The Paris Conference of Climate Change

Attention of the world is now focused on the U.N. International Conference of Climate Change in Paris in December 2015.


The global warming resulting from Climate Change has been under discussion throughout the world for the last several years. It has been projected by environment scientists that increase in the green house gas emission is rapidly making the globe warmer creating a serious problem if effective measures are not taken to curb. In this the biggest polluters are developed countries led by the U.S.A. and others.


Several conferences were held in order to find an agreed procedure and a "Climate Fund" of $9.3 billion was stipulated. Since this conference is held in France, the latter agreed to contribute nearly $1 billion to this fund. Owing to dilly dallying tactics of the developed countries, the target could not reach earlier. It was accepted earlier that the developing countries should be provided donations by the rich countries, which too had a lukewarm attitude from the developed countries such as U.S. Although China too has come up a polluter, its per capita is comparatively less. Nevertheless China is now rationalizing its economic development to curb gas house emission.

In the Paris Conference there will be over thousand Civil Society activists who strongly demand the developed countries to take effective action. The Civil Society activists have pointed out the dangers facing the world of the Climate Change. This affects the poorer nations as they will be deprived of their agriculture and increasing the cost of food production. For several years, world has seen, recurrence drought, excessive floods, landslides and other natural disasters resulting from global Climate Change.

AAPSO strongly supports and join the Civil Society activists and others who clamour for effective measures to curb the Climate Change.