Afro Asian People's Solidarity Organization AAPSO condemns the brutal criminal act, that have been committed by the so-called Islamic State group , when they strung up four Iraqi fighters with chain and burned them alive. These Iraqi fighters were fighting side by side with the Iraqi army , police forces , special forces and clans for the liberation of Iraq from the brutal crimes of this organization.


These terrorist organizations, Daash and its sisters insulted Islam strongly, what in reality calls for love and tolerance.

These organizations existed first in Iraq, Syria and then extended to all parts of the Arab region and North Africa , with the help of international and regional powers to dismantle the national states, and let the sectarian and ethnic state replace , for eliminating the hopes of peoples , and the hopes of the Arab countries to progress.


What Daash have committed from crimes exceeded all limits and considerations, which makes it imperative for the international community and United Nations and Security Council, to take serious and decisive procedures in order to defeat and eradicate terrorism .


Afro Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization Extends heartfelt condolences and warmest solidarity and sympathy to the families and loved ones warmest solidarity and sympathy, as well as to the Prime Minister of Iraq and the Iraqi armed forces.