AAPSO statement on its 10th congress

The permanent secretariat of the Afro Asian People's Solidarity Organization AAPSO held a meeting headed by Dr. Helmy Al Hadidi the President of AAPSO, with Mr. Talaa Saud Al Atlase the president of the Moroccan Committee for Solidarity, to discuss the AAPSO 10th congress, and the meeting agreed to hold the 10th congress on 19–20 October 2016 in Rabat Morocco under the slogan "together against terrorism."


 The secretariat of AAPSO extends its sincere thanks to the Moroccan committee for its adherent to hold of this important congress, which was decided before at AAPSO 9th congress in Colombo Sri Lanka October 2014, and meanwhile we thank Morocco's King, government and peoples for their generous gesture.

International terrorism is one of the main issues that will be discussed in this congress, whereas this challenge is still threatening the whole world not only the Middle East, and no country can immune itself from this danger.

Now terrorist organizations expand from Afghanistan throughout the Arab countries, reaching North Africa, and Sub-Sahara and benefiting here from the proliferation of weapons by separatist movements.

Also Terrorism began to threaten Asia especially Southeast Asia, attacked Europe, and the continued expansion of terrorist organizations like Daash, Al Quada and Al Nasra front and others organizations who announced their allegiance to Daash, have became a serious challenge that threaten all countries and claimed untold victims.

The expansion and widespread of terrorism did not come accidently, there are countries that are financially supporting terrorism, for their own agenda.

These countries that are supported and still supporting terrorism did not benefit from Qaeda experience and the disastrous outcomes of the American policy which announced after the attacks of 11 September 2001.

What is happening in Syria, Iraq and Libya, the continuous terrorism against Egypt, and confrontation in Tunisia and Algeria, all point out that the phenomenon and the threat of terrorism has become part of the global agenda of all countries without exception.

Peoples of the developing countries, especially in south countries need seriously to engage in South-South cooperation for development, to withstand the pressure of major financial institutions.

Despite of this gloomy picture, global instability, poverty, and threat of climate Change, there are positive features in fighting and combating this phenomenon, represented in international coalition for combating terrorism, efforts in fighting Daash and its sisters organization in Syria, Iraq, Libya, the attempts to end the civil war in Yemen, and the Egyptian efforts in combating and controlling terrorist networks, and the Tunisian and Algerian efforts in this field.

The international initiatives to resolve and dismantle these terrorist outposts became a vital issue for humanity, in addition to the tragic refugee crisis that the world didn't meet since the Second World War.

The emergence and growth of BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and its importance in all fields, especially the economic ones, as well as the growth and development of the Shanghai Group and China's efforts to adopt comprehensive development path, such as silk road, that will open prospects for Asian African cooperation .
The congress will pay special attention to the Palestinian issue and its people tragedy that are facing Israeli fascist attacks and here we call the international community to take responsibility to solve the Palestinian issue according to the international legitimate resolutions.

World is moving rapidly towards future that depends on the solidarity and unity of peoples in confronting the danger of terrorism, withstand in the battle of development , and laying especial responsibility on the southern countries and its peoples in moving for survival.


AAPSO secretariat renewed its greetings to Morocco, for taking a lead in fighting terrorism whether through security alert, or development efforts, democracy and social progress.

We call upon the African Asian struggle fighting forces to contribute to the success of Morocco congress to be a turning point for the advancement of our movement, and to provide the appropriate structure to achieve success.