AAPSO Strongly Condemns

AAPSO Strongly Condemns the Israeli insistence  for Establishing the Apartheid and Separated Wall


On Monday 23/2/2004, The International Court of Justice in the Hague will review the legal status of the Israeli Wall inside the Palestinian territories on the request of the U.N. General Assembly. In case of the continuity of establishing this wall to reach 620 Kms, there will be 42% of the West Bank taken away from the Palestinian. This Wall will lead to the homeless and harm badly more than one million and half of the Palestinians, split the West Bank into five parts, prevent any contacts between the villages and cities and separate the villages from its agricultural lands. Also, it will separate students from their schools and universities, confiscate a large number of water artesian wells, which feed these cities, and villages with fresh water and confiscate the watering well for agricultural lands.

It is clear from the above that the Israeli leadership who is responsible for establishing this racist wall aims to accomplish the following three objectives:

Hindering the establishment of the Palestinian City. Forcing the Palestinian to emigrate on the pretext of unemployment and blockage, to seize them forever in all fields of life and destroy their economy. Continuing to change Jerusalem to be a Jewish city by suppressing the Palestinian citizens and their sons and daughters who have been living their from the early stages to emigrate them from the holy city for all kinds of religions.

Israel tried before to obstruct the work of the International Court of Justice because of the strong belief of violating the International Humanitarian Law in an obvious and clear way with the Fourth Geneva Convention. These violations were condemned by many international and humanitarian institutions. So now Israel wants again to disturb the work of this court by using a large gathering of mass media with falsifying and politically pressuring the Court and its procedure so as to move the attentions to other direction. However, it is known that Israel is the main responsible for all the crimes committed against the rights of the Palestinian People such as, the collective punishments and xenophobia which are condemned continually by the U.N., its bodies and all International Institutions.

Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization strongly condemns the Israeli insistence for establishing the apartheid and separated Wall which is considered a precedent which has never been done before even in the most racist regimes. Also, condemns all the Israeli crimes and policies against the rights of the Palestinians and calls upon all states, nations, institutions and parties to stand firmly against these shameful crimes as similar to the South -African Racist regime.

In addition, AAPSO announces again its support to the Palestinians with its legitimate leadership and believes on the Palestinian rights for an independent State with Jerusalem as a capital in order to reach peace and stability in the region.

Let's stand together against this wall which violates Peace, the international legitimacy and the rights of the Palestinians.