The permanent secretariat is concerned with the continuous bombings in various Iraqi cities and the most serious and devastating bombing was in Al-Karada on the 3rd of July 2016, which left destruction and victims in an unprecedented way and this might reminds us with the brutally bombings of the United states of America in September 11, 2001 or an image of destruction in the second world war. We referred to this incident in conjunction with terrorist incidents that took place in different regions around the world. We are following the bombings in Iraq on a daily basis and this doesn't only indicates the criminal attitude of the groups but this last incident in Kazhimia and this large number of victims was just another act of this series. His Excellency the prime minister admitted that there are security failures and detection devices are not valid. This failure raises the global concern for the lack of solidity of the internal front to face the terrorist acts such as those we face.

The battle of Mosul is so close, after all the victories achieved by the Iraqi armed forces and the space that was dominated by ISIS; shrunk a lot.

This is why terrorism moved in cities either through groups or sleeper cells or lone wolves, so the victory in the battle of Mosul will lead to more terrorist attacks in the cities.

Europe and other cities around the world witnessed severe terrorist incidents, and they had appropriate security measures. However, experience has shown that terrorism is ahead than any precautionary actions because it has the element of surprise attacks. Maintaining the cohesiveness among people and addressing the extremist religious discourse and the revival of fraternity values among the people, all can alleviate terrorism and its damages.

The permanent secretariat has repeatedly declared the seriousness of terrorism and its transformation into a dangerous international phenomenon that tears countries and terrifies Nations and disrupts progress.

Combating terrorism is a national and international responsibility.