The permanent secretariat received with deep sorrow and grief the news of demise of the Palestinian fighter Taysir Qobaa on 21/7/2016.

Taysir Qobaa is a unique fighter who possess principles and flexibility and he gave great achievements to the Palestinian and Arab liberation movements. He was active in leading the Palestinian students Union (GUPS) which has expanded and evolved under his leadership and brought GUPS to the international arena by winning the vice-president seat of the International Union of Students (IUS). Taysir Qobaa and his colleagues in the Palestinian students Union organized a large international seminar held in Cairo in 1965, it was a global forum and meeting to all the international, personably and national figures. It was his initiative when the Executive Committee of the International Union of Students (IUS) held its Executive Committee meeting in Cairo for the first time in 1966. The late was the best representing Palestinian people cause in the international fora. After the six-day war in 1967; he was arrested and jailed in Israeli prisons for three years.

An international campaign conducted by IUS and for his release which had European and international response which resulted in his release by the end of 1970.

Taysir Qobaa settled in Beirut as a member of the political bureau of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and played an important role in the Palestinian resistance, he was also confident by the late martyr Abu Ammar.

Taysir Qobaa was elected vice-president of the national Palestinian council and in the leadership of the Arab parliament till he passed away.

Taysir Qobaa had a charismatic character and a prominent attendance in all meetings and fora, Taysir Qobaa participated in AAPSO's work and attended most of its conferences and presidential committee meetings, his contribution was defending the Palestinian cause, and at the same time supporting the principles of the Afro-Asian Solidarity Movement.

He also contributed to the work of the world peace council and the other international democratic organizations. Taysir Qobaa was a real human being and unique model of a fighter.

AAPSO expresses deep condolences to the Palestinian People, Palestinian liberation organization and his family.

It is a great loss that can't be compensated.
Permanent secretariat