Final Statement of AAPSO's Tenth Congress under the slogan of "Together against terrorism"

We the representatives of the national committees of Afro-Asian Peace and solidarity movements as well as the peace committees and the participants of the tenth congress of AAPSO held in Morocco- Rabat; are so concerned with the suffer of our peoples from the dangerous cross borders and multi nationalities terrorism, which is more brutal and violent than any other terrorism we suffered from before, its organizations owns the latest weapons same like the regular armies, and they have renewable financial resources and a great ability to attract the youth, in addition to the wide usage of the visual, readable and electronic media.. The most dangerous thing is that this terrorism aimed at undermining our national countries and dividing them into small countries to easily be controlled and intervened then having a fascist dictatorship rule imposed on our peoples.

This is accompanied with the political rise of the racist and extremist powers in Europe and the United states of America, where these powers are having hostile attitudes towards peoples of our continents (Africa and Asia), this is also accompanied by different economic crises resulted from the global economic crisis that affected the whole world, also some unstable economic and political conditions in some of our countries in addition to armed conflicts in other countries.

This huge danger that threatens us all requires a full conscious, complete confrontation and cooperation between all of us; in order to protect ourselves and our national countries as well as saving our interests and security and destroy all the plans that aimed to impose the foreign hegemony on us.
We the members of the tenth AAPSO congress ask all parties to stick to the peaceful solution in all the conflicts in our world that mainly exist in our continents (Africa and Asia).

We are insisting on the developing countries right in the sustainable development that provides basic precautions for their people and this needs a just international economic system, provides equal opportunities in development and helps in reducing the gap between the developed and developing countries refusing the monopolize of science and technology and their usage by few number of countries.
We as the members of the tenth AAPSO's congress are strictly defending the entities of our national countries against these plans that target its undermining and dividing some of it and insistently refusing any intervention in our peoples affairs from any foreign power and under any pressure.

We also as the members of the tenth AAPSO's congress believe that the war against terrorism should be global and inclusive not a selective war like what happens now by striking one group and ignore the danger of the other violent and terrorist groups or fighting terrorism in one country and ignore its danger in other countries... This war should not be only a security and armed confrontation but should include a serious confrontation against the extremist religious thought that created subhuman monsters that slaughter, kill and destroy.

We can win our war against terrorism by our inclusive cooperation.. And as we are members of popular committees, we have an important and effective role in our war against terrorism through what we do in confronting the principles of extremism, intolerance and discrimination then spread the principles of tolerance, equity and common living in our societies.

We the representative of solidarity committees stress on the need of our countries to move forward in the way of the political reform in order to have a modern democratic countries for our peoples based on the citizenship and don't differentiate between citizens based on gender or tone, or social, religious, race, sectarian and political belonging.

In the tenth congress of AAPSO, we are so concerned and worried about the continuous conflict in Syria now that warns about a long complete destruction for the Syrian country as well as an inclusive deterioration in the Middle East region. We demand all to do more effort in calming the situation and stop the aggressive battles allover Syria , in addition to the prohibition of any support to the violent and terrorist groups by some foreign and non foreign countries, and have the negotiations as a base to solve the Syrian crisis, this is in addition to the political movement process as per the resolution of Security council no. 2554, as there is no fair and permanent solution for the current Syrian crisis unless through a political process that fulfill the legitimate expectations of the Syrian people, accomplish the independence and protect the country from division and save its unity.

The congress support the Iraqis and their army in their battle against ISIS and destroy them in Mosul, refusing all the international interventions in the Iraqi issue, including the Turkish military infiltration in the Iraqi territory, stressing on the unity of Iraq and its right to have a national democratic country with social justice.

Our congress warns about what is Libya facing now after some terrorist groups dominated parts of its territories, and some terrorist elements stayed in Libya as their shelter after being chased in Iraq and Syria, then will threat the neighboring countries(Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria) as well as some in the Sahara and some European countries. Our congress demands the necessity of the supporting Libya in facing terrorism as well as supporting its legitimate institutions and stop the ban of supplying its army with weapons... The congress also refuses any foreign intervention in Libya and the intentions of NATO and some European countries to interfere as well, the congress keens on the unity of Libya and the right of the Libyan people to regain the institutional country and achieve the sustainable development.

