legitimate owners and by establishing the Palestinian State with Jerusalem as a capital.

* 20/9/2001

Sabra And Shatila An Unforgettable Massacre

Israel invaded the Lebanese territories in 1982 in order to abort the Palestinian resistance and destroy Lebanon.
Israel was not only planning to strike at the brave Palestinian resistance but also aimed at exterminating the Palestinian peoples by a criminal racist act.
Consequently, the Israeli armed forces, under the command and responsibility of Ariel Sharon, surrounded the Palestinian refugees camps of Sabra and Shatila in South Lebanon, on 15 September 1982 at noon, with tanks and cannons and prohibited anyone from leaving them without Israel’s permission.
On the morning of 16 September, Israeli bombers flew low over the two camps.
The murderers commenced their massacre on 16 September, in the afternoon, and continued until noon the next day. Genocide of innocent civilians was perpetrated with horror, brutality and barbarism.
Guns were fired at any moving object in the alleys. Doors were closed and entire families who were having their dinner were massacred. People were killed in their beds, heads of children and infants were bashed to the wall and women and young girls were raped before being dragged to their death. Men, women, children and the elderly were indiscriminately killed with hatchets and knives. The murderers slit throats and slashed bodies including pregnant women and mutilated innocent foetuses.
The criminals only withdrew after leaving behind them devastation, and mutilated bodies.
More than one thousand Palestinians were murdered.
This is the true face of the Zionist and racist state of Israel that seeks to impose itself on the region by force, terror, killing and destruction and is supported by the USA.
This is Ariel Sharon, the mass murderer and war criminal whose hands are stained with blood for many years. AAPSO recalls some of the scenes of the massacre as a reminder to all so that we are aware of the nature of who the courageous Palestinians are dealing with since Sabra and Shatila until Jenin and Tulkaram.
This act of genocide should not pass without accountability or punishment. For the blood of the innocent victims should not be wasted.

* 25/10/2001

A New Black Day In Sharon’s Record

The Israeli occupation forces perpetrated a new massacre against the Palestinian people on 24/10/2001, which claimed the lives of twenty-one martyrs and injured hundreds of victims. The most abhorrent part of this crime occurred in the peaceful village of Beit Reema where more than ten martyrs fell and scores were injured. Moreover, Israel prohibited Palestinian as well as Red Cross ambulances from entering the village. Many of the victims bled to death. This act is similar to the infamous Deir Yasseen massacre, fifty-four years ago, engraved in Israel’s record that abounds with such acts of terror, when the Red Cross was not permitted to extend any assistance and was only allowed to enter when the massacre was over.
It is incredible that these massacres committed continuously by Israel for the past week, which victimised more than 46 martyrs and injured 325 who were mostly children comes on the forty sixth anniversary of the Kafr Kassem massacre. It is needless to recall that the assassination policy is an Israeli talent since Israel’s murder of Count Bernadotte in 1948. Such assassinations continue to be perpetrated and have claimed the lives of more than 68 martyrs during the past year, with Abu Ali Mustafa at the head of the list.
The Israeli army does not act alone in the Palestinian territories, and is supported in this law of the jungle, by thousands of racist settlers, brazenly in violation of the principles of human international law as well as the resolutions and principles of international legitimacy.
There is no doubt that the Israeli occupation forces and insane settlers should commit such crimes as long as there is an extremist right wing government in Israel that is constantly beating the drums of war, a government headed by Sharon.
It is Sharon who was responsible for the atrocious massacres in Kebeya village in 1953, in Gaza in 1995 and the execution of Egyptian prisoners of war in the Metla Pass in 1956; and last but not least in Sabra and Shatila in 1982 where thousands of martyrs were slaughtered. In fact the Belgian court is presently investigating the latter.
AAPSO strongly denounces these abominable Israeli crimes and demands that those responsible are brought to trial and that the Israeli army must withdraw from all the occupied Palestinian territories since 1967. AAPSO deems that the United States of America is greatly responsible as it practices double standards, it provides protection to Israel in the Security Council, it always employs the right of veto in Israel’s favour to hamper the presence of international neutral observers, to stop hostilities and lift the harsh and long siege imposed on Palestinian cities, villages and crossings for more than a year.
AAPSO reiterates its full solidarity with and strong support of the Palestinian people and their leadership before this systematic terrorism exercised by the state of Israel. Furthermore, AAPSO urges all peace loving peoples and forces to condemn these atrocious massacres perpetrated by Israel and to announce their solidarity with and support of the Palestinian people.
AAPSO believes that peace will only be realised in this vital region of the world by the withdrawal of Israel from all the occupied territories since 1967, and the establishment of the independent Palestinian state with Al Quds Al Sharif as its capital in accordance with Security Council resolutions 242, 338.

* 15/11/2001

False Democracy In Israel

The Israeli Knesset cast a vote of no confidence regarding the prominent Arab scholar, member of the Israel Knesset, Mr. Azmi Beshara in order to prosecute him. This is due to his views expressed publicly against numerous extrajudicial assassinations perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces, as well as prohibition of giving any assistance to wounded Palestinians, leaving them to bleed to death before the eyes of their families or near army barriers. Moreover, the International Red Cross was stopped many times from extending medical help to these victims. In this context, IRC complained to Israel on several occasions about its violation and disregard of all conventions and agreements signed by Israel, particularly the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and its Protocols.
In fact, Mr. Azmi Beshara is not the only personality exposed to extortion due to his views on Israelis brutal practices. There are several ministers of foreign affairs and ambassadors who have been subjected to such terrorism and blackmail for sharing the same opinion.
The second accusation against Azmi Beshara is that he visited Syria often, and Syria is considered an enemy state.
It is strange though that all-Arab Knesset member from all parties have been to Damascus with the approval of former Israeli governments, and acted as a bridge for the success of the peace process.
These racist practices and many others inflicted ferociously by Israel against the Palestinian people daily, abort Israelis allegations of being a democratic state. For democracy in Israel has but one colour, it is not a state for all its citizens.
AAPSO strongly condemns these undemocratic and racist measures and a practice committed against Azmi Beshara and demands their immediate cessation. Furthermore, AAPSO calls upon all advocates of the freedom of thought and democracy to support Azmi Beshara who is subjected to such aggression launched by the extremist right wing in Israel.

* Cairo 29/11/2001

Our militant brother Yasser Arafat

On the occasion of the 29th November, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People endorsed by the United Nations, we wish to reiterate AAPSO’s support and solidarity with your just and legitimate struggle to drive out Israeli occupation from the occupied Palestinian territories and establish the independent Palestinain state with Al Quds Al Sharif, as its Capital, under the leadership of the PLO.
Furthermore, AAPSO strongly condemns Israel’s aggressive racist policy that has surpassed all limits of ferocity and brutality by perpetrating random killings, collective punishment and summary executions. Moreover, it also condemns Israel for having imposed closure and siege on Palestinian cities and villages and prohibited any assistance to the injured and sick, leaving them to die, and wrought destruction upon homes and the environment. No U.N member country in the world ever had such a black record filled with such crimes.
We are certain that the Palestinian People will be blessed with victory regradless of their sacrifices and obstacles before them and will gain their freedom and independence.

