National & International Organizations

1) Dear Hamsa

This is sad news, and our solidarity at this difficult time for the organisation
Will come back to you on the invitation and discussion

Sandeep Chachra
International Coordinator
Action Aid International


2) I pass on sympathies for APPSO's loss from our staff and Board.

Daryl Kimball,
Executive Director,
Arms Control Association (Washington, D.C.)


3) Central Committee Comunist Party of Cuba
Havana, 19 December 2007
Mr. Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain
Secretary General
AAPSO, Cairo

Esteemed Secretary General,

The news on the passing away of Dr. Morad Ghaleb, President of AAPSO, has deeply shocked us. He was an eminent personality and good friends of Cuba, who served well his county and the Arab world throughout all his life.
We hereby convey to AAPSO leadership and the family and friends our sorrow for the loss of our close and dearest friend.


Morad Ghaleb, ex-Foreign Minister of Egypt, was a hard working man full of wisdom and goodwill; he dedicated his life to the benefit of the noble causes of the people of the world.
We shall not forget him.
We remember his memorable visit to Cuba during OSPAAAL Conference as an important moment of the good relations between our two peoples.
Accept our deepest condolences.

Fernando Remirez de Estenoz
Head of the International Department


4) Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain
General Secretary AASPO
Dear Nouri Hussain,
On behalf of the Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament I wish to express the deepest condolences to the sudden passing away of the president Morad Ghaleb and ask you to kindly convey our sincere sympathy to his family.
It is our sincere hope the AAPSO will continue to grow and play important roles in safeguarding the regional and world peace, and promoting development under the leadership of you and the permanent Secretariat.
Niu Qiang
Secretary General CPAPD
5)Please accept our deapest sympathy on the death of the president of AAPSO.
EEDDA will never forget his contribution in the movement of human rights and peace.
Best regards

Dr Marie Lavrentiadou
President of EEDDA


6) Mr. Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain,
General Secretary,

Dear friend,
Please accept from the International Association of Democratic Lawyers and on my own behalf condolances on the sad demise of Dr. Murad Ghaleb, President of AAPSO. He was an outstanding international leader who consistently worked for peace, human rights and development in the world. He served the Egyptian people in different capacities. He was an extremely capable minister and a skillful diplomat. As President of AAPSO for almost 10 years he devoted considerable time and attention to its various activities. He death is a great loss not only for AAPSO but to the international movement for peace , friendship and development. He has left a void which is difficult to fill.
We in the International Association of Democratic Lawyers deeply mourn his death and offer our condolences to AAPSO , his family ,collegues and friends.
With you in grief,

Jitendra Sharma
International Association of Democratic Lawyers


7) A very sad new indeed.
We lost a great figure of the afro-asian movement.
On behalf of Mehdi Ben Barka's family, I present all my
condolences to his family and to the AAPSO family

Bachir Ben Barka
President of the Mehdi Ben Barka Institute


8) Havana, December 19, 2007
Comrade Nouri Abdul Razzak Hussain
General Secretary of AAPSO
Dear comrade,
With deep pain we have received the sad news of the decease of the valued comrade Dr. Morad Ghaleb, President of the Afro – Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization (AAPSO).
The long and consequent public life of Dr. Ghaleb in the foreign service of the Arab Republic of Egypt and as President of AAPSO earned him our respect and admiration. We will always remember his solidary and decided support to the struggles of our oppressed Third World peoples, particularly of Africa and Asia, in defense of national independence, self-determination, development and justice.
The Executive Secretariat of the Organization of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAAL), with whom Dr. Ghaleb maintained close relations of collaboration and friendship, requests you to convey our heartfelt condolences to his relatives and comrades from AAPSO´s Permanent Secretariat.
In brotherhood,


Alfonso Fraga Pérez
Secretary General


9) To the Permanent Secretariat of AAPSO

The World Peace Council is expressing its sincere condolences to the Afro Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organisation for the loss of Dr. Morad Ghaleb, president of AAPSO and outstanding personality of the struggle for peace and friendship of the peoples. Comrade Morad Ghaleb proved throughout his lifetime to be not only a state leader and prominent figure of Egypt and the Arab world,but also a genuine fighter for the rights and just causes of the peoples fighting for the freedom and sovereignty. He will be remembered as an example for the younger generations.
You are kindly requested to convey our condolences as well to the family of the late comrade.

On behalf of the WPC

Thanassis Pafilis
General Secretary WPC