Our congress highlighted the dangerous situation in Yemen that has many warnings like the division of the country and have endless civil war. We are insisting as members of the congress on negotiations between all the Yemeni sides after an immediate ceasing fire, and stopping all the military international intervention and others, all this in order to reach a political solution that fulfill the expectations of Yemen in peace, security and democratic country. The congress is demanding the necessary humanitarian aids to all those who need them in Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

The members of the congress are stressing on the necessity of ending the Palestinians suffer as they are the only people all over the world who are not independent yet and being oppressed by the Israeli occupation authorities. This will never happen till the solution of two states is revival in order to let the Palestinians have their own independent state on the borders of 1967 with East Jerusalem as the capital. The proposals of the Palestinian delegation of year 2017 will be the year of the ending of the Israeli occupation; was so welcomed. And we demand the International Criminal court to sue the Israeli government for its violent and brutal crimes against the Palestinians.

We declare our solidarity with the Lebanese people and its resistance to free the remaining occupied territories and refuse the repeated Israeli threats to Lebanon. We also support the Lebanese army and security powers in their confrontations against terrorism on the Syrian borders saving its unity, and again we stress on the refusal of any international intervention in the Lebanese issue, understanding the Lebanese need of ending the sectarian doctrinal system which generates infighting and internal division and threaten security, economic and social stability.

The congress see that all the conflicts that the Sudan suffer from in Darfur South Kordofan and the blue Nile, and the results in economic and humanitarian crises; require national consensus to first settle the security issues and then assign reforming plan with its tools of implementation. And as for the South-Sudan, the newest state in the world, the political solution is a must in order to end the war there and this assures that the division of countries increases the problems.

We as the members of the congress would like to congratulate Tunisia for winning the Nobel Prize, and we support the Tunisian people in fighting terrorism and welcome the peaceful political movement within its choice of the peaceful democratic solution at first and practically, despite its geographic location and the threats its facing because of it.

Our Congress support the Moroccan demand to regain its role and presence in the African Union considered a founding country of the African unity context and cherish being part of Africa politically, socially and economically.

The congress stresses on the unity of Morocco, and supports the peaceful solution of the western- Sahara issue through the self determination to maintain the fraternal relations between the Moroccan and Algerian peoples.

The congress pointed at the role of the political power in the Gulf area, especially in Kuwait and Bahrain to achieve the democratic transformation and protect the human rights as well as preserving the national form from any division based on any sectarian bases, reflection to the regional political polarization, defending those who are affected by the austerity policy by some governments based on the Implementation of the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund following the sharp drop in world oil prices.

The tenth congress of AAPSO appeals at a free world from nuclear weapons and all mass destruction weapons, and stop the star wars that threaten our world and create a suitable environment for the terrorist groups, in addition to the importance of solving the environmental issue in a way that doesn't affect our peoples' right in having the sustainable development.

The congress demands solving all the conflicts in the area of South- China Sea in a peaceful way as per the international law and the United Nations convention on the law of the sea 1982, that demands all parties to stop any actions that could affect or threaten the situation in the South- China Sea.

The congress denounced the American J.A.S.T.A law that undermines an international principle prevailed for decades which is legal sovereignty of the national States and opens the door to rob the peoples wealth.
The congress also congratulate the Nepali people for the new reform, aiming at further progress, It appreciated the Nepali delegation's invitation to conduct more dialogues and cooperation between members of the South Asian Association for regional cooperation to contribute to the elimination of terrorism.

The congress refuses all types and sorts of violence, including violence against women and children, also alerts that confronting terrorism requires saving the national cohesiveness from any division that resulted from sectarian bases of the regional political polarization, and also sees that a sincere cooperation against terrorism will save our countries from any risk, and that's why we invite to international conference to face terrorism away from all the unhelpful alignments consisted by the United states and the European countries.

The congress's members think that, this way of economic sanctions is affecting the international cooperation negatively which we need in our war against terrorism. Affecting the people as well as the international peace and security.

The tenth congress decided to open it up for the Latin countries to join AAPSO as full members and encourage them to join and have effective participation.

At the end we would like to thank the permanent secretariat of AAPSO for the great preparation of our tenth congress, aiming at holding regular congresses, and would like also to thank the Moroccan committee for hosting the tenth congress with great hospitality and coordination.

And would like to thank it again for its initiative to host the international solidarity committee with the Palestinian people in Morocco chaired by Mr. Talea Saoud Al Atlasy, and in cooperation with all the national committees in AAPSO.

In this occasion would like to congratulate his majesty the king of Morocco, the government and people on their democratic choice and implementing a constitutional approach to rule, respecting the will of the voters,, maintain the multi- parties system, which develops the suitable context to achieve the Moroccan developmental ambitions and support all the efforts in confronting terrorism.

20th October 2016