Aggravation of situation in Syria

Afro Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization AAPSO expresses its deep grief and concern over the deteriorating situation in Syria, especially the situation in Aleppo that has become "catastrophic" amid intensified fighting, and what we witnessed after an airstrike on a pediatric hospital in Syria has killed 50 people.

The continuation of conflict in Syria resulting in violence escalation, increasing of terrorists in Syria, increasing of refugee crises markedly, and here we all must know that the destruction of Syria will portend a long-term destruction in the whole region.

AAPSO calls all parties in Syria to exert all possible efforts to strengthen the truce and to allow the cessation of hostilities that have been raised by some groups such as Al Nosra front , Daash and others, and to help to access humanitarian aid to the affected areas.

Also AAPSO supports and endorses the peaceful negotiating track and the resumption of the Geneva negotiations immediately as it is the only gateway to stop the bloodshed and destruction in Syria. And the political transition according to the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 2254 which lead to end the Syrian conflict, as there is no lasting solution for the Syrian crisis excepts through a political process meet the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people.