* 2/7/2000

On the occasion of the "Month of Solidarity with the Korean people", AAPSO expresses its full support and solidarity to the Korean people in their just struggle to achieve independent and peaceful reunification of Korea.

The division of Korean nation not only forces untold hardships and misfortunes to the Korean people but also becomes root cause of the constant danger, tension and conflicts in this region.

The recent historic summit between the North and the South, in the first in its history over more than 55 years of the division of nation, was progressed, and the North and the South Joint declaration was signed. AAPSO warmly hails it.

Once the North and the South agreed to solve reunification questions of the Korea independently, in the way of federal formula by the efforts of Korean people themselves at the North-South Joint declaration, the USA should radically change their policy towards Korea, which has been carried in the cold wartime, and withdraw their troops from South Korea. USA should also response affirmatively to the call of changing Armistice Agreement with peace agreement and establishing new peace keeping systems in Korea.

AAPSO which has been supporting the reunification of Korea from its beginning of foundation, reaffirms its constant supports and solidarity to the Korean people in their struggle to realize the reunification of Korea independently and peacefully in the way of federation formula as the North and the South agreed.
Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain
Secretary-General of AAPSO

* 24/10/2002

DPRK And Nuclear Weapons

After a long silence of their nuclear programme, Democratic Republic of Korea has openly come out in admitting that they were in the process of developing nuclear weapons. This statement contradicts their earlier pronouncement that DPRK had frozen their nuclear programme as they had committed for the nuclear non-proliferation treaty which they signed.

The world at large and specially the peace loving people who are friendlier to the DPRK is at a dilemma to understand this contradiction which is far from a positive contribution to the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula and the peace and stability of the entire North East Asia.
AAPSO expresses its deep concern about this statement and would consider it appropriate, if a clear clarification is made so that there would not be any misconception among peace forces in the world.