The Afro-Asian Peoples'Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) welcomes the important steps that have been taken to achieve comprehensive Palestinian reconciliation. The Egyptian official efforts that sponsored this reconciliation are appreciated.

The AAPSO welcome the position of the Palestinian Fatah and Hamas movements towards reconciliation, and the understanding and keenness on the Palestinian-Palestinian dialogue. The Palestinian reconciliation confirms the strength of the Palestinian will in the interest of the homeland. And the extent to which Fatah and Hamas leaders understand that the time has come to end the differences and put the interests of the Palestinian people in front of their eyes, and the recognition that all parties have lost the conflict.

The importance of national reconciliation lies in the Palestinians' success in confronting all the Israeli quirks to block their access to more of the West Bank, carrying out further Judaization of East Jerusalem, continuing the siege of the Gaza Strip and depriving the Palestinians of their freedom.

The Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) stressed that the reconciliation step is an opportunity to achieve peace in the region, provided that all sides reach an agreement to end the Palestinian division and achieve comprehensive reconciliation and hope that the Palestinian reconciliation will go ahead and overcome all obstacles and challenges.