Report on the Activities of AAPSO's Permanent Secretariat March 2007

AAPSO’s Permanent Secretariat carried out some activities during March inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. These activities are as follows:

Activities prepared by AAPSO’s Permanent Secretariat at its headquarters

1- A number of meetings of the Secretariat of the Arab social Forum (Cairo Sector)
The meetings were held at the Headquarters of AAPSO.

2- A meeting to revitalize the Afro- Asian Writers’ Association
21/3/2007 at the headquarters of AAPSO.

Press releases issued by AAPSO’s Permanent Secretariat

1- ”International Women’s’ Day” 7/3/2007.

2- AAPSO statement on Trade in Goods, Services, and Commodities” sent to the UNCTAD meeting in Geneva from 19-23 March 2007.

Activities in which AAPSO’s Permanent Secretariat participated outside A.R.E.

1-International Seminar on “ Indo-US Nuclear Deal: India, South Asia, NAM and The Global Order”.
10-12 March 2007, Mumbai,India.
Organized by: The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO), in collaboration with other organizations in India, and the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) and Vikas Adhyayan Kendra (VAK).
Attended by: Mr. E. A. Vidyasekera and Ms. Hamsa Abd El-Hamid.

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1- Booklet on Issues of Peace and Security Number (196) under the title “ Blix Commission Report of WMDs and NATO and the US Plans in the Middle East.”

2-Booklet on Issues of Peace and Security Number (197) under the title “ The New US Strategy on Iraq and Egypt – Iran two pillars for prevention of Sunnite-Shiite Conflict in the Middle East”

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