The crash of the Russian plane

The permanent secretariat of AAPSO received with deep grief and great sorrow the news of the Russian plane crash in Sinai with the death of 224 passengers were on board and would like to express its condolences and sympathy to the relatives of the victims of the crashed plane. It is regrettable that this catastrophic incident is induced in the ploys of international politics and its complexities and exploited by some countries for political purposes. As it is surprising that Britain and the United States of America declare that the accident was caused by a planted bomb inside the plane even before adequate time is given necessary to analyze the contents of the two black boxes of the plane. In addition, Britain did not take into account the diplomatic protocol, where British Foreign Secretary Hammond, gave a statement suggesting that based on information from the secret intelligence service hinting that an explosion was the reason for the crash, knowing that the Egyptian side and the president Abdel Fatah Elsisy; have repeatedly stressed that Egypt welcomes all the aviation experts to render their technical advice and views. Also taking into consideration that few months ago Egypt allowed British experts to examine the security norms for all the Egyptian airports including Sharm El Sheikh and no negative feedback was obtained.

The same time when president Abdel Fatah Elsisy stressed on the necessity of waiting for the investigations to be finalised; the British Prime Minister David Cameron insisted that the cause of the crash was a planted bomb- which is abnormal behavior and contrary to all diplomatic norms, in addition to the continuous comments from the White house by president Obama that goes on the same content.

The permanent secretariat warns that the goal of this American-British move is aiming at distracting efforts in combating and countering terrorism in Syria by Russian air force, as well as in response to the Egyptian position that agrees with the Russian move in Syria.

Therefore, these countries are trying to cause a rift in the Egyptian - Russian relations, and most important, to destroy the Egyptian tourism which is the backbone of the Egyptian economy.

The Permanent Secretariat of AAPSO calls the Arab and Afro-Asian peoples to pay attention and take extreme measures against these malicious attempts, and the most important challenge to counter these plans is the return of the Arab, Asian and African and even the European tourism to Egypt and to Sharm El Sheikh in particular, as a deterrent to conspiratorial attempts practiced by these countries.


Permanent Secretariat of AAPSO.