The Next Arab summit will be held in Mauritania's capital Nouakchott 25-26 July 2016. This summit will convene in unusual circumstances and in midst of critical challenges facing the Arab Region, as well as threatening the security, stability and unity of many Arab countries.

The expansion of the terrorist forces is one of the main hazards that threaten the entity of Arab countries; especially that the previous Arab summits have not been able to find a final solution to the Arab crises, the bloody conflict in Syria, the Libya's state institutions atrophied, and the conflict in Yemen became more violent, and until now ISIS still controlling some areas in Iraq, in addition to other Iraqi problems.

Afro Asian People's Solidarity Organization calls the Arab Summit to take urgent measures and carry out its decisions towards combating terrorism and finding concrete results to the Arab crises. We urge the summit to adopt an integrated strategy to protect the Arab national security, in addition to facilitate communication among the Arab people.

AAPSO is deeply concerned about the Palestinian issue, as it 's in its worst situation , thus the summit has to promote the Arab peace agreement, reach two state solution , and stop the Israeli settlement that threaten the Palestine borders , and that in addition to solve refugee crisis .

We urge the summit to intensify its efforts to end the Palestinian division, the main obstacle threatening the Palestinian issue.

The permanent Secretariat of AAPSO hopes from this summit and from its new Secretary General to adopt concrete measures serving the Arab People cause.