Tunisian terrorist attack

Afro Asian People's Solidarity Organization - AAPSO - strongly condemns the huge terrorist attack in the capital Tunis, as a bomb exploded on a bus packed with Tunisian presidential guards on last Tuesday, that killed at least 12 people and injured 20 others in an attack, where the city is witnessing a large audience crowded in addition to the large presence of foreign guests.


This explosion is the third largest act of terrorism in Tunisia that happened during this year, but the danger is that this time aimed the Tunisian security forces. Tunisia is facing strong challenges since 2011 after the revolution, and the wave of Arab Spring.


Terrorism continues to inflict pain and suffering people all over the world, hardly a month goes without an act of terrorism taking place somewhere in the world. Therefore we need urgently to give priority to fighting terrorism internationally and regionally, especially since it has become a threat to all countries of the world.


AAPSO calls on all leaders the international community, the United Nations, the Arab League and civil society organizations to increase their counter – terrorism efforts, to take effective measures to build state capacity to fight terrorism, and from another hand they must address the conditions conducive to spread of terrorism.


Also AAPSO expresses its full solidarity with Tunisian people and its leadership in their war against terrorism, and express our condolences over this horrific event.