The Permanent Secretariat salutes the victory achieved by the Palestinian people and the Jerusalemites particularly in the victory of Al-Aqsa battle. The people of Jerusalem showed their national unity that thwarted the Israeli occupation plans and broke its intransigence in continuing the arbitrary measures such as inspection the worshipers through electronic gates and other aggressive provocations.

The unity of the Jerusalemites and the Palestinians, and their using all forms of struggle from the popular resistance to the struggle against the settlements, the Judaization of East Jerusalem and the excessive violence against the Palestinian citizens led to these positive results.

The decisive action of the Palestinian authority to cut off connections with the Israeli occupation authorities as a result of Al-Aqsa crisis has had an important impact, in addition to international and regional pressure, in order to thwart this plan.

The Secretariat also salutes the effective Jordanian role in full coordination with the Palestinian National Authority and the national forces in Jerusalem, where they played an important role in achieving this victory and preventing the Israeli plan to turn the struggle of the Jerusalemites into a religious war.

The Secretariat considers this victory as an impetus for the achievement of the largest Palestinian unity among all the Palestinian factions and to work to strengthen and activate the PLO as the sole representative of the Palestinian people and all the Palestinian forces, especially the Palestinian National Authority, to achieve victories to achieve a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Permanent Secretariat of Solidarity