* Cairo 29/11/2001

Excellency Mr. Kofi Annan
The UN Secretary-General

The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) urges you on the occasion of the 29th November, Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, to exert all possible efforts for providing international protection to this people who are subjected to brutal massacres that have victimized children and women, and destroyed their camps and villages. In fact, they are exposed to ferocious racist attacks committed by the Israeli security and occupation forces that have surpassed all limits in violation of all international customs, laws and resolutions.
AAPSO deems that it is incumbent upon the UN to lift the siege, stop settlements, and end Israeli occupation. In fact, just peace will only be realized in the region upon the withdrawal of Israel from all the occupied Arab territories since 1967 and upon the establishment of the independent Palestinian State with Al Quds Al Sharif as its capital. On this occasion, AAPSO wishes to reiterate its total solidarity with the Palestinian people’s struggle and resistance against occupation, and their right to self-determination as all peoples worldwide.

* Arab Section 29/11/2001

29th November " UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

On 29th November 1947, the United Nations passed resolution No.181, known as the partition resolution that divided Palestine into an Arab and a Hebrew state with special status for Jerusalem. This resolution determined the boundaries of both states. Israel implemented the establishment of the Hebrew State but has not abided by either the boundary commitment or the establishment of the Palestinian State.
The UN passed a resolution in support of the struggle waged by the Palestinian people, in that the 29th November of each year shall be considered the day of solidarity with the Palestinian people striving for independence.
Israeli terrorist gangs perpetrated successive aggressions against the Palestinian people by seizing their land, massacring their children and violating all international resolutions pertaining to the Palestine issue.
Since its inception and to date, Israel has found all forms of support by imperialist powers, particularly America and world Zionism. In fact, Israel is considered as a base for aggression by these powers against the region.
Three wars were launched against three countries in the region. Moreover, Israel has not stopped its aggression between these wars.
The 29th November, 2001 bears witness to Israel's occupation of Syrian and Lebanese territories, massacres are daily perpetrated against the Palestinian people subjected to their occupation, tanks invade Palestinian cities daily, Israeli planes bombard houses, bulldozers raze the land and destroy olive groves and crops. Furthermore, the Israeli government, similar to any criminal gangs, declare that they are out to assassinate leaders of the Palestinian resistance. This is fully supported by America that deems Palestinian liberation organisations as terrorists. Hence the Zionist State is justified in its individual and collective killings under the false allegation of self-defence.
Today, the establishment of a Palestinian state is not addressed, on the basis of resolution 181/1947, which gave Israel its international legitimacy as well as the Palestinian State and determined their boundaries respectively, but on the basis of Israel's approval and conditions. That means, a weak structure totally lacking the criteria and components of a state, subject to Israeli will. In fact, by doing so, Israel and Western forces, particularly America are violating the resolution that recognises Israel's legitimacy.
The tragedy is exacerbated when the United Nations, that adopted its resolution on partition and the establishment of a Palestinian State as well as demarcation of its boundaries and the decision on the annual celebration for solidarity with the Palestinian people, stands impotent before the implementation of its resolution. In fact, it sometimes seems to disregard ongoing events occurring in this part of the world in terms of countless tragedies.
AAPSO, which has continuously supported the Palestinian people throughout its militant history, calls upon all the forces of freedom, peace and human rights as well as all progressive forces world-wide, on this occasion, to support the establishment of the Palestinian state in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions. The only reference for this Palestinian State shall be the international reference, namely the United Nations.
Moreover, AAPSO urges the UN to adhere to its resolutions and defend its international legitimacy. It should also assume its responsibility in implementing these resolutions in its competence as the international organisation mandated to impose the will of international legitimacy, and not the will seeking hegemony and practising double standards only caring about its own narrow interests.
We demand international legitimacy, not the law of the jungle.
We demand the prompt establishment of the independent Palestinian State with its capital Al Quds so that real peace may prevail in the region. Furthermore, the criminal leaders of Israel, especially its prime minister Arial Sharon, should bring to trial.

* Arab Section 3/12/2001

The meeting of the Fourth Geneva Convention Member
States a chance to condemn occupation and to provide
the Palestinian people with the necessary protection

In a few hours, a meeting will be held in Geneva for the Member States of the Fourth Geneva Convention, in order to discuss Israel's clear violations of most of the articles of the Convention, and its disrespect to its signing it.
The great majority of Human Rights Organisations have denounced the practices of the Israeli occupation forces and their flagrant violation of International and Human Law principles and of the Fourth Geneva Convention articles. They have warned Israel of continuing their aggression, injustice and illegal killing policies.
Perhaps, it is unacceptable that Israel and the United States boycott that Conference which will affirm Israel's insistence on resorting to the aggression and occupation policies and its refusal to listen to reason, even once. Because occupation is the cause of all the tension and instability in the region.
Confiscating a people's freedom and denying it the right to self-determination will never work.
The United States refusal to attend this meeting will shake its credibility. As the main sponsor of the peace process and a permanent member of the Security Council, it is responsible for the enforcement and the protection of the principles, laws and decisions of the international legitimacy. The public opinion will understand its absence in this significant meeting as a support and protection of Israel's continuous aggression against the Palestinian people and encouragement of the extremists, fanatics and settlers to more violence, land confiscation and aggression against sacred things, properties and innocent people.
The present Israeli government imposes a suffocating siege on all the Palestinian towns, villages and crossing points. As a result, more than 50% of Palestinians have become under the line of poverty, as Terry Larson, the United Nations representative said. The Israeli government bombs Palestinian camps, villages, towns and buildings as well, with jets and tanks, and prevents the International Red Cross and the Palestinian Red Crescent from providing any medical aids to the injured who are left to bleed to death before the eyes of the occupation soldiers. The Israeli government is behind the death of the old at the Israeli checkpoints by preventing them from reaching hospitals to receive treatment. The Israeli government insists upon serial illegal killing, land confiscation, establishing settlements and practising the most horrible forms of humiliation and oppression against the Palestinian citizens. As a result, many of them prefer death to the humiliation and oppression of the occupation, the erosion of the soil and farms and the destruction of roads and industrial and economic establishments. The organised terrorist policy of the Israeli government has to be firmly and clearly condemned, especially by the United States and the International Community. This aims at deterring the Israeli aggressors who should learn the lessons of history that affirm the inability of aggressors, colonisers and occupiers to oppress the peoples, no matter how great was the military tyrannical force, or how different were the forms of oppression, injustice, deceit, and delusion. Israel should know that this criminal policy and organised terrorism are the real incubators of violence and angered reactions.
The Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation calls upon all freemen and all defenders of true democratic principles and Human Rights, whether States or Organisations, to raise their voices and condemn the aggressive racist Israeli policy against the Palestinian people in search for its freedom. We need this to enable the region to walk out of the blood shedding and of the vicious circle initiated by Israel with the series of killing, since the murder of the Swedish international mediator Count Bernadette, the poet Kamal Nasser and his comrades, the writer Ghassan Kanafany, Abu Jihad and his comrades, Yehia Ayyash, Abu Ali Mustafa, and recently, Abu Hannoud. The Palestinian people face this serial killing to defend it and to take its revenge from the aggressors.
The International Community, especially the permanent members of the Security Council, is responsible now for providing the Palestinian people with protection more than ever. It is called upon as well to send international observers, to assure the cease-fire and to resume the negotiations that Sharon does not want under dozens of pretexts to escape the peace program and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State with Holy Jerusalem as its own capital.
The Geneva Conference is a good chance to clarify facts, announce the truth and protect international legitimacy, so as not to live in a world ruled by the law of the jungle.

* The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization and The Arab Organization for Human Rights call Upon the conference of the Member States of the Fourth Geneva Convention to provide protection for the Palestinian people and take measures to enforce the Convention in the Palestinian Occupied territories including Jerusalem.

