AAPSO Message to The World

AAPSO MESSAGE to the World Summit on Small Island Developing States Port-Louis, Mauritius, 10-14 January 2005


to the World Summit on Small Island Developing States
Port-Louis, Mauritius, 10-14 January 2005


The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organisation-AAPSO- expresses its deep satisfaction regarding the timely holding of the World Forum on Small Island Developing States in a country that has just been subjected to

the impact of the earthquake which has provoked the most horrible consequences of the generated tsunamis all over the Indian Ocean.

While expressing its deep sorrow and grief over the losses of hundreds of thousands of lives, AAPSO presents its condolences to the families of the victims, to the governments and the peoples of all affected countries.

This cataclysmic event has demonstrated that people of all nations on the Earth may still be at the mercy of unpredictable natural disasters causing huge tolls of deaths, immeasurable catastrophes  of devastation and destruction. Vulnerable Small Islands appear to be dangerously exposed to the devastating effects of such tragedy leaving their people in a state of permanent fears, wondering about the future with deep feeling of uncertainties along with the possibility to be swept away from the world map.

Moreover, the effects of such disasters, amid that of climate change due to global warming already felt everywhere, have very serious consequences on socio-economic achievements of these small Islands because of being possibly destroyed in a very short time, not to mention other odds like humanitarian crisis, spreading of diseases, eco-system problems, threatening the economic improvement and advantages of some of those who managed to have best performed.

AAPSO is of the view that, owing to their specific characteristics in terms of size ( vulnerability with regard to the changing state of Nature); population ( demographic issue and relevant human resources) and development ( limited capacity and possibility of development), the issues of Small Island developing countries should deserve  due and particular attention from the side of international community and should be listed among the top priorities of its agenda. This mainly requires  promotion and strenghtening of inter-Island relationship for the sake of common interest and mutual benefit, reinforcement of international solidarity with these countries within the South-South and North-South cooperation as well as intensified implementation and careful monitoring of activities related to United Nations decisions relevant to issues of Small Island countries.

The Small Islands developing countries are far from being immune from the neferious effects of globalization, being increasingly marginalised.

It is overwhelmingly known that Small Island nations encounter serious challenges as of being subjected to fierce competition of great countries over attaining profit gains by using their territory as a safe haven for fructifying and laundering money, for fiscal evasion, drug trafficking, sexual exploitation in tourism.

Speaking of Small  Islands in general, we should not forget that millions of peoples in some of these countries still live under colonialist regime of some sorts at this very 21st Century, not to mention of being used as military bases of foreign powers.

AAPSO hopes that the World Summit will give new impetus to the resolving the issues of Small Island developing countries and wishes the Conference a very big success.