With the passing of 72 years since Hiroshima and Nagasaki were attacked with atomic bombs, the world is at a juncture of decisive turns towards the abolition of nuclear weapons. We are now at the crossroads whether to mark a step forward to a nuclear weapon free world or to continue to be exposed to the threat of nuclear annihilation.

Abolishing nuclear weapons is essential for building peaceful and just world based on the principles of the UN charter providing the equality of all nations and peaceful solution of conflicts, and that was why the united nation in general assembly in its first resolution called for "elimination of all atomic weapons" .Now it is the time for the international community to get united to act for achieving this goal.

Afro Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization – AAPSO urges all the nuclear weapons states to implement the "unequivocal undertaking "to abolish nuclear weapons, and urges the next NPT review conference to take a concrete steps forward towards swiftly concluding a treaty to totally ban and eliminate nuclear weapons. For this purpose, we call on the United States and other nuclear weapons states and the permanent members in the UN Security Council to take strong initiatives in the next UN General Assembly, and to implement the resolution of Middle East free zone from weapons of mass destruction.

Humanity can not coexist with nuclear weapons, and to achieve a nuclear weapon free world, we must break away from the notion of nuclear deterrence or any other fallacies that regard nuclear weapons as means for security.

The reliance on the nuclear umbrella provided by a superpower for the pretext of peace and security only leads to more tensions and nuclear proliferation.

The modernization, maintenance and consolidation of existing nuclear arsenal should be stooped immediately.

Finally AAPSO calls on all the states and peoples around the world to work in global solidarity towards a nuclear free world.