The High Member States of the Fourth Geneva Convention on the protection of civilians in war time hold their Conference in Geneva on December 5th, 2001, in compliance with the United Nations General Assembly Resolution in its tenth emergency round.
The aforementioned resolution précised the mission of the Conference to be the consideration of the measures necessary to enforce the Convention in the Palestinian Occupied territories including Jerusalem, and the respect of the Convention according to its first article.
The Member States of the Convention had held their last Conference, in compliance with the aforementioned UN GA resolution, on May 15th, 1999. They decided to postpone the conference, seen the improvement of the situation in the Middle East in general.
As a matter of fact, the Conference was under a lot of pressure, exerted upon it in order not to accomplish the mission to which it was designated. It was held only for few hours to announce its brief declaration without any discussion. It stopped at the affirmation of the Member States that the Convention is applicable to the Palestinian occupied territories, including East Jerusalem, and their calling for the respect of its enforcement in those territories.
There after, all the illusions about the possibility of improving the situation in the Middle East have vanished. The Palestinian occupied territories have been living in blood for more than a whole year. the Palestinian civilians have been suffering from the most horrible forms of oppression practiced by the Israeli occupation forces. The tanks, aircrafts and guns have been killing thousands of them. the Occupation has been imposing a suffocating siege, damaging houses and buildings, killing the Palestinian leaders, putting in prison hundreds of Palestinians without accusation or trial and where they face the most terrible forms of torture. Besides, the Palestinian lands are being stolen to build settlements upon them.
Israel has violated all principles of International Law, and all the articles of the Fourth Geneva Convention for the sake of achieving its expansionist aims in the Palestinian territories and suppressing the brave Palestinian people's Intifada to which they resorted to gain their freedom and independence and to put an end to the occupation from which they have been suffering for more than thirty years.
The World is witnessing a critical turning point threatening the World Order based upon the Charter of the United Nations, the International human law and the Human Rights protocols. The world is now incapable of providing protection for the Palestinian people against the illegal Israeli aggression it faces.
The world, who suffered from the atrocities of Nazism and Fascism, was looking for providing security and protection for civilians in wartime and armed conflicts, which obliged it to sign the Fourth Geneva Convention in 1949. the Convention has considered the peoples under occupation to be people in need of protection, and put the rules to protect them, their lives and properties, and to organize the occupation's treatment towards them, so as to safeguard their lives, safety and freedoms.
All this has vanished because of Israel, which is a Member State of the Convention. the International Community stood crossed-armed and unable to provide the protection it had promised. Undoubtedly, the Member States of the Fourth Geneva Convention hold a historical responsibility in their upcoming Conference. A responsibility imposed out of respect to the Convention and obligation to respect it in all cases.
(article 1) .
The Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization and the Arab Organization for Human Rights believe that it is not acceptable anymore to see those States repeating their last conference's resolution concerning the applicability of the Convention to the Palestinian occupied territories . On the contrary I they have to firmly condemn the barbarian aggression of the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people and their flagrant violations of the principles of the Convention.
the Member States have as well to decide taking concrete and effective measures to enforce the Convention in the Palestinian occupied territories, provide the necessary protection for the Palestinian people and define mechanisms guaranteeing Israel's respect to this Convention and the close supervision of its enforcement.
The two organization warn that the late accomplishment of this mission or any attempt to manoeuvre, under any circumstances, will lead to shaking confidence in the international protocols and to threatening the World Order with the gravest dangers.

* 16/1/2002
Press Release
issued by:

Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization- President Dr.Mourad Gahlib
Arab Lawyers Union- GS Mr. Farouk Abu Eissa
Arab Organization for Human Rights, GS Mr.Mohammed Fayek
Federation of Arab Journalists- GS Mr. Salah Eddin Hafez

For more than a year now, the Palestinian people have been subjected to a genocide war waged by the Israeli occupying forces as part of an organized, methodical plan to do away with the Palestinian file and, hence, to close it. This Israeli plan aims to transform the Palestinian issue from being the cause of a people struggling for their independence and freedom into an issue of terrorist groups destabilizing the situation in an area as vital as the Middle East.

In so doing, Israel is following a blatantly racist policy and is committing war crimes as well as crimes against humanity, unprecedented even in the Nazi history, of which ethnic cleansing and destruction of the new born Palestinian infrastructure, historical sites etc. Mass massacres are being perpetrated, lands are confiscated and dug out, in addition to forcible expulsion of the people, the building Of Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories and a hateful policy of racial segregation, more abominable than the former apartheid regime in South Africa.

Ever since its creation, Israel has gone a long way towards realizing its slogan of Jewish state from the Nile to the Euphrates", few steps are still needed for the Israeli dream to become a reality. Sharon openly declared that the diasporas still exists, that the war of 1948 will not come to an end so long as a single Jew remains in the diasporas and that he aims to bring five million Jewish immigrants from all over the world into Israel by the year 2020. In fact vast numbers of Jews are waiting in the camps of the Jewish agency in Russia, Ethiopia and Argentina to "return" to Israel. Meanwhile Sharon refuses the return of Palestinian refugees and wages a genocide war against Palestinians in occupied territories, destroying their homes and their economy, confiscating their property, building citadels of Jewish settlements on their land and liquidating their leadership, particularly the symbols of Palestinian resistance. Moreover Sharon aims at the final eradication of the rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel and at their judaization so as to put an end to Palestinian presence in the Knesset, in the local municipalities and elsewhere. He wants to realize the notorious idea of "a People without a land" into "a land without a people" and, by so doing, to establish, for the first time in history, a state based on religious and racial "purity" after the futile pattern of the loathsome Nazi dream.

With regard to the establishment of a just and comprehensive peace based on international legitimacy and its relevant resolutions, even though Israel still refuses to implement more than sixty international resolutions, Sharon has gone even further, adding his own Nazi measures, as a war criminal, in order to entirely liquidate the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause. Thus, dreams of peace will be gone with the wind, and that is exactly what Sharon wants.

After having realized the first segment of the slogan "land for peace", Israel went on to realize the first segment of the slogan "security for peace", thus Obtaining land and security but no peace. Israel continues to refuse all international resolutions and agreements, starting with resolution 181, then 194, 242 and 338, up to the Madrid, Oslo and Wye Plantation Agreements, the Mitchell and Tenet plans and even the Zenny ideas. What actually happened is that every time Palestinians gave in to Israeli blackmail and the international community's pressure that always supports Israel, Israel became more obstinate in its tyrannical and racist handling of the Palestinian issues, which confirms that Israel considered, and still does, any talk of peace as being a mere step further towards realizing its historical dream of building a Jewish state from the Nile to Euphrates, as well as the contemporary capitalist dream of subjecting the Middle East, particularly its Arab part, with all its wealth and potentials, to Israeli economic hegemony, so as to realize: "Israeli science and technology with cheap Arab manpower", to quote one of the Israeli officials.

The Israeli dream is being realized under full American protection, since Israel is destroying the Palestinian infrastructure and liquidating the Palestinian people by using American Apache helicopters as well as the most sophisticated weapons from the latest American military arsenal. Even though the European position has been slightly different, the events of September 11,2001 put an end to European sympathy for the Palestinian cause.

We hereby declare our full and unconditional support for the great and valiant Palestinian Intifada as being the only means left for the Palestinian people to realize their legitimate aspirations for independence and freedom.

We stress the tremendous difference between terrorism and terrorists on one hand and between the situation of a people under occupation struggling with all means available for freedom and independence on the other hand, a struggle that is backed by clear texts of the UN Charter, by scares of resolutions issued by international legitimacy and its institutions and by international humanitarian law, foremost atoning which the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Thus, We wish to warn of the consequences of the Israeli attempt to turn the Palestinian file into a file of terrorists and territories, for this can only fan the flames of the reasons for terrorism in Palestinian occupied territories as well as in the whole Middle East region.

