China-Europe-Africa: Dialogue of People to People Cooperation

The delegation of AAPSO includes Prof. Nourhan Elsheikh, Prof. of Political Science, Cairo University and Prof. Amany ElHedeni, Prof. of Political Science, Cairo University.

Along a week from Friday, 14 September till Thursday, 20 September, the conference that was organized by Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD) on: Security, Peace and Development was held. This conference was a part of commemorative event for the international day of peace. The conference session were held in Beijing and Nanjing and was organized logistically wise very well.

Through long and constructive and various agenda and more than four visits to the Chinese sights, about 48 Chinese participant and 80 foreign invitee have participated by presentation or comments in the conference. The conference has launched by an official speech addressed by the vice minister of international department of the CPC central committee and the general secretary of peace council, then moving in the next day to plenary sessions that form the forum of peace and how to work together to promote World Peace from different perspectives and different angles.

The presentations have focused on the Asian-African development models. The presentations suggested three ways to Asia helps Africa as following:
• Ensuring a mutual beneficial partnership between Asia and Africa.
• Sharing the Asian valuable Experience in development model.
• Building much needed capacity in African.
• Activating the south-south dialogue for further cooperation.

As a representative for AAPSO, I was speaker in the two conferences. In Beijing My presentation was on “Security challenges and the Way for Peace in Africa”. In Nanjing my presentation was titled: “Toward Global Security Governance”.