AAPSO Statement On The Situation In Mali



The world was caught by surprise when a coup led by military had broken up in Mali, a country known as stable and not having political turbulences.

The coup had sparked indignation, anger and consternation around the world followed by staunch condemnation and call for the restoration of constitutional order. Amadou Toumani Touré, democratically elected president, had been put under siege in unknown location and the military had began to dissolve all that constituted the formal components of a sovereign country. The hastily undertaken coup was carried out by Amadou Sanogo and other second tier officers closely affiliated to ethnic Bambara and Mandingo

Put under pressure coming from the international community on the one hand, and the rapid success of the Touareg in capturing many towns in the North up to cover all the northern part of the country, on the other hand, the military had suddenly reversed back the situation, giving the possibility to the civilians to rule the country. A transitional body has been formed: the speaker of National Assembly, Dioncounde Traore was entitled to head the country; the former order has been restored.

But the challenges facing the new governing institution are enormous. The Touareg seemed to remain in its position in the North by reinforcing the role of its National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), by demonstrating its political resolve to establish an independent state in northern Mali and boasting to have acquired massive arms and ammunitions from Libya when they were combating as mercenaries under Qaddafi. The danger also is that islamist the like of Al Qaida, or Aqmi, had stepped in, adding to the frustration of the situation.

AAPSO is most concerned about the situation in Mali. This country is in danger of division. A protracted political deadlock can only strengthen the political resolve of the Tuareg to strive for its divisive intention. While foreign intervention is out of question for the moment, although such a possibility was not excluded by the interim government, it left to the new rulers to make a decisive choice: either to let the country heading down to abyss, or to abide to international standard of a sovereign nation for the sake of democracy in the country and stability and peaceful inter-state coexistence in the region. Division should be avoided at any cost, the fight against terrorists should be conducted in an organised manner together with the neighboring states.

AAPSO calls on the African Union and the ECOWAS to take urgent action in order to prevent any furthur deterioration of the situation in Mali.