The Afro Asian Solidarity Organization salutes and congratulates the Iraqi people, their valiant armed forces and the Iraqi government for the historic victory of liberating Mosul from Daesh the clutches of the world's ugliest terrorist organization.

This victory is considered a great victory for the Iraqi people in all its sects and customs and all its ethnic and national components. The Iraqi people, especially the cities occupied by Daesh a cruel organization, including the city of Mosul, were met with horrors that were not heard in the history of Iraq from Hulaku and the invasion of the Tartars.

The solution of the problem on Iraq after the liberation of Mosul is no less important than the liberation process because the reasons that led to the extension of Daesh in Iraq's occupation and occupation of Iraqi cities one by one are still hidden in the Iraqi fabric and have not taken serious and serious measures to eradicate them. The causes and treatment of the dangers coming will not be less catastrophic than the previous one.

It is needed an urgent plan to restore the wounds of the Iraqi people and to reassure their sects, especially the Sunni community, that the violations committed must be stopped so as not to repeat the tragedy once again. The government and the prime minister have the historic responsibility of restoring the Iraqi fabric and asserting Iraq's independence. It should certainly not be dependent on any regional or international forces and the elimination of corruption, all of which are important signs that confirmed Iraqi's progress in the right direction.

The future is difficult and complex but the victory of Mosul can give a strong impetus to the Iraqi people to march on the right path.