We wish to state that Sharon has blocked the path towards real negotiations aimed at establishing a just and comprehensive peace. Moreover, the present international balance is characterized by an obvious bias in favour of Israel with unlimited American support in addition to the European one, particularly after the September 11 events, while the Palestinian people are being liquidated without anyone lifting a finger to stop Israeli massacres against them.

We would like to stress that the road back to the negotiations table necessitates a return to the umbrella of international legitimacy, and all its resolutions, 181,194, 242, 338 and others.

And to call upon the international community to be aware of its responsibility towards the Palestinian cause and, consequently, the whole situation in the Middle East. As peace and stability in Middle east will never be achieved through the liquidation of the Palestinian people, and the international community should not, in this respect, rely upon defeatist attitude of Arab regimes, nor the apparent silence of the Arab peoples as it was expressed by the American Ambassador in Cairo when he declared that Palestinians are not enjoying any official or popular Arab support. Half a century's experience has confirmed that the Palestinian people's struggle in defense of their right to freedom and independence is able to maintain the Palestinian issue on the top of the agenda of the international community.

We hereby declare our brotherly and humanitarian solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for liberation and independence. We call upon the international community to:
- Exert pressure to force Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian territories, for this occupation has been the reason behind all the tragedies suffered by the Palestinian people for more than half a century.
- To adopt the necessary measures in order to implement the Fourth Geneva Convention and to compel Israel to implement the convention in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, in compliance with the relevant U.N. resolutions in order to provide the Palestinian People with real international legal protection.
- To hasten to activate mechanisms of solidarity with the Palestinian Intifada and people, foremost among which to provide international protection for the Palestinian people under occupation.
- To intervene to stop the genocide war against Palestinians who are deprived of the most essential of human rights, the right to life and self determination.

* Arab Section 1/4/2002

Sharon Ignites a _New War in the Region

Zionism led by the mass murderer Sharon, launched a savage attack against Palestinian cities with tanks, armoured vehicles, machine guns and helicopters and targeted their assault against the headquarters of President Yasser Arafat in Ramallah.

Israel has surpassed all limits, even Nazi and Fascist practices in their worst forms. In fact Israel brings to mind eras where total chaos and law of the jungle prevailed.

Israel's foreign minister and leader of the Labour party threatens all the Arab countries that hunting terrorism, that is resistance and liberation struggles, will not stop at geographic borders. This implies that all neighbouring Arab borders are threatened with invasion. Moreover, Arab countries are faced with an unprecedented Israeli threat never witnessed before in modern history. This threat is but a declaration of war against all neighbouring Arab countries and comes after the comprehensive Arab initiative, considered as a strategic peace, before such a ferocious power that does not recognize peace now or in the future.

Israel seeks to humiliate the Arab world. For here is an Arab leader besieged until death, without food, water electricity, medicine and help. Israel also seeks to humiliate the United Nations and its Security Council who stand impotent before the implementation of UN resolutions and their legitimacy and protection of a legitimate leader.

The USA supports Israel and encourages it to perpetrate all its heinous crimes, crimes of invading cities, physical elimination of Palestinian youth who are capable of resistance, and besieging President Arafat who is the symbol of Palestinian struggle.

The entire region is subject to eruption. The American administration talks about terrorism and the need for collective Arab confrontation against it. In fact, it states that President Yasser Arafat who is besieged and deprived of living sustenance should exert more effort in resisting terrorism. Hence, the Arabs and President Arafat must fight the Palestinian resistance in solidarity with Israel and the USA. Can facts be reversed as such? How can peoples' destiny be thus disregarded? Is this not supporting terrorism? Is this not supporting occupation by settlements?

The USA is basically responsible for all the ongoing events and hinders any efforts exerted to resolve the crisis including the implementation of UN resolutions. The USA has placed Israel above international resolutions and has established it as a fortress supplied with all weapons that have not been provided to other friendly countries. In fact, the USA has intentionally protected Israel's nuclear arsenal contrary to all international agreements and efforts.

The Palestinian people are a people resisting Israeli occupation; they are resisting the mad Zionist Sharon aggression. All laws and legislation justify this right, namely the right to struggle against the occupier and liberate the land in accordance with international legitimacy 242, 338, 194 and many other resolutions.

AAPSO strongly supports the Palestinian people's struggle for liberation and vehemently condemns the criminal Zionist, colonialist and terrorist invasion. AAPSO demands the prompt lifting of the siege imposed on President Arafat and the immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from all the occupied territories. The core of the Middle East crisis and tragedy is the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, the Syrian Golan and Lebanese Shebaa.

The total liberation of all the occupied Arab territories and Israel's withdrawal in compliance with the relevant international resolutions is the sole outlet to comprehensive peace and stability. For the UN, its agencies and officials are implicitly and explicitly responsible in this regard.

We call upon all national solidarity committees and NGOs as well governmental organizations and progressive and peace loving forces to stand militantly before the barbaric Zionist invasion and deter the bloody Sharonian terrorism. Furthermore, decisive measures must be now adopted to threaten and undermine American and Israeli interests.

Long live free and independent Palestine
Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people

* Arab Section 18/4/2002

Bush - Sharon Axis

Zionist Sharonian Israel, totally and blatantly supported by America, continues to pound Palestinian cities and wreaks massive destruction on all forms of life and services. Moreover, it forbids extending medical aid to the injured so that they may die and prevents their burial until their bodies are decomposed.
Israel with its American tanks, armoured vehicles and planes and its soldiers who manifest their bravery by killing unarmed civilians, children and the elderly and execute youth who surrender, Israel and America have surpassed all Nazi and Fascist limits as well as all killers and criminals in human history.
Militant Jenin and its courageous sons, who have fought for their homeland with their lives, have aborted the falsehood that Israel's army is undefeatable. In fact, the epitome of Zionist evil materialized in Jenin when its sons ran out of ammunition and their resistance subsided. The Zionists ferociously perpetrated massacres and destruction and Jenin became a collective burial ground for heroes, where Zionists poured their hatred after having been humiliated and defeated by its sons.
Sharon and the gang ruling Israel in the name of a united national government and the Israeli army are totally responsible for this massacre.
Many unknown numbers of Jenin's sons are still under the rubble.
Hundreds of decomposed bodies were brought out. The Zionist army kills and conceals by burials in undisclosed grounds, but this cannot continue for long. Meanwhile, Colin Powel, the American Secretary of State arrives to the region to support the Zionist aggressor and hostile to the Palestinian party. In fact, he has not arrived to ensure the implementation of the Security Council resolutions but to declare his understanding for the Zionist crimes and threaten Syria and Lebanon with aggression.
America has adopted the other position and official Europe has reneged on its commitment to impose sanctions under the pretext that this might exacerbate the situation. The same position was adopted by official Arab parties who do not use any pressure such as the oil weapon or removal of American military bases in Arab countries.
Therefore, the Palestinian liberation straggles only resort, before the hegemony of the unipolar power of America, is but the support of peoples of the world and their national democratic organizations.
AAPSO urges all the progressive, freedom loving and democratic forces in the world to rise to the occasion and detain the killers and mass murderers. This massacre should not be left without punishment and deterrence and should meet the penalty it deserves.
We demand that Israel should be deemed as a racist state that should be deprived from international forums similar to the apartheid regime in South Africa.
We reject the Zionist colonialist Sharonian American proposal for a regional conference, for it is a vicious circle.
We demand the immediate presence of international monitors. Israel and America must lift their stained hands off the Palestinian people. The perpetrators must be brought to trial in specialized international courts and the Security Council should take hold of the Palestinian issue in accordance with international legitimacy and its numerous resolutions.

