Report on the Activities of AAPSO's Permanent Secretariat April 2007

AAPSO’s Permanent Secretariat carried out some activities during April inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. These activities are as follows:

Activities Prepared by AAPSO’s Permanent Secretariat at its headquarters:

1- The AAPSO Permanent Secretariat had issued a statement on the Freeing on bail of Luis Posada Carriles, a well known terrorist who masterminded the bombing of Cuban aircraft in 1976.

2- A condolence massage on the assassination of the Nagasaki Mayor.

Activities in which AAPSO’s Permanent Secretariat participated outside A.R.E.:

1- A Seminar on “ Revenge for our War-Prisoners “

The participants expressed their great anger towards the bad news which was discovered later in Israeli itself about the curious war crimes against the civil and military prisoners in Sinai during the war 1967.

Organized by: The Social Arab Forum and the Eltagamou party
4/4/2007 at the headquarters of the Eltagamou party
Attended by: Ms . Eman Abdul Maqsoud

2- The Global Day for Darfur under the title “Time is running out…….. Let’s protect Darfur ”

A documentary Film had been shown under the title “Jihad on Horseback’ which shown live testimonies made by Darfurians victim followed by a presentation made by other Sudanese about the latest developments in Darfur. There was an exhibition of pictures to show the humanitarian crisis and a music show for the “Dena fioncat” team. Finally all audience members observed a moment of silence for the Darfur victims.

29/4/2007 at the Cairo Centre for the Human Right Studies
Attended by Ms. Maha Salam