Moscow Declaration

On November 29, 2019, the International Committee for Supporting Palestinian People met in Moscow, Russia capital, in the presence of: AAPSO President, AAPSO Secretary-General, President of International Committee for Supporting Palestinian People, Secretary-General of International Committee for Supporting Palestinian People, Head of AAPSO’s International Section and representatives from the following countries: the Russian Federation, Japan, Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Bahrain, Lebanon, Palestine, Nepal, Srilanka. The participants released the following statement:

As we believe in the right of peoples to self-determination and that each people have their own independent national state and since we are aware that the Palestinian people is the only remaining people in the world that is still under the odious military occupation, has not attained their independence, and their legitimate rights are still usurped. 

Also, as we are convinced that the entire world has assumed its responsibilities towards ending this odious military occupation and it is necessary to establish an independent Palestinian state.

We, the members of International Committee for Supporting Palestinian People, declare the following:

First: Rejecting all the arbitrary measures taken by the Israeli occupation authorities against the Palestinian people, whether the Judaization of Jerusalem, the acquisition of lands in the West Bank and establishing settlements, the blockade of Gaza Strip and the ongoing military aggression against it, the continuously detention of Palestinians, or the confiscation of Palestinian funds, and also those measures aiming to undermine the Palestinian authority, to abdicate all previous Palestinian agreements, and to deny the establishment of independent Palestinian state.

Second: Condemning the Israeli aggression, in all its forms, against the Palestinian people in Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and all the Palestinian territories.

Third: Denouncing and rejecting the US policies that perpetuate the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and contribute in liquidating the just Palestinian question, starting with recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transferring the US embassy location to Jerusalem, stopping the financial aid provided for UNRWA organization that sponsors the Palestinian refugees, closing the office of Palestine Liberation Organization in the U.S., legalizing the settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories in violation of international laws and resolutions, and even preparing a project to completely liquidate the Palestinian question “deal of the century”, which denies the legitimate rights of Palestinian people in establishing an independent state on all the Palestinian territories that were occupied during the aggression of June 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Fourth: Adhering to the resolutions of international legitimacy regarding the Palestinian issue, to the Arab Peace Initiative 2002 and the arrangement of its principles as announced at the Arab Summit in Beirut, which makes the normalization of Arab-Israeli relations a next step to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine and to recover all the legitimate rights of Palestinians.. The Committee calls upon all the Arab countries to adhere to such initiative that was underlined in the recent Arab summit, for facing the suspicious projects aiming to liquidate the Palestinian question.

Fifth: Calling the Palestinian people to end immediately the division that weakens them in facing the Israeli occupation and encourages the U.S. to move forward in liquidating their question and usurping their legitimate rights.. This requires a sincere response to the Egyptian efforts in this regard and a commitment to implement the agreements resulting from such efforts to complete the Palestinian reconciliation that will strengthen the Palestinians, contribute to end the suffering of Gaza people, and help in conducting inclusive elections in all of the Palestinian territories in order to make the Palestinian authority able to resist all the attempts of liquidating the Palestinian question. Hence, we pay special tribute to Egypt for its efforts in restoring the Palestinian national unity.

Sixth: Calling upon all the free people in the world to support the Palestinian people and urging all the world’s countries, through the UN General Assembly, of the United Nations, the Arab League, the African Union, the European Union and all regional organizations in Asia and Latin America, to declare recognition of the independent state of Palestine and to not recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel nor transferring the locations of embassies to Jerusalem, in order to not lose the friendship of Arab and Islamic peoples... We pay special tribute to Morocco, which chairs the Jerusalem Committee, for its efforts to protect the Arab identity of Jerusalem.

Seventh: Paying special tribute to the Palestinian leadership for its resilience in the face of all attempts to liquidate the Palestinian question.

Eighth: Calling upon the Russian Federation to have a greater role in the Middle East and the Palestinian issue. Also, we want to thank and pay tribute to Russia, as leaders and people, and to the Russian Solidarity Committee for its persistent attitudes towards the rights of Palestinian people and their just cause... and also for the good hosting of this meeting.

Long live the struggle of Palestinian people