Syria is subjected to Terrorism

PR.10/Arbe Sec/29-4-2004
Doc: 4/4/2004

A terrorist group launched an attack against the Canadian embassy and residence of the British ambassador in Mazza district in Damascus ñ Syria and caused the destruction of the UN building and killed several victims.

A weapons cache was discovered in a house nearly 20 klms. South of Damascus, a matter that confirms the existence of a plan to launch more terrorist attacks inside Damascus and undermine stability in Syria.

These terrorist attacks complete the chain of similar acts perpetrated in Saudi Arabia and Jordan as well as against the Iraqi people, their lives and unity. The killing of innocent Arab civilians reveals that the perpetrators falsely allege that they are targeting the enemies or occupiers. However, these acts are but the other side of occupation, invasion, aggression and siege, the other face of hegemony schemed by occupation.

In fact, hegemony and terrorism are both sides of the same coin.

AAPSO condemns this terrorist and criminal act committed in Mazza district in Damascus and reconfirms its support with Syria, its people and government against the threats confronting them that are escalating day by day.