Aggravation of the situation in Libya

In light of the dangerous conditions in Libya, AAPSO expresses its deep concern about the military escalation, which increases the crisis situation in Libya and threatens the security and stability of the neighboring countries of Libya and the region, including the Mediterranean area.

Hence, AAPSO advocates that the military conflict should be ceased and confirms that there is no alternative to a political settlement, as it is the only solution to restore security and stability in Libya and to eradicate terrorism, and that will impact the whole region. 

On the other hand, AAPSO refuses the foreign interferences in Libya and stresses the need to prevent it, as it contributes to facilitating the movement of foreign terrorist extremist fighters to Libya. Also, AAPSO refuses the violation of international resolutions on the arms embargo, as it threatens the security of the neighboring countries of Libya and the region as a whole.

AAPSO also stresses the need to adhere to Libya’s unity, sovereignty, territorial integrity and national cohesion, to refuse any kind of foreign interference, to support the political process through the full implementation of Skhirat Agreement 17/12/2015 as it is the only reference for the settlement in Libya, and to necessarily involve the neighboring countries in the international efforts aiming to support Libyans in settling the Libyan crisis.