Arab Solidarity Meeting
Final Declaration
29-30 March 2017

Arab Solidarity meeting held in Tunisia 29-30 March 2017, has argued the Palestinian people's right to self-determine their own destiny and get their freedom from the most horrific occupation, especially it is the only people in the world who is not liberated yet and has not been given their independence, and subjected to oppression, abuse and apartheid.

For sake of implementing the recommendations of the 10th congress of AAPSO that held in Morocco - Rabat 2016, called for proclaiming 2017 the year of ending the Israeli occupation to Palestine, recognizing the dangers threatening the Palestinian case, whether internally related to the Palestinian Palestinian division, or on the Arabic level where the official and public attention to the Palestinian issue are declined, and internationally the great powers are seeking to impose unfair solution for the Palestinians and the Arabs, and we are believing that the coordination and official cooperation among the Governments of the Arabic countries is not sufficient and does not replace the popular Arab support for Palestine and its case, which is more required now than ever.

We the representatives of the Arab solidarity committees gathered in Tunisia 29th and 30th of March 2017, invited by the Tunisian solidarity committee which organized and held this meeting that coincided with the anniversary of the Earth's Day, and the meeting of the Arab presidents and leaders in the Dead sea summit held in Jordan; we declare the following resolutions and recommendations:

Firstly: Reaffirming our commitment to the two-state solution to the Palestinian problem and reject all Israeli and American attempts aimed at destroying this solution or changing it, and rejecting the intention of the United States of America to transfer its embassy to occupied Jerusalem.

Secondly: Rejecting the Arab acceptance of the Israeli Jewish state, this was a condition set by the Israeli government to resume negotiations with the Palestinians because it destroys the Palestinian dream of having the independent state over its territories that were occupied in 1967, and takes the Palestinians of 48 to unknown fate inside this state.

Thirdly: rejecting all the suspicious projects that are introduced now and the attempts to impose them on the Palestinians and Arabs, to resettle the Palestinians out of their territories, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, specifically in Sinai "Egypt", Jordan and Lebanon, and insisting on having the Palestinian state over all its territories that were occupied in 1967 with Jerusalem the capital.

Fourthly: Organizing international popular campaigns among civil society organizations, particularly human rights organizations, to reveal and expose the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinians and their rights, oppression and discrimination and besieging them. And what they do systematically and orderly to Judaize Jerusalem the Holy City for all Arabs and Muslims and the whole world, also the planned expansion of settlements through constructing and expanding settlements in the west bank, and the siege on Gaza strip.

Demanding the immediate release of the Palestinian prisoners from the Israeli jails, the International Committee to support Palestine will do this role; this committee was agreed to be formed by Mr. Talea' Saoud Al Atlasi as its president at the 10th congress of AAPSO held in Rabat- Morocco in October 2016, so we are calling for a rapid completion of its composition and activation and give all the required support by the Secretariat of AAPSO.

Fifth: Urge the Palestinians to end the divisions rapidly as Israel was encouraged to continue the killings, arrests, houses demolitions, lands confiscations and besieging.
Adopt an independent dialogue among themselves, and to denounce and reject the attempts by some Arab regimes to maintain these divisions, this affected the Palestinian national unity and undermined the legitimate leadership of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Sixth: Reject the start of any Arab normalization with the Zionist entity in all forms of political, economic and cultural, tourism and sports, before fully recognizes the rights of the Palestinian people in freedom and independence, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State on the occupied territories from 1967 with east Jerusalem as its capital and to recognize the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their land.
Demanding the Arab governments that have no diplomatic relations with Israel to cease the attempts of dialogue with representatives of Israel, or visit it for this sake. Until Israel declares expressly accepting the relevant international resolutions, the Arab peace initiative. Inviting the Governments of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to set with the Palestinian Liberation Organization's on the basis of negotiations and the basic principles of solution, to be strongly supportive to the Palestinians in any Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, and all these parties should have a role.

Seventh: Demanding the Arab governments and the Arab League after the Arab support to provide a decent life for Palestinians everywhere, to provide food, shelter and work as well as social, health and educational services, especially those who are in Lebanon camps.

Eighth: Insisting on a fair solution for the Palestinian issue should be accompanied with ending the Israeli occupation to all the occupied Arab territories in Lebanon and Syria, and this is the main Arab condition in any solution with Israel to implement the Arabic peace initiative.

Ninth: Seeking to establish more Arab solidarity committees in the countries where there are no solidarity committees, and to establish more solidarity committees in the continents of Asia and Africa; because they create networks of more popular communication among the two continents, and allows us to have support for our main and central case which is the Palestinian case, especially that these committees will be founded on the same principles of national liberation that our organization and the national committees were based on, and also encourage the establishment of private associations to support Palestine, that act as the civil society organizations same as what exists in Morocco and Bahrain for example, the Arab committees within the same context welcome and support the Tunisian committee's initiative to establish a preparatory committee for the formation of the Asia-Africa Women's Association for the advancement of women in the two continents.

Tenth: confirming all resolutions of the preceding meetings regarding the situations in the Arab countries generally and their relations between each other, and to resolve differences peacefully, renounce all the disputes and conflicts that have weakened us, while emphasizing solidarity in the fight against terrorism.

All the representatives of the Arab solidarity committees are welcoming the return of Morocco to the African Union, which will contribute to strengthen the African efforts in peace, unity and development paths.

Finally; all the gathering here would like to thank and appreciate the Tunisian Solidarity Committee and its leadership for its commendable efforts for the success of this Conference.

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people to achieve their freedom, independence and all legitimate rights.

Representatives of the Arab Solidarity Committees

Tunisia 30th of March 2017