No To Killing The Innocent In Iraq

P.R:3/Arab Sec/3-3-2004

A number of explosions rocked Kabala and Baghdad killing 182 and injuring 465 persons during the Shiite celebrations commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. These blasts targeted sacred religious Shiites sites.

This criminal act was perpetrated against the Iraqi people and their unity which is the most important weapon that must be secured today to resist occupation and achieve independence.

The terrible explosions victimized innocent citizens who were only performing religious rites. This cannot not in any way be considered a form of resistance. For resistance should be directed against the occupier and their forces, not against the sons of simple Iraqi people who endured abominable suffering in the past and today still suffer from suppression, occupation and terrorism.

AAPSO that differentiates between resistance acts against the occupier or violator of the land of others and terrorism committed against peoples adding to their pain and affliction, strongly condemns events in Kabala and Baghdad perpetrated against humanity. Moreover, it expresses its profound grief and condolences to the Iraqi people in general and families of victims in particular and warns that this aggressive act targets the unity of the Iraqi people. We call upon them to hold on their unity steadfastly regardless of all criminal attempts to undermine it.

Yes to resistance in Iraq against the occupiers
and colonialists.

No to terrorism in Iraq against the Iraqi people.