Long live free and independent Palestine
Long live the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people

* Cairo 24/42002

Excellency President Yasser Arafat
President of Palestine

AAPSO follows with great concern and anger the brutal and racist crimes committed by the Israeli occupation army against innocent Palestinian inhabitants and against all installations and infrastructure in Palestine as well destruction of all Palestinian Authority headquarters and attempts by the occupation army and its racist leadership to harm you. This constitutes a desperate attempt to abort Palestinian legitimacy and Palestinian leadership and to create a political vacuum to hinder the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Al Quds as its capital.
AAPSO has witnessed all liberation movements in Africa, Asia and Latin America but has never eyewitnesses such terrorism, brute force and racism as perpetrated today against the Palestinian people.
We condemn the racist crimes that stem from Nazism and believe that the militant and brave people in their struggle for freedom and independence will achieve victory.
Sincere greeting to Your Excellency and steadfast Palestinian people before such oppression and tyranny.

Nouri Abdel Razzak                        Dr. Morad Ghaleb
Secretary General                          President of AAPSO

* Cairo 24/4/2002

His Excellency Mr. Kofi Annan
UN Secretary General

The Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization AAPSO follows the crimes perpetrated by the Israeli occupying army against the Palestinian people and their civil and religious institutions as well as Israeli persistence to violate international and humanitarian law continuously to a dangerous extent. In fact, Israel challenges the international organization and refuses to implement successive Security Council resolutions calling for withdrawal from the Palestinian territories it has occupied by the use of force. Moreover, Israel threatens the Secretary General's envoy Mr. Terry Larson and prevents him from performing his international mission. Israel now defies Security Council resolution to meet the fact-finding committee designated to the occupied Palestinian territories and to Jenin particularly in order to investigate the barbaric crimes committed by the occupation army. Israel has closed the region before humanitarian organizations and the media as well as international human rights organizations.
AAPSO follows with anger these crimes and denounces the perpetrators and demands their trial for committing war crimes. Moreover, AAPSO totally supports your request to dispatch observer forces and international protection promptly to the Palestinian territories. AAPSO also demands total withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories and its capital Al Quds Al Sharif. Furthermore, it reiterates the crucial importance of adhering to Security Council resolutions and the necessity to strictly confront any deviation from these resolutions in order to ensure the credibility of its role and to avoid the use of double standards.
Kindly accept our sincere consideration

Nouri Abdel Razzak                   Dr. Morad Ghaleb
Secretary General                     President of AAPSO

* Arab Section 24/4/2002

Israel Challenges the Security Council

AAPSO follows the crimes perpetrated by the Israeli army against the Palestinian people and their civil and religious institutions and Israeli persistence to continuously violate international and humanitarian law to a dangerous extent. Israel refuses to implement successive Security Council resolutions to withdraw from the Palestinian territories it has occupied by force. Moreover, Israel threatens the Secretary General's envoy, Mr. Terry Larson and prevents him from performing his international mission. In fact, Israel challenges Security Council resolution to meet the fact-finding committee designated to the occupied Palestinian territories and Jenin in particular. This is meant to buy time and conceal the barbaric crimes committed by the occupation army. It has also closed the region before humanitarian organizations and the media as well as human rights organizations.
AAPSO follows with great anger these crimes and strongly condemns their perpetrators and demands their trial as war criminals. Furthermore, AAPSO expresses its full support for the Secretary General's request to promptly dispatch monitoring forces and international protection to the Palestinian territories. AAPSO demands the total withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories and Al Quds Al Sharif, its capital. AAPSO reiterates the importance to adhere to Security Council resolutions and the necessity to strictly confront any deviation from these resolutions and so as to ensure its credible role and avoid the use of double standards.
AAPSO denounces these heinous crimes committed against the Palestinian people and strongly condemns the perpetrators who should be punished for these acts. AAPSO deems that Israel could not have perpetrated all such crimes nor challenged the Security Council as well as the international community had it not been for the US government's bias to Israel and protection of its aggression and occupation of the Palestinian territories.
AAPSO appeals to all countries, peoples and freedom loving and human rights organizations to stand in full support and solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle against Israeli occupation and to condemn the Israel aggression vehemently and by all ways and means until the Israeli racist military occupation is terminated.

* Arab Section 30/5/2002

Israel and False Democracy

Israel decided to restrict the movement of Dr. Ahmed EI Teiby, the Arab member of the Israel Knesset until the next Israeli elections.

This racist decision is due to Dr. EI Teiby's visit to the refugee camp of Jenin in the wake of the savage massacres perpetrated by the Israel occupation forces against its inhabitants and to the extent of burying many of them alive. The most accurate description was made by Ted Laerson, the UN Secretary General's representative, when he said, "the Jenin refugee camp seems to have been struck by a powerful earthquake".

Israel has prohibited the press from entering the camp as well as international humanitarian institutions and human rights organizations for a period of 11 days after the massacre when war crimes were committed. Moreover, Israel refused to allow the fact-finding commission appointed by the Security Council to leave to the region and visit the camp amidst suspicious international silence. Therefore, AAPSO is not surprised that a racist decision against Dr. Ahmed EI Teiby was taken after having visited the afflicted camp to offer assistance to those who were still alive.

Such racist decisions made by the right-wing Israeli government expose all false allegations that Israel is an oasis of democracy.

AAPSO condemns all the Israeli racist acts and demands all humanitarian organizations that advocate freedom, independence and human rights to stand resolutely against such Israeli policies. Furthermore, AAPSO urges them to support all Palestinian detainees who are exposed to ferocious torture, in particular Marwan EI Barghouty and to demand their immediate release.

* Cairo 25/6/2002

Message to all AAPSO National committees

The Palestinian issue is experiencing one of its most dangerous phases. America has announced its total alignment to the Zionist position. In fact, it has declared threatening stances to Syria, Lebanon and Iraq as usual.
The Palestinian issue is undoubtedly a liberation issue, one waged against occupation, domination and hegemony. Thus, it is incumbent for the masses to stage wide ranging movements of solidarity and by issuing statements expressing protests and signatures to the UN Secretary General, to the Israeli, American and British embassies and to demand governments on the South countries to adopt clear and supportive positions towards the Palestinian issue and its liberation struggle. Simultaneously, they should condemn Israeli occupation and massacres perpetrated by its forces in the occupied Palestinian territories.
We stand before a dangerous development that requires us to mobilize and initiate campaigns for the protection of the Palestinian people and support their struggle until they establish their independent state.
This struggle is a true test for our role and among our people. This role that was born by the national solidarity committees for forty- five years and which has certainly contributed to the effectiveness of the liberation movement in the world.

