Syrian problem and International terrorism

Afro Asian People's Solidarity Organization expressed its grave concern at the increase of terrorism not only Middle East and North Africa region, but also the whole world.


Terrorism, one of the biggest global threats of the twenty-first century, and it was the main focus at the 70th United Nations General Assembly debate; however No one could predict the accurate reasons behind the phenomena of terrorism, fundamentalism, and the complexities that caused the Syrian and Iraqi tragedy, as well as Yemen and Libya.


Terrorist organizations such as Daash, Al Nousra Front, al-Qaeda and their sisters, did not exist accidentally, but they found all support from international and regional powers.

Since United States had declared war on terror after events of 11 September 2001 and the US-led coalition over a year ago to fight Daash and other terrorist forces, the world had witnessed unprecedented growth and rapid expansion of terrorist forces from Afghanistan to Nigeria; and spread of bloody terrorist operations in the European, African and Asian countries.

As a result of this fragmentation, Syria is facing the challenge of disintegration of the state, and setting up sectarian states led by terrorist organizations, according to the United States and European plan.

AAPSO has repeatedly warned in its previous statements that the plan of United State's to arm the Syrian moderate opposition for fighting Daash and the Syrian regime at the same time, haven't any credibility on the ground .

As well as Daash alone can easily defeat the moderate opposition, on the other hand the US program to arm this opposition has proved its failure , and it was not surprising that individuals who were trained by the United States caught by Al-Nusra Front and handed over their weapons to them.

AAPSO believes that the solution should focus on fighting international terrorist forces, defeating this threat and to engage into political negotiations aiming at creating suitable atmosphere for a peaceful solution, in accordance with Geneva 1 agreement or any other solutions under the auspices of the United Nations, and to activate the initiative of de Mistura to enter into a peaceful solution towards the Syrian crisis.

Any delay in engaging into negotiations for peaceful solution, and insisting on the military solution will bring Syria down, and lead to Shiite-Sunni sectarian conflict that will enter the whole region into a catastrophe, that will be difficult to resolve.

AAPSO supports all Syrian, Arab and Foreign players to come together to rescue Syria, and to render a crushing blow to the terrorist forces.