To All National Committees of AAPSO

Dear Friends,

AAAPSO received a message from the Bangladesh Committee concerning a threat to life of Professor Anisuzzaman, president of Bangladesh Committee by the religious extremists.

Professor Anisuzzaman is the most Prominent Bengali literary figure in Bangladesh. He is highly respected both nationally and internationally. He is with AAPSO for more than two decades.


Threatening the lives of progressive intellectuals by the religions extremists is not new. What is happening in Arab World is the same. It is the duty of all peace loving people to denounce the extremists crimes and express Solidarity with progressive intellectuals such as Professor Anisuzzaman.

AAPSO Secretariat requests all our friends to send message to Bangladesh Committee to express solidarity with Professor Anisuzzaman and others.


Dr. Helmy Al-Hadidi Nouri                    Abdul Razzak Hussain
President                                              Secretary-General



MR. E.A.Vidyasekera
Cordinator, AAPSO


Dear Comrade,

Thank you so much for your concern. Professor Anisuzzaman is safe now. But the religious extremists posed a threat of life to him by mobile SMS. Same thing also happened to other progressive intellectuals of our country too. Police who are in-charge for his area said that they have taken necessary steps in this regard. Despite of this, we are worry for Professor Anisuzzaman.


Best regards:

Adv. Hasan Tarique Chowdhury
Dhaka, Bangladesh