Dr. Morad Ghaleb                       Nouri Abdul Razzak
President of AAPSO                     Secretary- General

* Arab Section 25/6/2002

The U.S. Statement - An Israeli Sharonian Statement

Finally, George W. Bush, the US President disclosed his expected statement on the American vision vis-à-vis the Palestinian issue. Officially, the United States is sponsoring the peace process between the Palestinians and Israelis and is acting as mediator between both parties. However, George Bush's statement proved otherwise, that the US and Israel stand together against the Palestinian and Arab peoples.
In fact, George Bush adopted his plan according to Zionist Israeli bases: Getting rid of Yasser Arafat by urging the Palestinians to find a new leadership; halting the Intifada and resistance and demanding the Palestinian people to elect leaders who are not linked to terrorism that is to desist from resisting Israeli occupation; and to create new institutions. All these conditions have no ceiling. For abandoning, Yasser Arafat in answer to America (not according to their free choice) will place the new president in a position whereby he will be liable to be removed at any moment if he deviates from the American-Zionist line. Moreover, the election of someone who is not linked to the national struggle for liberation means that only Mossad and CIA clients will be eligible. For all the Palestinian people except the later have committed the sin of struggling for liberation one way or another and therefore are damned by Bush in this regard. Then there is the question of security measures with Israel that is to ensure Israelís security without considering its neighbours security.
All these are harsh conditions dictated by George Bush so that he may agree on a provisional Palestinian state within a period of 18 months.
Absolute American conditions so that America can agree upon a feeble version of a provisional state.
The USA agreed in 1947 on resolution 181 that stipulates the legitimacy of establishing a Palestinian state. It was the same resolution that granted Israel the right to exist and determined both borders. Therefore, Bush, now, aborts the UN resolution and violates all international legitimacy, and dictates irrelevant conditions for the sake of an unprecedented novelty in human history and liberation movements.
Thus, he places his country, the unilateral and super power in the world in a shameful situation, whereby it has not respected its commitments or decisions, whereby it has violated international legitimacy. Moreover, the country that should have acted as a just arbitrator between the two parties has totally aligned itself with the aggressive and criminal perpetrator and forcefully brings pressure to bear upon the weaker party regardless that the latter has the legitimate right that cannot be compromised.
Bush has placed the USA in a position that has undermined its credibility among the peoples of the world.
As for urging Israel to withdraw to its position of 28 September 2001 and to release Palestinian revenues, such matters are of no importance to Israel because it is aware that America stated it would not pressure Israel in any way and protects it internationally by using the veto. In fact, the world is aware that Israel could not have invaded the Palestinian territories nor committed its heinous massacres without a green light from America.
As for the permanent state in three years and based on the UN resolutions, these are merely words that are not supported by any practical actions. For the American proposals based on destroying the Palestinian peoples will shall not lead to any results that stem from them and equally violates and nullifies resolution 181, a matter that will consequently lead to the violation of resolutions 242, 338 and their total abrogation.
The statement does not only destroy the Palestinian issue but also threatens Syria and Lebanon allegedly for housing terrorist organizations and continued its threat against Iraq.
This statement comes following a series of meetings with Arab leaders and indicates that George Bush has ignored and proposals presented to him.
The American solution to the Palestinian issue is a repetition of the Zionist Sharonian solution that is categorically rejected by the Palestinian and Arab peoples. Therefore, Bush's statement does not imply a solution of the Palestinian issue but is a consecration of Zionist Israeli oppression.
Thus, the Palestinian people have no option but to continue their liberation struggle by all ways and means.
We believe, at this dangerous historic juncture, in which the future of the Palestinian people and their cause are decided, that it is necessary for the Arab League to call for an emergency Arab Summit to confront this American-Israeli challenge and aggression against the Arab world. As an International NGO, AAPSO wishes to appeal to world public opinion, freedom, democratic and human rights forces to declare their views on this colonialist Zionist statement, in support of the Palestinian issue by all ways and means until victory is achieved and the Palestinian state is established according to international legitimate resolutions and against the will of the enemies of humanity, liberation, progress and peace.
Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people
Long live Palestine, free and independent

* Arab Section 21/7/2002

Absence of Justice

World public opinion particularly Afro-Asian were shocked by the USA's persistence to pass resolution No. 1422 from the Security Council that prohibits the prosecution of American peace keeping soldiers for a period of one year by the International Criminal Court in return for the USA's participation in the peace keeping forces in Bosnia.
Such action, once again, reaffirms the absence of the principle of justice and equality among countries and constitutes a violation of international law and justice in the Security Council, the forum that supposedly defends international law and justice and equality among countries.
The USA has succeeded by means of its power and pressures to obtain this dangerous concession from the Security Council, a matter that confirms its hegemony and violation of international legitimacy.
Public opinion in Afro-Asian countries is questioning what is America concealing by insisting in this resolution. What crimes has it committed and what will it commit in the future and when?
The USA has used the veto more than once to prevent international observers from leaving to the occupied Palestinian territories in order to stop the bloodshed perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces. It attempts to impede the work of the International Criminal Court so that its soldiers are above questioning and for protecting the criminals and murderers in the Israeli army who have perpetrated massacres in the past two years and Jenin is an example of such horrors.
Truly, it is a black day for this international organization as expressed by the Canadian representative to the UN.
AAPSO denounces this action by the USA and considers it a threat against the rights of countries. It demands world public opinion and all countries to join ranks in defense of the rights of developing countries, to resist hegemony and suppression and continuous threats, paralysing international organizations as well as disregard of international legitimacy endorsed by countries and peoples worldwide.

* Arab Section 25/7/2002

Sharon, Eliezer, Peres... War criminals

Israel has launched a brutal attack against the civilians in Gaza Strip with the F-16s, aiming for an air bombing of Salah Shehada, leader of Ezz El-Din El-Qassam phalanxes, the military wing of Hamas movement. The attack resulted in the killing of 15 persons, including eight children and the injury of 150 others. The missiles destroyed 6 houses, including Salah Shehadaís, whose body, as well as his wife's, daughters and bodyguards have no trace. It is sure that the butchers Sharon and Ben Eliezer are the ones who personally gave the green light for this murder.
Sharon, the murderer, said, in one of his Council of ministers sessions, that this operation was one of the most successful operations accomplished by the Israeli army.
Sharon, the war criminal, commits the most horrible crimes against the Palestinians. He does so, while being very assured that the U.S. Administration and the Western governments would express their protest, which is no more than a tempest in a teapot, the results of which will never linger. However, this massacre, as well as all the others, will always be carved deeply in the conscience of the Palestinian people.
Sharon has never known, and will never know, anything about the Palestinian cause except genocide. What is expected from a man granted the title of man of peace by the Bush Administration? What is expected from a man who rejects all United Nations and Security Council resolutions, so the latter just withdraws all it has said and done, and simply refrains from investigating the Jenin massacre? What is expected from a cannibal who lives by killing and slaughtering, and whose efforts in resisting terrorism are still being appreciated by the United States and some other Western circles? What is expected from a real terrorist, who has been granted the title of terrorism fighter and resistant?
What does the world expect from such an outlaw who disregards all international legitimacy, enjoying the protection of the only super power in the world? He does not find anyone to stop him. On the contrary, he finds that who faces the whole world to protect him.
Sharon, the murderer and the war criminal, dances of joy while the Palestinian children's blood flows from his mouth and claws.
The whole world has denounces the massacre this time. However, denunciation alone is not anymore the solution. That who feels no concern about international legitimacy resolutions, will never care about any denunciation whatsoever.
What is needed is practical positions, What is needed is summoning Sharon and his gang, and above all Ben Eliezer and Shimon Peres, before an international court as war criminals.
What is needed is enforcing international legitimacy resolutions by immediately establishing a Palestinian State, in compliance with resolutions 181, 242 and 338.
What is immediately needed, in order to carry out all the above-mentioned, is to place international troops to isolate the Israelis from the Palestinians after the Israeli withdrawal from all the occupied territories.
Long live the Palestinian peoples struggle...
Down with Nazi Zionism...

