Trump administration ends UNRWA funding

Trump administration has decided to cancel all U.S. funding provided to UNRWA, (The United Nations Relief and works Agency for Palestine Refugees)

estimated at about 300 million dollars, the matter that caused a major crisis for the agency, putting it in a great dilemma which made it unable to provide basic services for more than 5.6 million dollars Palestinian refugee in the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria .The main aim of this decision is to end the right of return for Palestinian refugees guaranteed by UN Security Council Resolution 194, and to reduce their number from six million to less than half a million.

The AAPSO believes that this decision is part of the US and Israeli government plans to eradicate the constants of the Palestinian cause in establishing an independent state with East Jerusalem its capital, the right of return for all Palestinian refugees, and restructuring of the peace process, which emphasized by the decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and consider it as the united capital of Israel. Such these decisions taken by the US administration not only disturb the Middle East peace process and the two-state solution, but also directly threat stability and security in the region, leading to widespread frustration, despair and extremism, thus opening doors to terrorist and extremist groups to carry out more terrorist acts that strike at international peace and security.

AAPSO strongly condemns these disastrous and racist decisions, which worsen the situation, and calls on the international community and the United Nations to intervene quickly to end the crisis and to commit to support UNRWA Agency, especially with the upcoming UN General Assembly.

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