The Afro-Asian Peoples 'Solidarity Organization considered the missile strike on Shoaira airbase in Syria, is an obvious aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic and the Syrian people.

This unilateral and provacative act by the United States constitutes a flagrant challenge to international legitimacy. This step lacks any resolution from the Security Council or the United Nations, which reminds us of the occupation of Iraq in 2003 .That, was based on the same unilateral and defiance of the international community on false causes.

The aggression with chemical weapons on Khan Sheikhan in Adlib, a crime against humanity, has caused dozens of victims of diffrent ages. The immediate condemnation of the Syrian regime as the executor of this process is not based on any proof. The international investigation has not yet taken place. The matter is still before the Security Council. In addition to what is known, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the specialized agencies of the United Nations are aware that the Syrian armed forces had gotrid of all of its stock piles of chemical weapons in 2013 under the US-Russian agreement and under the supervision of the United Nations and its specialized agencies.

Trump's administration is once again bringing American aggression back into the international arena, ignoring international institutions such as the Security Council and the United Nations mandate to issue such resolutions under Chapter VII.

The political dimensions of this aggressive process are serious, and they have given impetus to the terrorist forces, in particular Isis and El Nosra, and their message to the countries and forces supporting them to rise their aggressive activites. This is a setback of the achievements made in the political track, whether the five Geneva conferences or the Istana conferences and others. This aggressive act by the United States constitutes a support to the forces of terrorism and increases the agony of the Syrian tragedy. That the immediate support given by some countries to the strike reflects their narrow interests and aggressive objectives towards the Syrian people, and will lead to the prolongation of their suffering.

The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization, while condemning the criminal use of chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhan, demands the Security Council and the United Nations and its specialized agencies to start an immediate and neutral investigation to know the perpetrators of this crime, while at the same time denouncing the missile strike of the Air Force base as an act of aggression against Syria neglecting the regulations and the International norms.

The Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization calls upon all the progressive forces and organizations of the world, and those who defend the right to assert respect for international legitimacy and to speed up the peaceful negotiations to end the civil war in Syria on the bases reached by the negotiating powers. Any delay in the solution is a crime against the Syrian people.