Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization supports the Sudanese People

The Organization of Afro- Asian Peoples' Solidarity has followed with great interest the great and continuous movement of the people of Sudan, which aims to lift the Sudan out of its crises and build a modern democratic state free of the control of extremist Islamic political groups.

The AAPSO trusts that the Sudanese people with their national army, after cleansing their ranks of the extremist religious movement, are capable of overcoming the challenges of the current transitional period with their serious challenges, in order to achieve what the Sudanese people aspire to political stability, sustainable development and national justice.

The AAPSO warns of the interference of some countries in the affairs of the Sudan, because the formulation of its future is the responsibility of its people alone, away from any dictates or guardianship to reproduce the old regime whose head has been eliminated, or the continued control of the current political Islam groups in a new form.

The AAPSO supports the choices of the Sudanese people and what will be agreed upon between them and their armed forces at this crucial stage in Sudan's history. The AAPSO appeals to all the peoples of the world to support Sudan and help it achieve a peaceful transition to a better future, so as to achieve the legitimate aspirations of this great people.