* Arab Section 5/9/2002

Israel violates all Laws and Sanctities

The Israel Supreme Court ruled that two Palestinians, Kefah el Agouri and his sister Entessar be deported in accordance with the military decree, allegedly for helping their brother Aly el Agouri.

This flagrant Israeli measure is but an indication of Israeli escalation of all forms of its criminal aggression against the Palestinian people.

In fact, Israel violates all UN resolutions as well all agreements concluded with the Palestinian authority and infringes upon every legitimacy including its own. It commits war crimes against humanity by invading Palestinian cities and villages, by bombarding and destroying them, by abducting and detaining Palestinian youth, killing women, children and the elderly. Moreover, Israel razes the soil and agricultural land and seizes it for building Zionist settlements. It perpetrates massacres daily and today crowns its war crimes by evicting innocent Palestinian inhabitants from their hometown to others by force and coercion without real accusation and by an unspecialized authority. In fact, by a hostile occupation party without any mandate or competence but which wields its power to inflict collective punishment in contravention of all international laws and legitimacy.

Israel draws its power, intransigence and tyranny from protection given to it by America.

AAPSO condemns this new human rights violation, this crime punished by international law. It appeals to all NGOs particularly those advocating human rights, self-determination and world peace, to strongly oppose these crimes not only by condemnation but also by demanding that Israel should suffer the consequences of violating international legitimacy and by imposing sanctions upon it. Moreover, the USA should desist from protecting these violations.

Israel has exceeded all limits and this is due to the impotence of the Security Council as manifested by numerous resolutions and the Jenin tragedy:

The international community must impose its position on Israel by all ways and means in terms of exposure, pressure, boycott and isolation. Israel will only succumb to a force that exceeds its own, this international popular and official force that pressured the racist South Africa regime before independence.

Israeli leaders, especially Sharon, Eliazer and Perez should by brought to trial by the War Crimes Court as well as Israeli military officials. Those who have sanctioned violation of all sanctities.

Down with neo-Nazism
Long live the Palestinian peoples struggle.

* Arab Section 25/9/2002

Israel’s Continuous Crimes against the Palestinian People
and their Legitimate Leadership should not be ignored.
Perpetrators must be brought to Trial

AAPSO follows with great concern and anger the crimes perpetrated by the racist and brutal Israeli occupation army against innocent Palestinian inhabitants, against all Palestinian installations and infrastructure. Moreover, destruction of all Palestinian authority headquarters, attempt by the occupation army with its racist leadership to abort Palestinian legitimacy and Palestinian leadership in a bid to producing a political vacuum to hinder the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Al Quds as capital. The establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Al Quds as capital is in accordance with UN several resolutions and the aspiration of the Palestinian people and the whole world for freedom and independence.
AAPSO has witnessed all liberation movements in Asia, Africa and Latin America but has never eyewitnessed such terrorist occupation; such racism and brutality as committed today against the Palestinian people whose children are killed by hundreds and who are imprisoned by scores. In fact, all forms of torture are perpetrated against prisoners, detainees and those who were abducted including women, children and the injured. These crimes include premeditated murder, ferocious massacres, demolition of homes and private and public institutions by tanks and American F16 planes, destroying roads and water, electricity and telephone networks. As well as uprooting thousands of fruit bearing trees, destroying wells, imposing curfews upon all the Palestinian territories and dividing them into separate parts, isolating many towns and cities for more than three months without water, medication or food such as in Nablus. This has created endemic diseases, and affected children psychologically and physically.
AAPSO deems that Israel would not have implemented its aggressive policy against the Palestinian people, against human rights and peace, had it not been for the total support of the USA.
Israel has defied all Security Council resolutions related to Palestine, more than 28 resolutions and refused to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories. In fact, Israel continues its defiance by rejecting the latest Security Council resolution calling for its withdrawal.
AAPSO urges peoples in the world and their countries, particularly permanent members of the Security Council to defend international legitimacy, law and UN principles endorsed worldwide. Moreover, AAPSO hopes that the UN will not be a victim of any one country, which legitimizes brute force, and law of the jungle.
We call upon people worldwide to stand with the Palestinian people against injustice and oppression and to defend their sacred right for freedom, independence, and establishment of their independent state with Al Quds as its capital as well as their legitimate right to resist Israeli occupation of their land.
Furthermore, we believe that international emergency forces are capable of enforcing security and protection for the Palestinian people. Hence the peace process may return on track and be saved from Sharon’s attempts as well as those by Israeli generals who trade wars and wish to abort the peace process so that settlement, expansion and occupation may continue.

* Arab Section 1/10/2002

The Intifadah of the Heroic Palestinian People
enters its Third Year

The Intifadah begins its third year as the Palestinian people defend themselves vigorously in their struggle for freedom and independence and for stability and peace in the region. However, they are confronted by Israel and its generals, advocators of war and destruction and others like Sharon, Ben Eliazer, Yaaloon and Perez who utilize the highest forms of state terrorism. For in two weeks, the invading Israeli occupation army totally demolished all buildings within the presidential complex and destroyed thousands of small workshops, fields, water and electricity networks, roads, uprooted trees, shelled Islamic and Christian worship sites and schools. Such destruction has caused death to many of the sick along the isolating racist barriers as well as malnutrition and lack of medication.
These invading racist occupation forces have also confronted visiting international delegations, medical as well as human rights organizations.
In fact, the policy of death and destruction implemented by the Israeli leadership based on Nazism has been carried out since the assassination of Count Bernadotte, the international mediator. In addition to massacres such as Deir Yassin, Febia, Khan Younis, Kafr Kassem, Bahr El Bakar, Keneitra and Sabra and Shatilla.
Nevertheless, the Israeli racist leaderships still talk about reform of Palestinian authorities, bearing in mind that they should first reform their racist minds, their criminal acts and human rights violations.
AAPSO and all justice and peace loving forces worldwide deem that such criminal acts will not undermine the Palestinian peoples resolve to gain their independence and declare their state. For they shall conquer the forces of evil and injustice.
AAPSO underscores its total solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemns all crimes committed by Israel. Furthermore, the perpetrators, namely generals and officers who participated in this inhuman tragedy, must be brought to trial for their abhorrent crimes against innocent Palestinian civilians and their institutions.
At the same time, AAPSO commends officers and soldiers who have refused to serve in the occupation army and who are now being exposed to prison and investigation. AAPSO also salutes all voices raised against terrorism practiced by the Hebrew state and urges all countries and companies to refrain from providing arms or demolition instruments to Israel, which are used to destroy Palestinian homes and institutions.
AAPSO hails the Palestinian people and their President Yasser Arafat and calls upon all peace loving countries and peoples to extend all forms of assistance to Palestine in these difficult times.
AAPSO demands the permanent members of the UN Security Council and UN Secretary General Kofi Anan to implement all relevant Security Council resolutions including 1435.

