AAPSO Commemorate Universal Human Rights Day

With the end of the Second World War in 1945 and setting up of the United Nations Organisation, it was considered that the Human Rights issue should be given preeminence in the world body. It was with this aim that Human Rights Commission was set up and later converted to Human Rights Council with Geneva as the Head Quarters.



Despite all efforts by the U.N. bodies and its agendas, Human Rights remain violated all over the world. The developed countries and the big powers despite their vociferous pronouncement, they become the culprits of Human Rights violations. This is shown by unilateral invasion of foreign countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. Millions of innocent Human lives are lost in indiscriminate bombing by most modern aircrafts. The biggest tragedy today is the enlargement of the ongoing Civil War in Syria which has resulted in huge migration to Europe where innocent people specially women and children die on the way through sinking boats and cold weather.


Unending biggest tragedy is the enormous pain the Palestinian people are undergoing as a result of the venomous Israeli administration. The building of illegal Jewish settlements continue, after bulldozing Palestinian properties. In the name of fighting terrorists, Palestinians are terrorised, hunted and shot indiscrimately with no action taken by the world body. Unfortunately, the Western nations pay little attention to the crimes committed and human rights violations in the occupied Palestine.


Although all the countries in the world are members of the United Nations and committed to uphold Human Rights, often they are on the breach. Human massacre in "Rwanda and Burundi" and elsewhere is a clear case. Despite setting up of the International Criminal Court to punish the culprits, some big powers are yet to ratify the ICC court. In addition the U.S. setup the "Guantanamo Prison" in occupied territory of Cuba and imprisoned hundreds of suspected persons from around the world. Some are there for more than ten years but so far no action is taken.


The time has come for the Civil Society movements to step up their campaign to take these issues throughout the world. AAPSO as a Civil Society movement is committed to work with likeminded movements to protect the Human Rights and put an end to all violations.


AAPSO Secretariat