Nice Terrorist Attack

Afro Asian People's Solidarity Organization strongly condemns the horrific terrorist attack took place in the quite city Nice Southern France , resulted in 85 dead and dozens of injured .


AAPSO has expressed in previous statements it's strongly condemnation to international terrorism in the strongest terms and urged the international community to strengthen cooperation and take urgent measures in combating terrorism.


The recent terrorist attacks have happened during this month in Paris, Karada Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh and Lebanon, remind us that no country could immune itself from the brutality of terrorism that claimed untold victims whether western nor eastern countries .


Thus we urgently call the United Nations and international community to adopt deterrent Strategy towards fighting extremist groups and its supporters, and to put a final solution to the middle east crisis's, as well as the close link between the continuation of the unsolved situation in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and the terror threat to the whole world not only the Arab region.

AAPSO recall the international community and United Nations to take strict actions to fight and eliminate terrorism, and also to put an end to the Middle East crisis.