* Arab Section 2/10/2002

The US Congress destroys international legitimacy

The US Congress promulgated a law related to the budget of the State Department, which included three articles on Jerusalem. The second stipulates, "Any official American document that includes a list of countries in the world should indicate that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel."
The American president signed this law because otherwise the State Department would be deprived of expenditures for diplomatic activities.
In fact, such an excuse is even worse than the wrong committed. For in order not to deprive the American President’s State Department of its budget, he agreed to deprive a country of its capital and annexed it to another country.
The US Congress has exceeded all red lines elaborated by all representative councils in their mandate to take action and play their role.
However, the US Congress in accordance with the American trend regarding world issues has bypassed all limits such as the Security Council, United Nations and scores of relevant resolutions and accorded to itself a power that surpasses any power in the world. It has eliminated all resolutions and adopted a position that threatens the world with explosion.
The US Congress has not stopped at its flagrant violations of international legitimacy, which it claims to adhere to, in its confrontation with Iraq, and its threats of war if Iraq does not implement them. The Congress has not stopped at this limit but exceeded it by imposing itself over history and geography.
It is a very dangerous and unparalleled precedent, one that gives Congress supreme authority in the world, or one that gives it the right to annex a capital of one country to another. What about annexing a city or perhaps a region? No one can tell to what extent this will lead.
The past action and its excuse exposed the role of the American mediator that has fooled the world, the role of the positive and effective broker in the peace process. It is an indication of what America holds for the Palestinian State. It has implemented its first initiative by depriving the Palestinian State of its capital.
The American Congress and Presidency strongly support the Israeli Zionist camp against the Arabs and Palestine.
The law adopted by the US Congress and its endorsement by the American president is but a warning to the world of a threat that has fallen upon us, a threat that demands the support of all international, regional and local democratic organizations to counter this challenge and this arrogance.
AAPSO profoundly believes in international legitimacy and international organizations and calls upon the European Union, Arab League, NAM, and all governmental and non-governmental organizations to adopt a positive stance against the blatant violation of UN resolutions, such violation that constitutes a declaration of war against Palestinians, Christians and Muslims and against the entire world.
AAPSO particularly addresses the UN and Security Council to adopt appropriate measures in defending their credibility and ensuring humanity’s confidence in this international organization initiated by peoples worldwide.

* Arab Section 3/10/2002

The trail of Marwan El Barghouti by Israeli occupation forces

In the past few years, Israel has abducted and imprisoned more than nine thousand Palestinians, including Marwan El Barghouti and Abdel Rahim Malouh. Many children, women and injured persons are among the detainees and prisoners as well as more than two thousand detained by administration decrees for long periods without any accusation. They are all exposed to the worst forms of torture; inhuman practices and no visitors are permitted even from international organizations.
The trial of Marwan El Barghouti on 3rd October 2002 is null and void as well as the accusations against him. For both Marwan El Barghouti and Abdel Rahim Malouh are members of the National Palestinian Council and activists in the political field. It is through these trials that the Israeli occupation and racist forces seek to terrorize all those who attempt to raise their voices against occupation and its Nazi crimes.
Such false trials will not hinder the Palestinian people from demanding their rights for independence, freedom and liberating their land.
AAPSO denounces these trials and deems that they are equal to the trials of the racist regime in South Africa before its liberation from this scourge that marred the face of humanity. The Organization calls upon all peace and justice-loving forces to support Marwan El Barghouti and his companions and to demand their immediate release and to stop the unjust trials held by the Israeli occupation forces.

*Arab Section 18/11/2002

Freedom of Palestinian prisoners, detainees
and those who were abducted

The Israeli occupation forces determined 18/11/2002 as the date for a new round of trial of all Palestinian militants who have been exposed to the worst forms of torture and brutality in over crowded prisons where administrative order, 150 children, 65 women and a number of the sick and injured detain 1500. The total number exceeds nine thousand detainees, prisoners and those abducted.
These trials of Palestinian militants particularly Abdel Rahim Melouh, member of PLO executive committee and Marwan Al Barghouty, prominent member of the legislative council are racist trials. In fact, they indicate the extent reached by the Israeli authorities and their leaders in terms of their disrespect and violation of all international laws, conventions and decisions as well as human rights. All these brave Palestinians were imprisoned without charges and under false accusations. Moreover, all forms of racial discrimination condemned worldwide and considered as a stigma for humanity are practiced in the occupied territories.
AAPSO demands that these militants be released for they are struggling for freedom, independence, terminating occupation and their sacred right and their people to establish an independent Palestinian state with Al Quds as its capital.

* Cairo

An open message from AAPSO to:
UN Secretary General Mr. Kofi Anan

The Afro Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization seizes the opportunity of the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People determined by the General Assembly for 29 November of each year, to request you to intervene promptly by providing international protection for the Palestinian people who are suffering from Israeli military occupation. They are subjected to apartheid, collective punishment and systematic destruction of their economy and institutions. Moreover, the lives of their women, children and the elderly are exposed to grave threats.
We are of the view that the United Nations is responsible for protecting the Palestinian people from continuous massacres perpetrated by the Israeli occupation army and armed settlers.
On this occasion, we wish to express our strong condemnation of Israel's crimes against humanitarian institutions in the Palestinian territories whose last victim was the late John Hoak, from UNRWA who was killed in cold blood.

Nouri Abdel Razzak                                          Dr. Morad Ghaleb
Secretary General                                         President of AAPSO

* Arab Section 28/11/2002

The Palestinian people are in dire need of solidarity and protection

The United Nations determined 29 November of each year as the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people in their confrontation with the Israeli military occupation and for the realization of their aspirations for freedom and independence and establishment of their independent state in their homeland with Al Quds as its capital.
The 29th of November is a painful memory for Palestinians. It is the day when the United Nations divided Palestine in 1947 and granted most of the Palestinian territories, in accordance with the partition resolution, to emigrants from outside the country. In fact, their number during this period did not exceed more than one third of the population and only owned very little land.
Today, after fifty five years of injustice inflicted against Palestinians, by destroying their stability and quest for freedom and independence, after transforming almost more than half of the people into refugees in exile, the issue is even more dangerous in that the Israeli right are seeking to obliterate Palestinian identity , the national Palestinian symbol.
The Israel military machinery with its most up to date American weaponry in quality and quantity, is wreaking destruction in all Palestinian cities, villages and camps. It is perpetrating the policy of burning ground against citizens, land and economy; surrounding the Palestinian people and practicing collective punishment and apartheid. It has transformed Palestinian territories into a large prison where death and destruction prevail under unprecedented silence unrecorded in history. Worse still are those feverish attempts to link resistance with terrorism to justify occupation as well as brandishing the sword of anti Semitism before any free voices raised to denounce Israeli occupation and aggression, or to demand lifting injustice off the Palestinian people. False accusations are levelled against all those who dare to speak against Israeli occupation or demand the cessation of building settlements and eviction of the criminal settlers.
AAPSO expresses its solidarity and support to the heroic Palestinian people and their brave leadership especially their legitimate president Yasser Arafat. Moreover, it deems that there is a legal, ethical and moral responsibility that should be borne by the United Nations and its Secretary General Kofi Anan to provide effective protection to the Palestinian people. They should stop the continuous massacres and bloodshed perpetrated against the sons of Palestine and put an end to the systematic Israeli policy in demolishing Palestinian institutions, infrastructure and the economy to the extent that more than 70% of the population are living below the poverty line and unemployment is rampant. Their children are exposed to diseases, epidemics and malnutrition.
The lives of Palestinians are more threatened as Israeli elections approach. For candidates are competing in demonstrating their hostility to peace, international legitimacy and just Palestinian right.
Medical services and their personnel working in the humanitarian field in international organizations in Palestine and Palestinian camps were not spared from this ferocious Israeli policy. More than one international worker lost their lives in cold blood by the Israeli occupation army, lately as Engineer John Hoak from UNRWA.
On this occasion, we believe that the United States should bear responsibility as it supports Israel and protects it from international condemnation. It prevents international observers from going there. Thus Israel continues its aggression, occupation and building settlements and drives the entire region to chaos and fundamentalism.
AAPSO urges world forces and peace and freedom loving peoples to stand resolutely with the Palestinian people and their leadership until they achieve freedom and independence.