AAPSO And Anti - Terrorism Conference In India

* 9/12/1998

A delegation comprising Mr. Nouri Abdul Razzak, Secretary General of AAPSO and Mr. E. A. Vidyasekera, A Secretariat Member (Sri Lanka) and Co-ordinator of AAPSO will participate at a conference organized by International Institute of Non - Aligned Studies in India under the title of: “Terrorism A threat to the 21st Century”. The conference will be held on 11th and 12th December in New Delhi . It will deal with contemporary terroristic thinking and how to deal with them, in considering its threat to stability, peace, and human rights, and its danger to economical and social developments in all states.

* 17/9/2001

Terrorism Invades America

On Tuesday, 11th September 2001, incredible events in Washington DC, capital of the USA and New York, one of its largest cities, broke out, events characterized by destruction, killings, and devastation of innocent civilians that claimed the lives of more than five thousand victims. In fact, these events were condemned by the world at large.
The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization condemns this heinous act of terrorism, in line with its position against all forms of terrorism, regardless of whom are the perpetrators or who it targets.
Yet, it is astonishing that the US announced its accusation implicating many peoples before investigations were completed and naming those who are responsible and stated that it will take revenge from terroristic groups by means of an endless war.
Undoubtedly, it is necessary to punish the perpetrators and those who support them very severely. Yet this punishment should be inflicted according to the law and only upon those who were responsible for these events. Terrorism, according to the American definition differs from our own interpretation. For America deems that any opposition to it or to Israel is considered terrorism. It is even more dangerous that America should apply its conception, a matter that renders certain Arab and Islamic countries as targeted countries without any credible evidence or accusation. Consequently, the question will become a matter of settling old accounts and not deterrence as claimed.
Unfortunately, a wave of terrorism is undertaken by American circles against American citizens of Arab and Muslim origin, for being of the same race as those denounced by the American government who were accused beforehand without any legal proof until up to date. It is alarming that this wave has spread to other countries such as Britain, Canada and Australia.
The United Nations Organization is the only framework for resolving such events. For without it, chaos will prevail worldwide.
AAPSO calls for an international campaign that should include all NGOs concerned with solidarity, peace, human rights and social justice, that will call for an end to individual, collective or state terrorism and the elimination of the causes and objectives of terrorism:
1- Double standards should stop being applied vis-à-vis similar issues.
2- The precise implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
3- Respect of UN resolutions and their implementation.
The arrogance of power should end as well as adoption of unilateral policies to determine the destiny of peoples and nations, in contradiction with international law and norms and contrary to the interest of most peoples in the world.
Historic responsibility falls upon civil society organizations, political forces and world public opinion to mobilize world public opinion for curbing the rash policies exercised by superpowers, particularly the United States and its total bias against the interests of peoples worldwide.

* AAPSO And World Terrorism

International terrorism has become a cancer in world today. While terrorism had been penetrated into many parts of the world, for quite a long time; September 11th of 2001, witnessed its culmination to an unprecedented dimension inflicting a colossal damage both in terms of human lives and in terms of property.
Although it was something new to the United States, for the rest of the world it was not so. When the only superpower was attacked, that also in the heart of their territory, the U.S. considered it a great humiliation and a new type of war declared against the United States. In order to meet this new unseen enemy, the U.S. has mobilized its arms forces with full alert to fight this war not only within America but also around the world. Under this policy, anyone, a country, a people or even an organization that dissent U.S. policy is considered a terrorist.
The steps which were taken after September 11th does not lead to a final victory over terrorism, but it may lead to a protracted war with unknown results. The U.S and other countries who are engaged in this fight should have tackled the real causes and have to dry the swamps of poverty and misery in which hate and vengeance live on it, as a better alternative strategy.
The 11th of September belongs to the sad and tormented details of our contemporary world, were the free use of technology, and mass communications with the rapid transfer of capital and people in an interdependent world with total control of TNC’s makes the poor poorer and rich richer.
Several other countries have joined this bandwagon to make use of this situation to settle their own scores. Israel ranks first among them and uses the most sophisticated weaponry to subdue, destroy and kill the Palestinian uprising. It is a tragedy that the so-called civilized world has become passive spectators to the ongoing genocide in the Palestinian lands.
U.S. and the developed world need to get a clear perspective of meeting the challenges of terrorism by finding the root causes of terrorism. As it had been said many a time by the NGO’s world over that the corporate globalization above all is the main cause of growth of terrorism. Corporate globalization, which worships market patriotism continue to marginalise the already poor nations with increase poverty, disease, illiteracy and retardation of development.
Today under the corporate globalization new type of colonialism has emerged, which is more strong, assertive and exploitative. This new colonialism remains unseen but its tentacles are spread around the globe. Therefore, it is the duty of the developed countries that instead of going behind the hidden terrorist, they need to put their resources together for the elimination of the breeding ground of terrorism. Nevertheless, this is a dilemma the corporate greed is confronted and which is not likely to happen. The only alternative is for the civil society to take and meet the challenges of both the enemies, greed and terrorism.
The situation became graver as the days passed with the wrong diagnosis of the disease of terrorism by the powerful nations who prescribe unhealthy medication. As a result, instead of eliminating terrorism, it escalates and extends it leading the whole world to enormous destruction of human lives. These challenges could be met only by the consolidation and forging solidarity among NGOs. AAPSO therefore calls upon NGOs to extend fullest cooperation to realize this task.

* 12/2001

Tension Prevails

Even before the incidents of the 11th of September, the U.S used violence and war in dealing with problems on the international arena, regardless, international legitimacy, with the intention of imposing the one-pole laws.
Here we see it destroying a whole country while trying to find Ben Laden and Mulla Omar, hither and thither. The victims are the Afghan people who have been, over more than 20 years, suffering from continuous wars, which reproduced only diseases, hunger and backwardness.
The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization, AAPSO condemns terrorism everywhere, terrorism, rather than liberation movements, which are considered by US as terrorism. Hence, it condemned the terrorist operation committed against the Indian Parliament. That operation aggravated the violence and dangerous situation in Asia. The blaze then started to move from Middle Asia toward the south. Perils of possible Indian-Pakistani war arouse worries of all progressive powers around the world.
Countries of the South then should deal with their differences and disputes peacefully. It is rather enough for these countries to try to overcome their losses resulting from outside aggression. The Organizations of the South, or regional organizations, should play a major role in settling down such disputes, least the outside countries may use such incidents as pretexts to intervene, or a cover to commit more aggressive actions in the area.
The U.S has actually started to pave the way for new operations in the name of pursuing the Qaeda in Iraq, Yemen and Somalia.
The U.S knows well that it is pushing the Middle East toward a civil war or outside aggression under the name of facing terrorism.
Meanwhile, having the green light and support from the U.S, the killer Sharon continues his everyday massacres against the brave Palestinian people. Hence, it sustains the Zionist Occupant State terrorism and condemns struggle of the Palestinian people to attain liberation.
Such kind of tension which reproduces nothing but terrorism and establishes self-interest amongst the nations of the Middle East. Each country would then try but to defend itself before the U.S sword. Naturally this makes it easier for the U.S to deal with each party away from others and control it.
This plan which aims at dominating the region necessitates the countries of the region to concert the national and progressive efforts in order to be able to face that plan and dreadful fate which would beget destruction for all.